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  1. Oops... you are so right. I see the grain is a bit different in one of the photos I should stop browsing on my phone...... but to be fair- they do have very similar varnish blemishes and grain (if you squint i guess)
  2. I was checking out sold historys on a few cellos and came across these two. Both by seperate sellers, but with my eye, exactly the same except for the label. Pictures are poorer quality in the one listing but grain etc. matches up...... What up? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/125606788146?hash=item1d3ebf7c32:g:Y9AAAOSwc~JjbVKA https://www.ebay.ca/itm/185570218808?hash=item2b34d8d338:g:wIMAAOSwsgdjGOdN
  3. Story time Sorry in advance for not asking to take pictures- I'll do that next time Had the pleasure of hearing a solo gigliano violin the other day and was given the opportunity to look it over. Pretty non-descript until played. Condition wise top had several small cracks, peg box as well. Back was flamed pretty nicely though not spectacularly. Told the fellow who had the violin on loan to get that open seam closed asap...... But..... sound, what a sound. Made another violin sound like a toy even though that was violin is not slouch either.... g string had an extremely great tone but even better, same tone across the other strings.
  4. gtd


    Over 5 grand.... https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Vintage-Violin-Pieces-parts-Spares-Repairs-Neck-Bout-Pegs-Bow-Maker-Hospiscare-/384444157135?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true
  5. Oh, and the lower right bout (replaced wood) has worm damage while the rest of the violin doesn't.
  6. Hi all, Just looking at another violin I have wondering what it is and what it's all about. Some extensive repairs- seems like the entire right lower bout of the table has been replaced No purfling on the back, but there is an almost invisible, thin purfling right along the edge of the top. Little repair note on the top seems to indicate it's pretty old Bass bar isn't integral although I suppose could have been added later. Corner blocks don't seem to special but are present. What do you think? English?
  7. Yes it is Andrew! Definitely interesting to hear your story! It'll be fun to see what you think of in the coming next steps. Are you planning on going with a modern setup for both?
  8. I'm one of the lowliest peasants and a worried member of the rabble. Does someone have a backup of the site? I used to have a old computer with a complete download of the entire site just in case but unfortunately I ended up selling the computer. Or now that I think about that is that even legal? Oops....
  9. gtd


    I'd have no qualms putting together a franken violin. I think it's totally acceptable to salvage an old neck and repair a semi decent violin that will keep it in use rather than making a new neck from scratch when neck is gone (one customer thought violins' weren't repairable, threw out the neck and found out you could fix a violin 2 weeks later). I think mixing plates is less okay. If unlabelled, totally fine as long as it's just the usual. I never messed with labelled plates but would probably make a repair label though offensive to some (ex. local maker or some no name) . If it's a nice instrument (labeled or not) would you make a new plate or if something was close use that? Problem is when to know if an instrument is nice or not..... as has been discussed before on this forum Now bows.....is it okay to mix frogs etc.
  10. There's a few individual makers out there using a outside mold I'm sure. There was a old timer from Italy who moved to Windsor area and based on his violins, used mostly outside molds. That how he was taught and that's how he did it. I think he's somewhere on Maestronet but I can't remember his username . Anyone else here use outside molds regularly? I pretty sure I have a partially finished violin of his somewhere and from what I remember was a pretty good amateur (he did mostly repair part time and museum work?). I'll post pictures when I pull it out of the pile
  11. Does it matter how instruments are made to players even at the top of the pile? Apparently not.......... From my understanding YoYo Ma seems to think that his cello table is bent under pressure and the grain orientation of the back and front are opposite directions. Starts around 5:46. It would be interesting to know how many players could explain how their instrument functions with some accuracy
  12. I have a cello in my rental fleet that came stock with the post and bb swapped around. top end was okay but bottom end had nothing to it. Switched out the bottom two strings and it improved enough to call good.
  13. gtd

    The Local Hacks

    Hah, I think I understand what you mean
  14. gtd

    The Local Hacks

    Yep I knew what i was getting into. But it's still a drag to see people getting ripped off. Thanks for the comment. I'm sure I'll survive it out. I'm past paying off my tools- only problem is now I'm looking for more.........
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