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  1. gtd

    The Local Hacks

    Hah, I think I understand what you mean
  2. gtd

    The Local Hacks

    Yep I knew what i was getting into. But it's still a drag to see people getting ripped off. Thanks for the comment. I'm sure I'll survive it out. I'm past paying off my tools- only problem is now I'm looking for more.........
  3. gtd

    The Local Hacks

    I'm by no means an expert but I try my best to learn and to be fair and honest to my customers. If I don't know, I don't know and I'll say that. Currently, I'm sitting on a few instruments that are potentially worth a significant amount more than I'm comfortable being able to accurately represent so I'm waiting until I can know enough. However, the local hack is really getting to me. He has a large number of violins for several thousand that are often stripped and revarnished. Violins branded as Ferrari (but clearly a slighly nicer German) are sold as Italian superb, master quality for t
  4. I love it! Nothing but violas exist!
  5. not to mention grains, pinches, cubits, truckloads, etc. my old boss used to measure a 8x8s using, for example 16-3-7, which I understand comes from boatbuilding he always got confused doing Pythagorean theorem in imperial so we'd switch to metric but when you're trying to deal with √ several hundred cm it sure becomes confusing quick. Especially when calculating it out in the mud using an early 2000s flip phone
  6. Hey! Hey! Let's stick together up here! It's definitely 2 metres. Folks down south can have their 6'
  7. gtd

    I can't read!

    Thanks Jacob! That's pretty cool. But I proved I couldn't unfortunately, hopefully I'll graduate to identifying the next one I"ve questions about a bit more accurately. (like seeing the obvious)
  8. gtd

    I can't read!

    Hah, apparently I'm right and can't read. It does definitely says mittenwald! Just the first line left to decipher I guess almost looks like _bola_b/l last name almost seems to read Bly or Blij I've attached some more photos. Tried playing around with light and background and different cameras but seemingly to no avail. Hope someone can make something out or up. if you got violins at $10 similar to this I'll take you up on it and set up an auction in my parts. Auctions around here have been pushing 150+usd for cheap garden variety (© jacobsaunders??) o
  9. gtd

    I can't read!

    Got this at an auction for cheap based on the back picture. I expected it to have fake flames but now that I've got it in hand they are definitely real. Amazing looking wood and overall workmanship. I initially thought German but now I'm second guessing myself because it don't seem to totally match up. Maybe a better quality Markie that someone's redone the top on (see scratches)? Edit: forgot a pic of the rest of the table inside- nonintegrated BB- if you want a pic for whatever reason just holler! That toothpick soundpost though! Anyways it's got two inscriptions in pencil:
  10. BB is usually length of the table subtract 8cm. And 13-14 mm high or so depending Can't see from the pictures if it's 'standard' or so and not something else
  11. Does PhilipKT mean bb extends to far to the bass side? kinda looks possible or a possible maybe..... as someone mentioned before. this member has been a on maestronet since 2001 and just waited 20 years to learn something new! Got to save the good ones sometime!
  12. Top measures at 2.2mm around the bout edges. Around 3mm in the middle and most likely less as my gauge is usually off by about -0.5mm on curved surfaces Funnily enough, no warping just an extremely small end block and a neck only attached to the back.
  13. Cool! Thanks all. Agreed not worth it but something to do when glue is drying on better things or when you're absentmindedly doing something else but have free hands....
  14. Came across this violin and decided to open her up. Has it been drastically altered? Someone has penned in 1926 on the back. Back is fairly crude with a lot of shallow gouge marks Top is quite thin I think at around 3mm in centre 2.2 mm around the bouts. Top is very smooth no gouge marks at all No purfling but has blocks quite light weight scroll is not to the bitter end Check out that bassbar!!! And it is separate. I've removed it already and no indication there was an earlier one.