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  1. No cracks in the body! What a steal! Good thing pictures clearly show at least one crack maybe 2..... or maybe its just an artistic cleavage of wood......
  2. Well tried citristrip as that had been recommend more than once. Got the spray paint off- it wasn't heavily caked so left the citristrip on until the paint started coming off- varnish near unaffected Sorry don't have pics until I get a new phone as my camera's shot- the thread will be dead by then...... It was used in St. Patty's parades for a good many years- turned out to be a fake Hopf- kinda decent Thanks all!
  3. You got me Thanks, though. Nothing much has changed in that sense then. Good to know
  4. Just reading an old thread on paint removal as I have a few decent instruments that have either been revarnished badly or covered in spray paint any other current products or methods you use? acetone vs alcohol what is the difference thanks!
  5. Is there a proper term for the Violin Shaped Object appearing around 0:25? Been haunting me for a while, thanks in advance
  6. from what i've seen, sample size 3 in the past 2 months, you pay for looks- just in general bad setup- worst is nut and bridge being much too tall after that more or less playable- sound much better with dominants but what's the point- surprisingly good peg fit though much closer to being able to use straight off amazon are the stentor outfits, much more plain looking - sample size 4 in past 2 months - nut and bridge still high but close enough to workish
  7. Didn't even think of privacy reasons, but you've got a few of my initials. I didn't sign up with my real name as I didn't want to be seen as someone who knew what they were doing or should be held in awe as some of the giants here. I'm grateful that they spend the time to comment! My original plan was to update my name as I gained knowledge, until using all 5 names for full effect...........realized it'll take a quincentenary since my first brain tickle
  8. Maybe all this data could be a great contribution to the price history section of maestronet.... the forgotten tabs don't know what it'd take or if that's needed
  9. As seen above, quite a bit is regional/ shop differences/specialties for me (haven't finished one of my own), next to nil interest in violas Cellos are a massive hit especially with adult beginners fractional size violins are next my sale ratio is probably 3 cellos: 2 fractionals: 1 full size violin: 0 viola
  10. Could be anytime since as discussed above. I still have 3 in the white that need varnishing dating from the '70s- '80s.
  11. let's just put some things in perspective with other diseases and the number accidentally strangled in bed informative video
  12. Love em or hate them, I think TwoSet has done a lot of good for the classical music in terms of appreciation and awareness; even how to properly get into playing. Just look under every single video on youtube for some LingLing comment etc. They've got, I think, over 2 mil subscribers now
  13. Came across this in my internet rambles Has anyone had experience using one of these? Thoughts?
  14. Just grab a spare neck from the rubbish heap that has a neck root slightly bigger and matches more or less. Then you just need to worry about the button.