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  1. the peg box looks pretty bad too, at very least need the peg holes need bushing
  2. Ah, just thought I'd try find out who the lucky fellow was.
  3. Not to mention the 'professional level sounding violin made from solid woods' you can get for $99 and free shipping
  4. is this from that violin makers basement that sold for $5 with 3 unfinished violins and a bunch of other tools last month?
  5. It would also be helpful, as some already do with type of pictures needed for identification, to have a sort of title script so that all the threads are searchable. For example, instead of 'interesting violin' or 'Sergio De Paoli violin' maybe [insert country/attributed country] violin/viola/cello/bass, attributed to [maker, shop, importer] that way we have a predictable searchable format without offending anyone, besides we can call out people who don't follow the standardized titles to change it. And have it added to Rue's 'How to Photograph.....' Is there a better format for clarity and ease of using the search function ? Ideas?
  6. Sorry to resurrect but you are correct. Online it does seem to go by uzbek rubab, rabab along with a host of other names but the only Wikipedia page that matches what I have is the rawap a Uyghur Chinese instrument that has influenced several variants causing the confusion. Of interest to note is that the rawap underwent a transformation in the early 1930's to steel strings as apposed to the traditional gut strings because players wanted a more soloist and virtuoso sound. They also converted to the western scale at that time. Kinda reminds one of the violin etc.
  7. perfect, thanks all!
  8. one of my violin suppliers passed this on to me with a bunch of mirecourt projects/ (firewood) i've asked several other people what it is and the answers have ranged from banjo to some middle eastern sitar thing sorry if you're annoyed by this post but I've got to find out 5 peg holes, a weirdly shaped saddle/ thingy, hide top, bowl is carved out of one piece of wood it's not that old some of the joints are machined, the inlaid white seems like a plastic: what you see on cheap violin bow shaped things from china
  10. Thanks, I finally was able to remember this recording.
  11. yep. you got to find the ones that don't know a cello from a guitar and a viola from a double bass seriously, I've bought at auctions with above scenarios and you get exceptional value.......I even told them what it was and they were adamant that they were right
  12. found this recently in a violin labelled "cha. and sam. thomspon in st. pauls church yard london": "Repaired after extensive damage by leoivard collett wenhaston soffolk, june 1968" funny thing is he left out the comma after damage so is the damage by him?.... the ribs are affixed to the back with white glue
  13. Recently I've taken apart a Chinese? cello to fix a crack in the back. I realized that the bass bar was on the wrong side of the table after I had it together again. Duh. Finished the setup, and it sounds okay. The A is a bit bright and overall slightly nasal but I think that could be just strings and my limited cello set up experience. Haven't found time to play around with it yet. Don't know what it would sound like to switch it back. Switching bass bar and sound post could be a real easy way to get rid of a sound post crack in student instruments though.
  14. For all those who need to learn how to rehair a bow and for those who doubt two sets skills........cough cough