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  1. yep. you got to find the ones that don't know a cello from a guitar and a viola from a double bass seriously, I've bought at auctions with above scenarios and you get exceptional value.......I even told them what it was and they were adamant that they were right
  2. found this recently in a violin labelled "cha. and sam. thomspon in st. pauls church yard london": "Repaired after extensive damage by leoivard collett wenhaston soffolk, june 1968" funny thing is he left out the comma after damage so is the damage by him?.... the ribs are affixed to the back with white glue
  3. Recently I've taken apart a Chinese? cello to fix a crack in the back. I realized that the bass bar was on the wrong side of the table after I had it together again. Duh. Finished the setup, and it sounds okay. The A is a bit bright and overall slightly nasal but I think that could be just strings and my limited cello set up experience. Haven't found time to play around with it yet. Don't know what it would sound like to switch it back. Switching bass bar and sound post could be a real easy way to get rid of a sound post crack in student instruments though.
  4. For all those who need to learn how to rehair a bow and for those who doubt two sets skills........cough cough
  5. I haven't come across livingstone however there is a reason they are painted black besides being easier to manufacturer. It'll either be ply or very low quality wood. Similar violins usually have atrocious setups including glued in sound posts and incorrect string spacing and bridge height making them unplayable. Cleaned up with an adjusted setup they can work and are functional. I would suggest looking at your local classifieds, kjiji, craigslist etc., if you can wait a few weeks usually you can pick up a better student grade for the same price or less. You'll probably be better off getting something with a decent setup though. Either check with a ruler before you buy or factor in set up costs.
  6. op's name is die- young you missed the insult/suggestion
  7. people in art, crafts etc. more like Gregg, does anyone still use that?
  8. Expected reaction but that's okay. Entitled to your own opinion. After 25 or so violin and cello setups, 15-20 table repairs ie cracks, missing wood, warping, 10-15 back repairs, roughly 10 button repairs, a couple neck pinnings, warped rib repairs etc. I've a fairly good idea of what I'm getting into. A massive combination of basically everything above plus a few extra, and on a larger scale. Varnish retouching is hit or miss; occasionally I get lucky. I fully expect this to take a while. These repairs aren't mind boggling, I've done everything before separately and this will just be a combination of everything. There's a couple of you professionals who've never made a 'first' violin but it suddenly appeared after making bits and pieces for several. Yep, my time and effort. I've already got most of the tools (bass size clamps yet to be made). Besides not a whole lot of bass repairs on maestronet. It'll also serve as a example of why professional luthiers deserve to get paid so much. Anyways enough explanations. I'll start posting progress in a week or so and stop defending myself.......laugh, enjoy, and curse if you want to or just block me
  9. Can't make up my mind between the Betts, Kreisler, and Castelbarco to me the Brookings is nasal sounding and not enjoyable in comparison to the others
  10. you mean top-ography?
  11. I thought so too until a few months ago when I decided to find something where they were playing serious music, faces well....
  12. I noticed that too even bows have personality, when all three clash..... I got bows (nothing special) that I love for certain techniques but are lacking at others though I suppose there's bows that near perfection in terms of technical balance. Any blind bow tests done?
  13. that's an interesting off grain one? piece table is that why you think it's pressed?