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  1. It depends on how you hold your bow, but I am definitely sensitive to the shape of the thumb piece on a bow. I certainly agree that it can affect playing and comfort. Obviously, getting a brand new frog is the most conservative route but if you do choose to modify your bow's frog, make sure it is done by someone with skills. I also recommend doing it slowly, in stages. Once the change is made, the change is made. Only modify it a little, get used to it, see if that's good enough or if it merits another go. You may want to borrow a couple of bows with different shaped thumb pieces to see what might ultimately be the most comfortable for you. On my two primary bows*, I've had the thumb piece reshaped--much to my satisfaction--on one and am in the process of getting the other reshaped. *Nice bows but not historically important, my bow guy has no qualms about changing them.
  2. All instruments are equally difficult to play well, some are easier than others to play poorly
  3. I have a fiddle from the 1910s-1920s that I tuned down a half step for fun. It really sounds different, overall louder, the E is much louder, the D has this cool ringy sound, etc. Not at all like the same-instrument-but-lower. The violin has been set up by a very competent luthier and has been rechecked after 6-9 months of the new tuning. It seemed like it took a really long time to fully settle into its new range. Question: does anyone have any suggestions for strings (non-gut) that work particularly well tuned down to a 415Hz A?
  4. A lot to a little. That's why every city has a Guitar Center and not a Violin Center.
  5. Weird the chatbot decided on a screen name that is a company that does port-a-potties
  6. CF bows can be quite nice and draw a lovely sound. I think a lot of people who have biases against CF haven't played a nice one. If you were used to several thousand dollar CF bows and only played beginner-level wood bows*, you may very well say that wood bows are lousy and look weird. What brand and model of bow came with your cello, @Rue? *I'm not talking about the unicorn, cheap-bows-that-play-like-a-million-bucks.
  7. I think the putative W.C. Fields quote applies here: "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull$#!+."
  8. Spelman

    Baroque Violin

    Hello @StCr, In order to form some kind of opinion from online photos, there are certain, very specific pictures that need to be taken. This was kindly compiled here by one of the board's regulars. Here's the link to what is needed: Look forward to seeing the rest of your fiddle!
  9. Oh no! I feel you, my shoulders are kind of jacked up at the moment. Make sure you do all the PT exercises and look into acupuncture/cupping/massage (if you haven't already). I go to a DOM whose background is Chinese medicine and I've had good luck with it. Good for sore backs too. Get better soon!
  10. Seriously? Yep...godbless this AI is getting good...
  11. Rich Maxham does very good work in the DC area (he's in Alexandria). He's worked on a several of my violins and has done nice work for my students as well. https://www.maxhamviolins.com/
  12. Agree, I like very simple, but elegant pegs.
  13. Also came here to recommend ArtisanScrolls, beautiful stuff.
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