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    Isn't the ferrule on the player's side gacked up?
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    I never would ask for nor take a commission on the sale of an instrument to a student. I actually tell parents/students that I do not receive any remuneration for my advice. I'm happy to and encourage everyone to bring me potential purchases during lessons and give them feedback and advice on the buying process. I think it's just part of the student-teacher relationship, getting a quality instrument and bow in a student's hands is one of the most valuable things I can do for them. If they are looking at a more expensive instrument (or are especially concerned about getting it right)
  3. I think the OP did his due diligence regarding the quality of the fiddle he's trying to keep out of the dustbin.
  4. I'll add my agreement to this thread. @The Violin Beautiful retouched the same bare wood areas on one of my fiddles and you can't tell. If I had left it as was, in a few years you definitely would have been able to tell...
  5. It's not cheap but have you thought of a whole house humidifier?
  6. If I buy a Ford sedan and it has Ford badges on it, are those badges inauthentic since old Henry didn't build it but rather it's manufacture was completed in multiple countries (perhaps even in China)? If Eastman specs a violin model from a Chinese factory and labels it as and "Eastman" and "Made in China" what's the problem with those labels?
  7. I thought that Vuillaume was Hilary Hahn's main fiddle? Does she own a different Cannone copy?
  8. Timbo (Nicole?), there is only one picture. It says "1 of 1" at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Hey Timbo, it's generally not a good idea to put your personal info on a public forum. You may want to edit your posts.
  10. Yes, this one was definitely not a workshop fiddle and ran around $5K a few years back (IIRC). Nice violin!
  11. I agree with deans regarding entertaining the possibility of looking at slightly smaller violins. I had an adult lady student who was miserable with her 4/4 since it was such a struggle to reach common intervals. She tried a 7/8 she liked better and finally purchased a very nice 3/4. She was happy as a clam. There are also tips that a teacher can show you how to maximize the reach you have. Not sure if you are taking lessons but if you are not, you may want to see if a professional can give you some suggestions.
  12. As a teacher, I would be very pleased with a student who recognizes their deficits but is overall happy with where they are at the moment.
  13. Merry Christmas everyone!