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  1. Louis, It might seem that the experts are being fussy about the pictures but it's not easy to identify violins without having them in hand (OK, some are easy to pigeonhole). Subtle differences can be the tells to an ID and if the angles of the photos are a little off or the background makes things hard to pick out, or certain features are not readily visible, etc., it can often make the difference between "it's X" and "I don't know."
  2. Wow, I also thought the varnish looked a little off. That said, I haven't handled many Roths except my 1928, which looks somewhat different:
  3. I kinda like the case
  4. Thanks for the reply, I wasn't necessarily asking whether the change is positive or negative. If possible to generalize, what changes (albeit subtle) do/did you notice?
  5. It seems that this was hip at one point and that as an esthetic, it did not necessarily stand the test of time as well as other varnishes. It seems the best idea is to leave it be, as there are a bazillion other non-tarred violins and originality is a finite commodity.
  6. Ah, thanks for the clarification. I thought it was merely called f--ked up.
  7. Was this fiddle in a fire? Is that why there is black stuff all over it that looks like someone may have tried to scrape off?
  8. Question for those with experience: do geared pegs affect the sound of the violin? I have noticed a big difference in sound when my (electronic) tuner is clipped on a peg. Is there a similar difference, albeit smaller, when the increase weight is much smaller? I am assuming the geared pegs weigh more than wooden pegs? I also got pernambuco pegs installed and was pleased with the change in sound (from ebony pegs). Would the geared pegs affect the tone due to their very different construction and materials?
  9. Yeah, I recommend my students who are intimidated by pegs to get geared pegs and fine tuners. Get it close with the pegs and nail it with the tuners.
  10. Geared pegs are nice but, in my experience, not as accurate as (good) fine tuners. I like what @Dave Slight recommends, it sounds like the type in the Bois d'Harmonie tuners which I quite like. If you don't have any special lubricants, rub a pencil lead on the threads and it should work.
  11. The triumphalism is strong ITT
  12. Awesome, everyone loves a story with a happy ending.
  13. Scroll from Schoenbach? Also, are the pegs and tailpiece of snakewood?
  14. Considering the estimate is $200 - $400, I think that's a safe assumption.
  15. I have a German bow that I got with a violin that clocked in at 66 grams. I asked my archetier if it were actually a viola bow. His response was basically "if it's playing a violin then it's a violin bow, if it's playing a viola, then it's a viola bow."
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