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  1. Looks like one of Ken Butler's pieces: https://kenbutler.squarespace.com/ @Shelbow, I think you'd dig
  2. I think you're being a bit harsh. Is everyone who buys cheap (usually) Chinese violins today and experiments with regrads and refinishing a "jerk?"
  3. Gotta say that the wood on the back looked similar but didn't seem to entirely match up? Cool looking fiddle!
  4. Spelman

    Split cane bows

    I'm confused, I've played with many CF bows that were soft. I owned one for a while that was very soft. Why do you say that one can't make a CF bow that is flexible?
  5. Based on many saying that it has a propensity for giving the player a purple hickey and a rash (sounds like a bad date), it may just not be a suitable wood for a chinrest...
  6. I have a fiddle with all pernambuco fittings, except for the chinrest. Can anyone recommend a maker who could make me one? I'd like a lifted ohrenform/berber model. Thanks!
  7. @Wills34, please forgive Jacob's curtness regarding your instrument. Many, many people post pictures of their relatives'/ancestors' instruments and the vast majority are mostly worth sentimental value only. As the years go by, the answers to these queries have gotten shorter and blunter. It looks like you have a violin from somewhere in Germany or the former Czechoslovakia (I am not enough of an expert to ID exactly the region) of which there were literally millions made. When new, the violin was towards the lower end of the price scale and unfortunately appears to have suffered some serious damage rendering the value close to zero. Sorry for not having much good news regarding monetary value but it is something that has been in your family for years and hopefully brought joy to its owners. You can't put a dollar figure on that.
  8. True, true, chickens can't be counted quite yet. Still very intriguing that it appears like it has a good chance of being the fiddle-unicorn. @Arthur Post, please keep us abreast of any new developments with your violin!
  9. It's always cool when the "closet fiddle" turns out to be the real deal. Congratulations on winning the violin lottery!
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