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  1. Not sure how i came to that, the measurment is 130mm
  2. You have superior eyes to me lol, the neck from heel to top of the head is 24cm
  3. Well there is one under the aside the chin rest where the tail should be and two finely repaired ones on the right hand F hole, I have shone a torch inside and cannot see a makers label of any kind, however it is fairly dirty in there, I would be very interested in finding who the maker may have been or is this just a standardised machined lion head if there is such a thing? Does it seem financially viable to have this restored only I feel it would be a shame not to but then I could spend the money on something better.
  4. I am considering paying for this one to be restored as I do like the lions head.
  5. I have eventually managed to get the time to take the photographs of the other violin I inherited, sadly, this one also fairly poor condition as the back is lifting off and obviously needs some repairs, this one does not have a noticeable label inside from what I can see and looks like it has had a hard life. Any advice most welcome.
  6. Amazing you can tell all this just by looking- i am in awe of you all, i have wondered why anyone would go to such lengths to change things around on a violin which is nothing special. At the moment it is not so sentimental as speaking to my family nobody has any idea of these whatsoever, it is a bit of a mystery. I shall change the photographs by the weekend and show you the other that has no label from what i can see. Thank you very much for your advice on this one, I think I shall let my brother have it so he can put it into auction..not that is shall make anything much there either!
  7. Ok Thank you Blank face, so are you saying it is ready to be used as kindling!
  8. Thank you for your advice, I can see no repairs inside, no additional pieces of wood, indeed the post was rattling around inside. Thank you so much, though I did read how to post photographs. Thank you Edi, I do not think there is a Cello here as am sure I would have noticed it
  9. I almost forgot, inside the case is a bow by the name of BAUSCH, it is still operational but needs re hairing, here we are:
  10. Hello everyone, I have two violins which were in the loft at my parents house, we cleared it when they passed away and I have only just started to go through it all. We are all musical in the family but I have no idea who else played strings in the past so where these came from is beyond me. The first one which has taken me an age to take photos as advised and I hope I can manage to upload them correctly here, there is a paper label inside and it reads Gustav Steiner, it measures 61cm or 24" in total length and is worse for wear, I do not think it is of much value though it does have mop to the end of each peg and usually in instruments is a sign of quality, but anyhow, it would be intriguing as to finding out more about it so any advice very welcome.