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  1. "fait Luthier" surely? Last 2 letters ?
  2. It puts me in mind of the CGI idea of human beauty - perfect, yet completely lacking in what you might call "character". But it's how it plays that matters, isn't it? I don't think you can clone that. Please tell us Mr Why, how do yours compare?
  3. Has anyone ever recorded them playing a Strad in "baroque" set-up and style? I find it hard to imagine.
  4. The title of this thread grossly distorts the issue. The ill-chosen wording of Nigel's complaint was "musical segregation", i.e. classical vs. other and nothing at all to do with racism. Check out the make-up and philosophy of the Chineke! Orchestra.
  5. Would he have played the Four Seasons to a jazz audience? Would anyone have wanted him to? It's a waste of rosin trying to be "cool" to a ClassicFM audience
  6. Nigel (or his agent) should have read the contract
  7. That sentence is unchallengeably correct but begs a hundred questions at a more fundamental level. I'd like to see if AI could learn a task that many humans find pretty easy, for example identifying the three notes of a triad simultaneously played on piano or by strings. Not so easy when you only have the mixed Fourier spectrum to look at. Looking at the biological responses of cochlear hair cells and neurons in the brain, we really don't have much idea how humans do it and AI, even if successful, probably wouldn't enlighten us. The leap from that to such exquisite discriminations as between a plain violin and a "great" one is cosmological.
  8. Violin, viola, bows, I've had them all from Yita. Their T19 17" viola I like a lot and still play quite frequently with their "snakewood" bow. The T20(?) violin was fine for the money but doesn't do much for me sound-wise so now lives in its case. I've never had it set up so maybe it needs another chance. Yita's Sartory copy violin bow I use regularly when I'm going more for tone than agility. Their service was great (delivery to the UK usually in a matter of days rather than weeks) and I've no complaints about the quality of construction or finish, but the viola certainly needed a deal of setting up. I guess noses would be turned up in a conservatory but I knew several violists and cellists in my (rather good) community orchestra who had a similarly satisfactory experience.
  9. Only women need handbags on the platform. Men should carry their spare strings, bow ties, correct spectacles, inhalers, phones, bubble gum etc in their pockets
  10. Only women are allowed handbags on the platform When the oboe gives the A, try not to drown it with your concerto Try to look like you're enjoying the music Try to keep up with the soloist Wait for the chorus to catch up Try to figure out if the conductor is giving the beat or an impression of what he wants to hear later
  11. I'm no expert but it looks remarkably like a violin I once had labelled Jan Basta in Schoenbach, although the f-holes of yours are cut more in the Guarneri style. Mine raised about £100.
  12. The record companies are getting desperate. Never mind the music, hear the money!
  13. ..now with 29 co-authors - can't be wrong!
  14. Does every artifact have a right to exist for ever? Should superfluous violins all be hung on walls like hunting trophies, or just quietly burned or buried out of the public eye? Should they have been created in the first place? Intentionally or not, the "artist" has absolutely succeeded in provoking controversy and debate about a superficially trivial issue that does have implications for the present human and global condition (smiley face deleted).
  15. I wonder if the authors asked the luthiers' advice before designing the study, and whether any of the latter (or present company) thought it misconceived and that resources might have been better deployed elsewhere?
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