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  1. The findings of the study may or may not be believable but I'm afraid I couldn't read beyond the first paragraph
  2. Far be it from me to come the expert but I think it's worth pointing out that this violin is neither a fake nor a copy of a 17th century Jacob Stainer, it's a common 20th century brand (in both senses of the word) that appears very frequently in down-market auction sales, at least on the side of the ditch. It's the sort of thing that I might buy in a disabled state, just for the satisfaction of getting it going again. Sometimes I think "hey, that doesn't sound too bad" but soon find it doesn't give me any great pleasure. Come the next sale...
  3. Lebrecht is so opinionated and often so far from the general consensus, I doubt anybody reading his reviews actually believes them unquestioningly. Maybe his intention is to provoke and stimulate people into forming their own opinions? This is a challenging program, for a player to demonstrate they're "inside" two such different composers. I'm thinking she might ideally have used two different violins. Nobody seems to do that, do they?
  4. I'm an amateur player and for the last 2-3 years I've been playing a violin (English 1809) with a short neck of 127 mm. I love it but it hasn't done my intonation any good! It certainly is disconcerting to find I'm playing almost a semitone flat when my thumb thinks it's found 5th position. To compound the problem it has a more-than-commensurately long body stop of 202, so my hand gets stretched out of shape in the higher positions. I really don't think partly filing down the nut would help unless the chin were to be trimmed also. In fact there isn't enough nut standing above the fingerbo
  5. My 1994 WH Lee viola doesn't carry a maker's name but I was informed by the vendors (Guivier of London) that it was one Thomas Schmidt. Guivier presumably acquired the information and the instrument from WHL.
  6. The envelope sign under "Maestronet Forums" (top left) takes me to my old messages with a "Compose New" option
  7. The hammer price was £2400 - possibly a bargain although way too much for me to risk with no chance even to inspect it. And the stripy head...
  8. Sorry Jacob, but I don't think pidgin English has anything to do with pigeons...
  9. I like "palæontology" but I also like "mediæval" when I can be bothered to chase around for an æ. "Medieval" might be (often is) mispronounced "medeeval". Not to say (please!) "meedival".
  10. Lot 102 in the Amati sale that ends today is a violin by John Furber, circa 1830. Amati are offering "dendro results available on request" (uniquely for this violin it seems) so request I did and got the following reply from James Buchanan which I presume isn't confidential! "The latest ring I can measure clearly dates to 1627 (!) and I can count under the varnish a further five to the very edge, so a latest ring date present is 1632. The wood provenance is definitely Alpine, likely region southern borders of Austria, but also possible slightly further west into Switzerland, as I get stro
  11. Or maybe a student trying to take advantage of their ex-professor? It seems to depend on whether a French violin he gave her in p/ex is worth £1K or £12K
  12. matesic


    My first guess would have been 1850. Those capitals look very modern to me
  13. JPGuivier is currently "closed until further notice" so there's only one way to buy this violin