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  1. Would love your input on them. I will start a thread on it, mine is hand signed, "Copy Gio. Battista Gabrielli"
  2. Yes. I have a nice one, wonder what current value is?
  3. I believe it is a higher end Markneukirchen violin from the 20's
  4. Hello, I am offering Northeastern Red spruce, hand split billets for violin and viola. It is genuine old growth found in the far North of the Maine forests. Wonderful tight grain tonewood, I am asking $60 plus $20 shipping for one, no extra shipping charge for 2-6. I know it seems a bit expensive compared to readily available Engleman spruce, but it is much more scarce and harder to find. I also have a variety of well flamed red Maple Thank you for your consideration. Glenn Singing Tree Tonewood
  5. Well, over 4 months, I still cannot post anything. Despite repeated tries, i can never reach a moderator to help. I feel like I am being ignored.
  6. Hello, I log onto Mn everyday, and it makes me reset my password every time I log in. Can you help? Thank you, Glenn Singing Tree Tonewood
  7. Oh heck, I'll sell ya 4 80-100 year old fiddles to play with for $150 shipped !! Great for practicing repair and set-up.
  8. I am offering this piece for a short time. It would make an awesome 1 pc Cello back, as it measures ; 22 inches wide 50 inches long 3+ inches thick. Has been air drying 10 years. Asking $800 Will entertain a serious offer, but after next Wednesday, I may be sawing it into flat back bass backs. More photos coming. Thank you for your consideration
  9. I think it's beautiful, and has some real history/life written in those repairs. I Look forward to the process and see what you do.
  10. Hi Folks, I am offering high quality Northern Maine Red Spruce now. It is hand split and graded. AA grade is $60 and Master grade is $80. Will send pics of each piece. Better photos coming. Thank you for your consideration
  11. I love it. I used his term "Golden Tone Threads" in the 90's. I had to give him credit. He knew and I know, It IS great tonewood, equal to European tonally, in my humble opinion.
  12. Excellent thread Nathan, thank you for your research. I can say from experience, cutting curly red maple since the 90's, that it is found even in northern Maine. Fortunately, it only seems to occur in 25-30% of figured trees here, so I still find plenty of clear wood. I propose "brown thread" to describe, rather than 'worm track'. Consensus?