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  1. Another old one from my collection, I apologize for the poor photos. If it is deemed interesting enough to merit it, I will re-shoot better ones. Back measures 356mm. Fully blocked and lined, has label that says "repaired by Theo Jameison, Aberdeen" onwse
  2. Next to the orphan scrolls, is a box of abandoned forms and molds, that made many, and wanted to make more,,
  3. Hmmm,,.We must looks closer,,.
  4. That would be a Heroic, but Sad end
  5. What does one do? With these lost souls,
  6. I feel, from seeing many and having a back still around here somewhere, that they are more 1885-1895. I have heard family 'stories' of late Civil War attribution as well Not as slick as later commercial fiddles either. And as you reference, likely sold by Sears, or early Montgomery Ward, for $5.95
  7. This was a Civil War Commemorative fiddle series made in Germany and marketed by the NY importers of the time. There were several versions.
  8. I have some. p.m. me here or email for specs.
  9. Backs are $65 neck blocks $30 rib block $20 $25 shipping for 1 set, free shipping for 2 or more. I am fortunate, I buy my logs just 3-6 hours north of me and saw them at home.
  10. I have been trimming and sorting wood that I cut from Northern Maine 3 years ago, Glad to say, I have many beautifully flamed red maple backs, neck and rib blocks. Northern Maine split Red Spruce is available too. Buy American to help support quality, sustainable, American tonewood. And my prices are better than the Romanians !! )
  11. I haven't yet. The logs I am cutting now were just cut 2-3 years ago
  12. Just cut 70 more backs from another log. A little lighter color wood, slightly more uniform flame.
  13. Website will be up in the fall, just selling it here and my FB page, as well as to people who know me.