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  1. Thank you Blank Face. I forgot to mention it has a section of upper rib replaced.
  2. Yes, the back appears to be refinished, and heavily french polished. Top and ribs appear original
  3. peter k-g, please stop cluttering my thread. Thank you
  4. Wow, that got off topic quick!! Per Michael's request, I have added the photos he mentioned.
  5. I found this violin recently, no history with it. L.O.B. 355 If it is deemed worthy, I will take more and hopefully better photos. Thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  6. No cleats, clean work inside with interesting linings let in to the corner blocks. 1 piece top. Fine scroll work
  7. Hello friends, I have had this violin for 25 years, and have as yet been unable to get an identification or attribution. I have gotten 70% French guesses and 30% German. When I bought it, I was only told "possible Vuillaume shop", which I would obviously question. Appears to have been cleaned and 'redone' inside. The back measures 360mm. Nicely done scroll, but has the "A hole"- so to speak, on the back of the scroll. So, I ask this esteemed community to offer any insights or thoughts on its origin and/or maker. Thank you for your consideration.
  8. Deans, I can see the similarity of the stylus or 'screwdriver' hits and the wood is very similar, but the corners look different to me.
  9. Hi Blank face, do these help? Also, I can't see a clear middle join, so prob 1 pc. As a violin wood dealer, I noticed the growth ring widths are all over the place. It grew at vastly different rates in different decades.
  10. Thank you Deans!! I can see the same hand making in both those violins. Yours is so clean though!
  11. I hear you ShadowStrad, but I am restoring it because I enjoy it and I get a kick out of it. I have plenty of decent violins to sell, something like this is just for fun. And at $101 for it, it is fine no matter. I have found Many gems in my 40 of being the Tarisio of New England, still find a few nice ones, but I am 67 and I love violins that I get personal enjoyment out of.
  12. I guess the violin snob and disdain comment was the first response, basically dismissing it and me. Well, I think it looks cool and I enjoy violins with a certain character, but I guess I am alone in that. I do appreciate the constructive answers as to age and origin, but I guess my 'Treasures" are everybody else's junk. Oh well, I'll crawl back into my cave now.
  13. I pretty much agree with you PhillipKT, I image the "Maker" who rubber stamped the bass bar was the culprit! Probably took an older German violin a 100 years ago, and 'added' a 100 years to its appearance. Still, a lot of old repairs and the different blocks shows a well loved instrument. The fingerboard shows old wear in all the upper registers. No matter the disdain of the violin by violin snobs, I think it looks pleasingly, to my antiquarian eye, and I am hoping it will sound as cool as it looks!
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