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  1. Maybe I’m stating something obvious, or incorrect, but if this was exported out of South America (which seems consistent with the use of “Franca”) post a date that requires a visible origin, the stamp could have been added to achieve the shipment. The misalignment would explain trying to do so through the ff. Whether the instrument is real or not, this would explain the stamp’s legitimacy. If South America was even slightly as difficult to import/export anything of slight value as it is today, then the exporter was trying to cover his/her butt.
  2. Heh, yes. You’re just the first person I’ve noticed use it, aside from Arthur Conan Doyle. My hat goes off to you.
  3. Word of the week, “mountebank.” I had not heard this used before.
  4. I think the scroll looks too wonky to be Chinese... I would expect more symmetry for a seemingly well-enough made Chinese instrument IMHO.
  5. Not to hijack the thread, but with a button on a modern bow by a good modern maker with no pin, what kind of glue would we expect to see used?
  6. Thanks! The use of the pin has always made sense to me for functionality, but never really thought about it as an identifier. I have just thought “old” vs “new.” Very useful.
  7. What does the pin in side of the button indicate other than how it is constructed?
  8. We already know the seller likes to hide facts. His/her listings used to constantly say something like “part of my father’s collection,” and now they say “purchased at estate sale.” I wonder if anything that was sold by this seller was ever accidentally genuine? Good spot on the shipping location vs US.
  9. You have a true gift. The one piece bottom rib and back pins might indicate an inside mold. Or would the 2 piece top and back indicate otherwise? I have the memory of a cucumber... I really don’t like the corner overhang, as a matter of personal preference.
  10. The seller also has an “Italian” violin posted. One piece bottom, but with pinched looking rib joints, and a excessive plate overhang at the corners. Even if a more modern fake, I can’t imagine location.
  11. Ouch, sure looks that way. Hope the winner can return as the ad doesn’t state the damage.
  12. No worries there, I’ve run to the other side of town, but still watching with a telescope out of curiosity. Because of the seller, and the fact that no seller in the right mind would put a genuine Lamy bow up for a no reserve auction, I had thought it was a Mirecourt trade bow. How did you spot the Germanic region?
  13. This seller seems to be a source of suspicion in several posts... how does this listing look?
  14. Or you can “guess-timate” like I do. It requires no experience. No training, nor talent. Pair that with an ego and an overly stubborn personality, I believe that makes me a global expert... how do I know?- just ask me.
  15. Hmmm... I don’t see a soundpost crack? I just said the those same words on a different post.