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  1. Do you mean you are an eagle-eyed sharpshooter for a living?
  2. There’s a notch there!? I can’t see a darn thing!
  3. Do you think Gadda is commonly faked because a clean Chinese instrument shares many characteristics? The Chinese seem to do a pretty good job overall in making a clean symmetrical instrument, and a $1,000 can go far, which can buy better looking scroll, wood choice, etc
  4. It was a huge generalization that I used. I understand that flame does not dictate quality, especially since, traditionally, more than just a few wood types were used. However, my experience when looking at better contemporary makers, in general, is that they choose more “attractive” woods; i.e., tighter grained top spruce and highly flamed maple. Because quality comes in many materials and “attractive” is a preference, there are exceptions in contemporary instruments, but I think that the generalization is fair?
  5. Does someone have a link to the ID discussion of this violin?
  6. I thoroughly enjoy the way you write, it’s a joy to read.
  7. What if the seller markets the OP as a “attractive French copy?” Making sure that the approx age is listed. IMO, it is an ‘attractive’ instrument. I won’t debate the moral and ethical violation the seller’s business practices. But in an alternate reality, I think this seller could make a bit more selling his/her instruments without deception.
  8. Good points. I suppose a dealer not answering is probably to be expected.
  9. Because there deals to be had if you’re not irresponsible with your money. Buying modern instruments from authorized dealers on eBay is typically safe, as the makes/models can be pretty easily verified. Older instruments that are not reliant on their labels to define their respective prices are okay. Anything else should be properly verified by a professional. For example, the OP could have simply sent a link of the cello to any one of a number of dealers for a quick opinion prior to paying.
  10. A quick search found this:
  11. I remember my son asking this a few years ago, and I remember something about “silk” cover. The idea went as fast as it came and never followed through. I will see if I can find a current link.
  12. I hope you get that area sorted, I like how it looks.
  13. I don’t remember what sized violin I started on, although I didn’t start until I was 9. I do agree with you on the awkwardness of a full sized, for some of us, that never quite goes away.