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  1. A nicer Saxon trade fiddle, IMO. I had a similar years ago... nice varnish, couldn’t get the desired sound out of it, though.
  2. A grand, no problem. $5,600 like the sellers last fake, a problem. There is a back story with the name France69. This was the user’s name prior to his/her current one. Funny how everything looks exactly the same as the last cello, it’s just “knocked around” a bit more, to credit Martin for his words on a previous post.
  3. May vengeance strike with furious anger.
  4. The good ol’ Gagli-anus. I learned that trick back in my college days. Man and woman alike, there is no resisting the good ol’ Gali-anus.
  5. DON’T DO IT!
  6. Obligatos are dark and bold, Kaplans are stark and brilliant, in my opinion. Wittner tailpiece wouldn’t be my choice because they have fine tuners and belong to the dark side (cellos). This is my opinion, like it or not.
  7. Appears to be a lower grade cottage industry instrument with a surprising string combination: Kaplan E string with Obligatos. A Wittner tailpiece would not be my choice either. I have never seen a Barbe in person, but I do not think there is any resemblance. Maybe if I squint at the scroll profile I can see a French chin. The fluted ffs confuse me.
  8. Not fair, I’m the one and only “Village Idiot.”
  9. Hah! I was thinking the same exact thing. Kind of old to be virgin, if you ask me
  10. Hah! It’s also a mystery how the unopened soda can didn’t explode from impact! I think the seller did the 10 foot drop test on the violin and soda can, which at least means it is durable. “Drop test” approved!
  11. Says you... I’ve been losing sleep over this violin! It would be so cool if a tiny man lived in there, and occasionally opened up the SP hatch to take a peek to the outside world.
  12. I’m here! One thing about Village Idiots, in case you’re wondering, is that we are always around. Lurking in the shadows, like ninjas. I’d like to upgrade my title to Village Ninja, please.