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  1. Are you thinking that the scroll “symmetry” is far better than the body “symmetry?”
  2. Most manufacturers of better cases offer good customer care. I have contacted Bam several times over the last decade for my violin cases and my son’s cello case for anything from latches and handles to interior shim pads. I’ve always offered to pay, but they’ve sent for free. What brand case is it?
  3. I think this viola looks interesting. What are your thoughts?
  4. Heh, quite right. So little to go on, I popped that out there. If those accessories can be distractions, and distractions are traps, then I fell right in the trap.
  5. How much is cheap? That Bam Panther violin case isn’t cheap... and the long-shot of the bow looks like it has nice chamfer.
  6. That’s a beaut! Certified authentic, for sure.
  7. That sucks. We live and learn, I guess.
  8. Do you still use the nickel for a wolf tone eliminator? If so, how do you attach it? One of my son’s cellos has a wolf that can’t seem to be eliminated from standard weights. The 5 gram nickel idea seems to be something that may work.
  9. Here is another one of those “French” violins, possibly from the same dealer that Germain purchased from mentioned in another thread. Thoughts?
  11. I will not assume to know anything about this maker, all I can say is that anyone that can make a violin should be able to have a more elegant signature.
  12. Agree completely. Also, I’m sure it happens often that amateur dealers think they’ve hit the jackpot, try to resell it by said maker, then make themselves look like con men/women. Or even worse, someone buys it for their grandchild, never verifies authenticity and the oblivious owner goes generations thinking they have something special until one day...