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  1. To get the correct dimensions of the png in makintheviolin you need this particular version of Inkscape 0.48.5 r10040 (maybe 0.48 is suficient precision) Then save as pdf and print with adobe at 100%
  2. First thanks to all for your help. I could put apart the main glued surfaces, I think the glue never get cured, wash it with acetone and reglued with hide glue.... And a couple of plastic ties as "sofisticated" cauls. Next will be the bushings, and at least one mechanical peg. But wood there is not in good condition, there is more epoxi all around... Let's see what happens when bushing. One of the images are clean, the other have glue. It must be a impossible cheap repair
  3. Hi forum I Need some help, I think it was repaired with epoxi, how can I be sure of it? if so, does it have a solution? How is it best, go one by one or all the cracks at a time. Next, if it is reparable, will be remake the holes. What do you will do? The cracs go all around the pegbox, and you can open and close the gap a little, the inside have an ugly insert that is maintainig all the thing together. If you look inside the crack it looks like there is stalactites and stalagmites, could be expoxi not cured? How to clean tahat? The violin is a french one 70-80 years old, not so much value and good sound, and I have little experience repairing, I make my own violins I am now in my #5 and need help. Thank you for reading. @violintorre
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