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  1. Jaster

    Importance of the thickness of plate

    Thank you for your kind explanation. The plate thickness is a way more complex issue than I think how much it is. Your comment is very informative and enough to solve my curiosity. If people say the violin is thin, do they talk about the average thickness or specific point such as SP and table?? But I still cannot understand the death of violins which are made not properly.
  2. Jaster

    Importance of the thickness of plate

    So some fine fiddles can show good sounds even though they have thin plate:) In that case, the maintenance can be another problem... crack resistivity
  3. Jaster

    Importance of the thickness of plate

    Thank you for the reply, Manfio. Do you have a specific minimum thickness that should be avoid for top or back?
  4. Hello, MN users. I have always curious about how important the plate thickness of a violin. Many of dealers and collectors seem to measure the thickness of both top and back. Some of contemporary violins with very thin plate has beautiful sound at the beginning buy it goes bad. Or some of mass produced workshop violins are regraduated to make the sound better temporarily by unprofessional dealers. These are what I have heard before. Are there any good violins of which plates are originally thin? Most of thin violins has a bad projection and weak sound in general?? I was told that a thin top plate is more critical than a thin back. Is it because the back does not affect the sound much? Many people say the top thickness not back. Any opinion and advice are very appreciated. Have a good day:)
  5. Hello, I have seen several violins by N. Audinot these days. Although all of them showed fantastic workmanship and sound, they had different model numbered from No. 2XX to 6XX. I have heard some makers numberred differently to classify base model such as GDG, Strad, or Amati. And some used it to grade it (lower numbers for workshop model, higher numbers for personally made one) Please help me to understand if anyone knows the meaning of model number of Nestor Audinot?? Thanks.
  6. Hello, folks! This violin is Lot 110 of Tarisio London. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2198732800&cpid=3511681024&filter_key=43a8942f0a9e29ad57ffe63929f7ce7a Although it has Ceruti label, the estimated year is way younger and it seems not to have any features of Ceruti. To my amateur eyes, it is somewhat german. Anyway it has two german certificates, and I like its back a lot. Any comments and opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Compared to the wear of varnish, the wood is almost mint.
  8. agreed.. Varnish is somewhat weird.
  9. Hi guys, I found an interesting antique violin on Ebay below. https://www.ebay.com/itm/A-fine-old-and-rare-Violin-Geige/183076389310 The violin looks like Italian to me... It's f-hole is the 18th C Italian style, but not quite sure for the scroll. How do you think??
  10. Jaster

    German or English bow?

    Hi, guys. I've uploaded some pics on the other forum but haven't got any replies. I thought the bow could be a copy of an English bow like Tubbs or Hills, but it more likes German to me. The bow is engraved-gold mounted and the frog seems to have rusted brass screws. Though, the shape of head is similar to Tubbs. How do you think??
  11. Thank you. Bows are personal, so I should try on my own.
  12. You are right... Buying a bow without commisioning is highly risky....
  13. Thank you for the comment. amberviolins.com has many violins... it looks good!
  14. Recently, I achieved this bow which looks English. The bow is gold-mounted and the gold parts are engraved. There is no stamp on a stick, and I didn't check below the wrapping. The head is quite similar to that of James Tubbs, in my opinion. Any comments are welcome. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I am looking for a bow from Tarisio auction. My budget is maximum $6000 (including premium), and it seems that there are some fine bows within the price range in this auction. The problem is I am not in the US, so commissioning is impossible. It would be much appreciated if someone shares his/her opinion, who commissioned bows at Tarisio New York. (Especially Lot54(Morizot), Lot81(Martin), Lot89(Thomassin)) Any recommendation is also welcome Thanks.