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  1. Thank you all, I appreciate the discussion which I found both helpful and educational
  2. The purfling is indeed very close to the edge - closer than II have ever observed before! Strad O may just have nailed it do you think Jacob?
  3. Thank you George - but if you are thinking Strunal (which I am well acquainted with as we used to import them many years back) - this sure ain't one of them!
  4. Yes I see what you mean, but in the flesh it is proportional I think it is the camera angle Do you agree with Jacob?
  5. There is no discernible notch, no The back seam it accurate. Sighting down the back it is spot on with the button, but at the bottom rib it is minutely off centre by 0.45mm. This may be due to a previous repair as it does appear to have been worked on at some stage.
  6. Hello George Looking through the f hole I can see 3x widely spaced cleats. If there are more it would only be 2 I guess By Bottom rib do you mean looking at the end pin. It has a definite seam - not like the Mittenwald model I will try with a light but it may be difficult with the small size What is your thinking?
  7. Jacob, I really don't know - I tried looking through the end pin!
  8. Hempel With respect I think your comments are out of order, to those of us who genuinely offer an honest violin service. Added to the choice of instrument is an unqualified guarantee, plus a free annual service which keeps us in touch with the developing musician and provides support and encouragement. As Martin comments I have met many below the deck 'dealers' who always appear to (by chance) have a violin to sell.
  9. Thanks George H - herewith appreciate your input
  10. Thank you Jacob There certainly seems to be more attention to detail Would it be late 19thC? or early 20th
  11. Here is an attractive 3/4 Violin that I would appreciate your comments on. It differs from 'the usual' in a few respects - No blackening of the pegbox, and the throat is 'to the bitter end'
  12. reg

    The Odds Are...

    Thanks all - I really enjoy the banter Actually WB my aspiring violinist has a Parrot vln
  13. Thanks WB You mean it is destined for the bonfire?
  14. reg

    The Odds Are...

    Thanks I agree Clearly not a Deconet but it might be a nice upgrade for some aspiring Violinist
  15. Hello all, I posted this on the Pegbox hoping that Rue would respond What do you think? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255127471112?hash=item3b66c84408:g:oTMAAOSwvG9hJqq3
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