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  1. Codabow and Musing are very good - but don't forget Jon Paul!
  2. Surely Oster will provide a signed certificate - which should give you some confidence?
  3. Thank you that is very interesting and worth noting We too have some such 'heavy' violins which could benefit by the change It also does away with the Ebony spectre
  4. Thanks all What I half expected really !
  5. Yep thanks Blank If it is though worth pursuing I will get better photos I though silver because of the slight greenish tinge?
  6. Hello all Just a enquiry is this bow worth any further research? I've not seen anything similar with the silver slide and a laced leather grip
  7. Shelbow Am I at liberty to post those links you gave, on my website please?
  8. Thank you Brad - yes I agree with what you say What sparked this was a frantic phone call from a parent whose daughter had been told to get a 'CITES compliant' bow before the school toured Spain. Hence I set off on my voyage of discovery
  9. Thank you Shelbow So actually the official advise given above is manifestly wrong?
  10. Sorry I know this is a bit of a hoary subject - but I have searched the Govt website very diligently and came away more confused that when I started! Finally I emailed a few suggested places, only to be told umm 'look at the website' So finally I asked a very simple question 'Does a student travelling with the orchestra with a £1000 student bow with pernambuco stick, Ebony frog and pearl eye need a permit' Got this reply: "The wood Pernambuco (Paubrasilia echinata) is listed on https://www.speciesplus.net/ as an Appendix II Annex B species therefore you will require export/import permits. Guidance and details on how to apply for import and export permits can be found using the link below. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-cites-permits-and-certificates-to-trade-endangered-species You would need to apply each time you plan to export or import. I would also recommend checking with the CITES management authority in the country you are travelling to for their importation requirements. I have added the contact details link here https://cites.org/eng/parties/country-profiles For the export of specimens, you will need to apply for an Export permit and once that is received you can apply for an Import permit into the country of export. No mention of the ebony or pearl eye Is this really so that every kid has to then get a permit for their student instruments and for every country they tour? And also try actually getting a permit - it is a labyrinth
  11. reg

    Puzzled Panormo?

    Thank you Guido So definitely a fake Panormo with German antecedents? Of no great value Apologies for the fuzzy photos
  12. reg

    Puzzled Panormo?

    JACOB I will try and scope it, but here are more pics!
  13. reg

    Puzzled Panormo?

    Sorry not much better - I have an old phone
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