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  1. reg

    Tonerite use

    Thank you all - I have enjoyed this debate. However, after decades selling Cellos the simple fact is the on some dull, stolid new instruments, after doing everything known for a perfect setup (including bridge density, and afterlength from bridge to tailpiece) - 72 hours on a Tonerite does make a difference. I know not why! But I do know that in days of yore we used to loan instruments to players with the express purpose of 'maturing 'the sound - after which they were offered for sale.
  2. reg

    Tonerite use

    Thank you David, that is interesting. The Cellos, however, are not new in the sense of weeks or months! How long is 'plateau in the drying curve' Fact is really that the sound does change after 72 hours? As always it is very subjective - how can one measure tone? But this is by direct comparison. Is it Manfio that uses one if I recollect?
  3. reg

    1940s Roth violin history and grade

    Any comments? This is a fair question, but did Roth actually continue?
  4. reg

    Tonerite use

    Eeeck is that a loaded question? Set up probably for a week or two! I give them 72 hours or more PS What is a 'dinky' member
  5. reg

    Tonerite use

    They don't do much for old instruments, but on new Cellos one can actually hear the difference. This is not the placebo effect, because I have teachers try a cello and come back later unaware of the process, and then remark on the difference!
  6. reg

    Tonerite use

    Referring to a previous thread re the use of a Tonerite - I find that it really does make a perceptible difference to new Cellos. In particular the Gligas can be very stolid and 72 hours of trembling seems to really help. Does anyone else use this devise? We actually sell quite a few through the shop to string players and get positive reviews.
  7. reg

    Fake Vuillame bow?

    Herewith pics - they are very faint and rubbed, but quite clear under a magnifying glass
  8. reg

    Fake Vuillame bow?

    Thank you Martin Yes that is what I thought, but a customer brought it in for re-hair, very excited that his late dad had this bow stamped 'Vuillaume'. Could you do me a favour and add an arrow to show what you mean by 'long tapering cuts' please
  9. reg

    Fake Vuillame bow?

    Is this a German Vuillame copy? and if so would it be 20th century. It does have the grooved slide?
  10. reg

    Help me, give me an idea

    Maple table? Rosewood back?
  11. reg

    Old violin needing identification

    Blank face Please explain?
  12. reg

    Schwietzer violin

    Martin that is $9000 !!
  13. reg

    Schwietzer violin

    But surely that is outright fraud or are they protected because it is an Auction site?
  14. reg

    Schwietzer violin

    $9000 au dollars??