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  1. reg

    contemporary Italian violin

    Thank you all for the contributions
  2. reg

    contemporary Italian violin

    Many thanks - I hadn't noticed the purlfing
  3. reg

    contemporary Italian violin

    Thank you No it is actually well made and certainly does look Italianish. It belongs to customer who has now taken it away - but wanting an idea of value. I have only got three photos which I will upload. What I actually suspect is a top end Chinese with the made up name. I just wondered if anyone had come across the name before I risk telling the owner!
  4. reg

    contemporary Italian violin

    Hullo folks do I gather from the crashing silence that this must be a 'knife and fork' job with the made-up name?
  5. Hullo all has anyone any knowledge of a contemporary Italian (?) maker called Giorgio di Sabatino I can't make out the city but looks like Jerom… dated 1983 Glad of help
  6. reg

    Modern Italian Makers: Anyone tried these?

    Sorry I have moved this to a new post
  7. reg

    Violin finds / treasure hunting

    I was going through a pile of old violin cases last year with a view to chucking them into the Wheelie bin. In one I noticed a bow with the hair dangling as they do when full of bugs. Took it out and it was stamped 'Bazin' - cleaned it up and sent to Raffin who issue a certificate and valuation £2500! The cases have been piled there for years and I had no idea where any of them had come from.
  8. reg

    Does Anyone Have a Yita Cello

    Frankly if you went to a good Cello shop you would get a well set up instrument with Jargars, a padded bag and bow, plus the option to try many others, plus a free annual service etc - for under $1200 Plus peace of mind!! and the option to trade up when you need to
  9. reg

    Book matched or not book matched

    Please explain?
  10. reg

    Superglued crack on a violin?

    Thank you all - much appreciated
  11. reg

    Superglued crack on a violin?

    Yes thank you. It is just that I am a bit wary of using a strong solvent like acetone
  12. Looking for some help please! Just taken in an old violin labelled G B de-Lorenzi. It had a small wing break and someone (grandpa) has tried to mend it with superglue, which seems to have sunk into the wood on both sides. To invisible mend it seems impossible unless we can dissolve the superglue somehow. We could scrape but will then obviously remove wood Any suggestions please
  13. reg

    Mittenwald violin - am I right?

    Thank you Jacob. The answer is yes all the way past 6 o'clock and, yes as best I can see the blocks through the f hole.
  14. Using Mr Saunders helpful text I suggest that this is a typical Mittenwalder? Only the corners appear slightly different. The colour is uniformly dark reddish brown and the purfling very dark and difficult to photograph Appreciative of a few comments