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  1. reg

    Smashed Cello

    Apropos the strings I just thought that as they cross the bridge under tension, the trauma of being rammed into the ground would result in a flattening and hence weakness if put under tension again?
  2. reg

    Smashed Cello

    Vdm thanks, no she was fine, just a bit shaken - but of course devastated after the excitement of her first upgrade Cello! We do have a replacement for her. Interesting how neatly the bridge has sliced through the table?
  3. reg

    Smashed Cello

    Hello all - Just posting pics of a catastrophic Cello accident The Cello is new, by Gewa worth under £3000 - the player tripped fell forward and then fell full onto the Cello The bridge and scroll (snapping the head)took the first impact, then her full weight sorted out the back quite successfully In processing the insurance claim I submitted that as the bridge and strings and scroll took the full impact they were compromised and had no salvage value Would you agree?
  4. Apart from the aesthetics, has anyone tried one?
  5. reg

    One for the museum?

    Strad - I agree fully and want to keep it absolutely authentic. It will not be offered for sale but kept as a specimen of that era and 'school' One thing is a puzzle though! Some of the dots on the belly are in fact old borer hoes - but at least three are sharp pins or tacks with no real purpose? (See just above the bass bar.) Another two below the neck, just suspended with no logical use. Can anyone enlighten me?
  6. reg

    One for the museum?

    Jacob, I was reading some posts you did back in 2017 on the Salzkammergut - very interesting! Where they basically peasant farmers making a living in winter?
  7. reg

    One for the museum?

    Thank you all - I had no illusions other than it is a 'cheap and nasty' Jacob! ..but it does have a certain charm and is pleading in the nicest of ways to...'won't you let me try...?' I'll get it set up and then we'll report back, but doubtless it will take its place in the museum alongside a few other relics of a past age
  8. reg

    One for the museum?

    Morning all Herewith more pics - this is a very rough diamond! Detail of neck, scroll/pegbox, bassbar, and corners (no blocks) Is this a classic BOB?
  9. Interesting through neck construction on a very rough-made violin Just thought this would be of interest to some? Notice the projecting peg and corresponding hole in the plate
  10. Hello all - herewith some better photos as requested. There are no cleats on the back. Be glad of comments Have you noticed that Leonhardt of Mittenwald offer a Marius Capicchioni copy?
  11. Sorry Jeffrey, that does sound rather uppity - let me 'moderate' that - I have seen a great many modern violins which we import from all over the world, since the Skylark and Parrot days. Even from India etc, so that I am just saying that I feel this one is different - could it be a Italian student violin with a fake label? I will post proper pics on Mon/Tues Thank for all the opinions - much appreciated
  12. Ok will do Thanks
  13. Thank you George The label may well be a fake - one expects that, but this is neither Chinese nor Rumanian. I am very familiar with all modern instruments and this isn't one of those The shininess is confusing as it doesn't appear so in the flesh
  14. Hello 'little club' Has anyone had experience of a Mario Capicchioni violin? There is very little info on the web except that he worked with his father Marino The few prices on auction seem to vary a lot! Labelled Marius Capicchioni fecit Arimini AD 1947 no 26
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