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  1. Why Voghtland and not Mittenwald? Or is that dejavu!
  2. Oops sowwy! Mea culpa. I must have gotten the wrong end of the schtick So how do we get too see the 'gators?
  3. Buy one of her violins on eBay and request collection in person?
  4. So is there not an accreditation process we can put in place? For example if Vdm sells on Ebay she would have the right to insert a banner "reputable seller endorsed and recommended by Maestronet" I agree fully with Dave Slight - had just such an experience last week. Got quite shirty with me when I declined to sort out her 'sows ear' Cello bought for peanuts online and expecting a silk purse. Even had the gall to ask for a discount because she was 'getting all these repairs done together'? Forsooth!
  5. Ahh I see ! As in Weasel or skunk and polecat?
  6. (Picks up a cello endpin which has just spiked his instep, to use as a pointer - and as a foil for an axle rod!) Well yes , all that you say is well known and documented. Hamilton Caswells in his book on 'Violin fraud' details the case of a petitioner to the Duke as having bought a violin labelled Strad, but made by a lesser mortal -- wanting redress. Such fraudsters have and always will exist and gullible people looking for a bargain will continue to fall for their wiles. So yes this is a fine tradition in the violin trade - but you and I would not do that, would we? But again, does that allow for such charlatans operating openly on eBay and other media and known to be selling mis-labelled instruments? I do think that Maestronet has done a fine job through the years in exposing some of these crooks, but it seems that many still survive slithering along their slimy ways unchecked! Surely there must be a simply way to put a check to this - maybe a banner that flashed up - 'check with Maestronet' I find it difficult to fathom how some of these dealers have been flagged up time and again, yet carry on with impunity! As Cleftover rightly observed, the seller could make just as much profit without the deception (lets endpin fall from his grasp, exhausted - and spikes the other foot!)
  7. reg


    Indeed! This is the best option and you get a reasonably priced instrument, properly restored, well set up with guarantees - and you can try a number of options. Free on going advice and adjustments and a free 12 month service to check that you are still happy. It will turn out cheaper that eBay
  8. Ok but is it not also true that some rogue dealers are preying on the unwary? That taints the whole violin dealership spectrum
  9. Why oh why do some folk still buy off eBay?
  10. reg

    Seb Kloz viola ID

    Thank you all I have emailed the museum with pics and hope they will respond
  11. reg

    Seb Kloz viola ID

    Jacob - yes I see that now. So could I just label 'Kloz family 1767'' But how then would I put a value on it? I have added a picture of the neck block squinted through the endpin hole The block is not a 'normal' rounded semi-circle but rather as below - sorry rather crude drawing using the mouse!
  12. reg

    Seb Kloz viola ID

    Dwight this Viola nearly 400mm!
  13. reg

    Seb Kloz viola ID

    Thanks all - it is faintly dated 1767 Was Sebastian still making at that date?
  14. reg

    Seb Kloz viola ID

    Thank you - what would the 90 indicate please?