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  1. Bromptons are offering many 'interesting' violins, but also a 'very interesting' violin from £2000?
  2. reg

    Possible Guarneri

    Some of my Chinese 'masters' look identical?
  3. reg

    William Duke violin

    True mea culpa
  4. reg

    William Duke violin

  5. reg

    New Helicore strings 'Octave'

    Thanks Harley I understand a bit better now. We did test a 'strong'/stark C string on a 17" viola and it tuned down happily to B and was not to sloppy Maybe others could comment please
  6. reg

    My Linarol viola

    Hullo all All very interesting, but could I digress please? Could you please look at a thread on the Fingerboard forum under 'New Helicore octave strings' and perhaps offer advice to an Irish folk fiddler. He has tuned his 5 string 17" viola with an added B on the treble but uses 1/2 cello strings ! ?
  7. reg

    William Duke violin

    Thank you for all the contributions - I'm still learning!
  8. reg

    William Duke violin

    Thanks for that! As a Marky fiddle do you see this one as one of the better ones? or just average?
  9. reg

    William Duke violin

    Could I request some help please. I have here an old violin with lion head (big ears) which seemed to my ignorant eye to be a Saxon/ Schonbach fiddle, mid 19th C. But inside is a label reading William Duke Holborn Bars, London 1723 If he was the father of Richard Duke would anyone bother to fake a William Duke label? Greatly appreciate comment
  10. reg

    William Duke violin

    Sorry wrong forum I can't find how to delete ?
  11. reg

    New Helicore strings 'Octave'

    Hullo pjham - are you still about? Just had a call from a 'folk' fiddler in Australia who has bought a 17" Viola which he wants to tune B G D A E but an octave lower. (??) The B is a problem as you are tuning up from A which, of course, snaps. Tuning C down to B is too floppy. Would you suggest a steel core A but with low/weich tension, and then tuned up to B or do you think a high/stark tension would cope? Can anyone comment please!
  12. reg

    New Helicore strings 'Octave'

    Very good So is the Viola strung as normal? I did wonder why you were using a Violin as opposed to a Viola!
  13. reg

    New Helicore strings 'Octave'

    Thank you Have you ever tried the 'hole in the heart' process used for small violas? Maybe your instruments are too valuable to 'wreck' them, but if you get a cheapo, it could work wonders!
  14. reg

    New Helicore strings 'Octave'

    Thank you all The 'Swan' was certainly superb! PJHAM Can I ask a favour - i e may I use what you have written on my blog. It goes out to many strings players!
  15. reg

    Old Violin

    Ok sigh! So its the dustbin? ...or maybe just a wall hanger! BTW it does have a yellow strip set in between the ebony purfling?