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  1. Hullo all I did send pics of the Viola before, but herewith I will also send photos of the head Thanks very much for the comments - appreciated!
  2. I'd appreciate comment on this unbranded bow. very straight and strong I found it in an old case with a Kloz Viola.
  3. Could anyone comment on this please! I’m a hurdygurdy maker and am looking for strings that will work on a new model which is longer than standard. The nature of the instrument means that the strings need to be lower tension than viola so I need a d for which I’m currently trying a viola g And it’s a bit light but the viola c I tried was way too heavy, that’s why I initially thought that a light c might work but had second thoughts and want to try a strong g . I also need a string to play at g but the medium Corelli Crystal viola g is too strong so I’m using a heavy d which is a bit light.
  4. reg

    Jas. Tubbs bow

    Thank you Martin btw is your website down - I can't seem to connect?
  5. reg

    Jas. Tubbs bow

    Hello folks Please could you comment on enclosed pics of a bow stamped (very faintly) as Jas Tubbs Could this be the real McCoy?
  6. Frankly, if they are asking any sort of price for the violin, I would not touch it!
  7. reg

    Violin ID

    J J Van de Geest Johannesburg??
  8. reg

    Ads on MN

    Swamped with ads between every comment - very trying I delete them as 'inappropriate' but something else then appears!
  9. Anyone seen a fingerboard like this before The nut is ivory
  10. What of Canadian horse hair from the cold reaches of the north?
  11. reg

    Chinrest question

    Good suggestion that SAS bring out a high end model for better instruments
  12. reg

    Chinrest question

    Dave True in some respects but I have found the tilt feature the answer to many problem applications. A bit of sandpaper on the cork can work wonders and the various heights are very useful. For the OP of course we would simply suggest s Gelrest!
  13. Go to a respected dealer where you will find well set up German instruments with guarantees and informed choice of strings etc - plus free ongoing support Paesold, Kirschnek, Gewa, Kier, Semmlinger and many more, with Chinese master instruments, Rumanian and even English (Wessex) Try them all, discuss the sound you are looking for and find your 'soul mate' rather than even a calculated risk on auction