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  1. reg

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    The 'usual'?
  2. reg

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    Hello all Could you give me the low-down on this one please I was particularly struck by the fine f holes and see just how low they are (a recent Don Noon posting!)
  3. It would be so good if we could get a benchmark somehow! Hope this doesn't contravene the posting rules? I have a really clean JTL, well made, sharp bee-stings etc - labelled fully JTL on one side and Copie de Strad...etc on the other. Strung with Larsens, Whittner tailpiece(Pupils like them) and perfectly set up - and it sings! It is offered at £2795 with free 12 month service and guarentees Comments?
  4. I agree fully WB I try and intervene somewhat diplomatically and steer them to what is manifestly better, but often this is not enough to deter them from the 'old' one Many teachers are stuck in a timewarp
  5. 'fraid I go with Vdm! Pupils come in and say 'teacher told me to ask for an old violin from Germany at least 100years old'. Show them a new Jay Haide or Paesold and they still turn to the 'old' violin despite the difference in tone. There is price gap between new violins up to £2500 and the next bracket of, say £6000. Good JTL, etc are increasingly filling this gap
  6. Kaplan Vivo They need to be played in for 7 days!
  7. reg

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    Just noticed the bridge on this violin Its a joke - drilled out ?
  8. reg

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    Thank you Low to medium quality French?
  9. reg

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    Hello all - can I have an opinion on this violin please Solid top and back, bushed pegholes and distressed back Photographed in haste
  10. Thank you - yes I see that now
  11. Thank you Michael - I agree fully But remember the very old adage when smoking was allowed on airplanes? If they couldn't be bothered to empty the ashtrays after every flight, it casts doubt on their whole maintenance schedule on the plane itself.
  12. I'm struggling to understand how y'all can actually condone the fact that that fiddle at $5000 doesn't needs to go straight back for a refund. Tell me $350, then Ok a better student violin that needs a proper set up. The OP is asking about the set up - why is no-one being straight with him/her?
  13. Thank you That is helpful - I had a query from a prominent orchestra just yesterday about CITES, and was unable to really assist them.
  14. Any shop worth their salt would not offer a violin with such a badly cut bridge. If the bridge is so poor what must the violin be like?
  15. Got a very nice Tubbs for you to view?
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