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  1. So Martin What is the instrument - a late Markie? Not Chinese!
  2. Sorry I did not see his post re 'I am a violin student in China'!
  3. This really interesting and frightening. Is the OP in the UK?
  4. BF Please try! But I see the scroll is more refined that OP?
  5. Thank you Dom40 - that is interesting!
  6. Nope not Chinese! But I take Martin's point that it is late MK Thank you all
  7. Thank you Jacob Yes I did check all that but it did not tick the boxes It doesn't look BOB as the edges project out over the ribs. Scroll to about7/8 o'clock but not the 'bittereinde' and no blackening inside the pegbox Does not the purfling look different?
  8. Interesting violin which has a really good sound, but unsure of provenance. Could anyone help please. It is not Chinese, but with the golden purfling centre I did wonder English?
  9. Was the seller genuine or was it one of the eBay dealers?
  10. Apropos eBay Just had a player in with a Cello bought off eBay for £600. Labelled Poggi but a really rather nice 20th century German in splendid condition!
  11. Just had a lady in to buy a new violin. With her she brought her old 'Markie' in very derelict condition. Whilst examining it I encountered a very sticky substance on the pegbox! On enquiry was told that it was honey used to prevent the old pegs from slipping? Anyone heard of that one before?