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  1. Have you looked at BAM Newtech?
  2. reg

    Violin query

    Both actually! I am cultivating that aloof mien as affected by contemporary violin dealers who have the ability to shrivel me with a single sideways glance No, but seriously if one come up against an unknown maker I can go to the books, but what better than to get qualified opinion - which this little thread has proved
  3. reg

    Violin query

    No Just honing my expertise ( or lack of!)
  4. reg

    Violin query

    Thank you Martin and Jacob Very interesting, but is the price acceptable?
  5. reg

    Violin query This being offered on eBay Can someone tell me about this maker please? Seems rather expensive?
  6. Actually the honest guy will even allow you take a violin on approval Fully expecting you to seek other opinions and to satisfy yourself that this is indeed the instrument you have been searching for!
  7. I agree fully with that but the difficulty is that teachers invariably advise , 'try getting something 100 years old' which is fine if you have the bucks to spend
  8. With a budget like that why not just wait until this lockdown is over, and then go try violins from Reputable dealers You are highly likely to burn your fingers on an auction and almost guaranteed on eBay! Some shops specialise in the £5k to £10 K price range and would certainly not 'look down their noses' - although I know that does happen.
  9. Surely any good shop will advise you on that point What I do is lightly chalk the bridge and then gently close the lid If it is touching it will leave a chalk line on the inside top
  10. reg

    ebay violin

    Yep and looks like it has been stripped?
  11. Did anyone see this one?
  12. reg

    violin linings

    Where are all these contributors now?
  13. True professionals use saliva full of enzymes
  14. Never use anything but a Wittner - the cheap copies fail at the tailon and the adjusters break. I have no brief for Wittner, just experience