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  1. Bam, Gewa, Hiscox - any of the makers will send replacement catches! Or ask the shop where you purchased the case
  2. Thank you - this has been informative I have a collection of ivory bows and not knowing what to do with them! I also have a drawer full of expensive gold top-end bows which don't sell
  3. In the cold light of day, what Jacob says is straight to the point! An opinion was asked and a honest opinion given
  4. Too true - rather trivial I realise!
  5. Thanks Bill I did wonder, as she returned 6 of them bought in January! Surplus to requirements perhaps?
  6. Hullo could I have some comment on this please! Not sure how to answer her? Linda has returned 6 Goldbrokat E full size Violin strings She wrote: '...the peg end protective soft part of the string is so short that I would have wound bare string around the peg. This would result in scoring my peg and causing damage The yellow wind-on length is 65mm. They are of course cheap strings and presumably being used on a student violin
  7. reg

    Yamaha V5?

    That is a V5 - they are pretty good for what they are!
  8. Ditto - in fact one of my pet rants! One teacher in particular has for years sent pupils in to select violins on approval for her to assess. ...and then 'surprise, surprise' just by chance one of her older pupils is upgrading and just happens to have an instrument to sell! Parents are totally taken in and return the 'apro' violins plus the one they have just bought from the teacher. Overpriced, often serious junk, scruffy, and needing a complete service, strings, bridge, the lot Grrr
  9. Nope Hidersine offer an extensive range of student violins ( obviously Chinese) but very well set up and very nicely finished. This is in the UK! Sorry edit - I didn't notice the earlier post!
  10. Frankly VdA I go with Blankie and Jacob! A well set up Hidersine violin with fine tune pegs and Tonicas/Dominants, plus a free years after service, could sound fabulous and be no more expensive than the OP's will turn out to be. The issue here is not getting a bargain but rather someone who enjoys fiddling about with fiddles, which is fine for its own sake.
  11. I go fully with Martin That could even be an early Gliga
  12. reg

    Label ID - Wagner

    No not warped I thought it would make a nice little step up violin for a budding violinist Even if I donate to a worthy yet impecunious player?