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  1. Hullo all - appreciate all the info collected here through the years. Perish the thought that it ever ends! Does anyone know this brand as I can't find anything on the internet Actually a lovely little Amati copy that really sings Be glad of any comments - was it a London importer?
  2. Are you anywhere near an Equisetum patch?
  3. Peter - I agree. I set out a selection of instruments, all perfectly on pitch only to have the attendant teacher tweak them up and then down again. I often ask, 'are you tuning to perfect pitch, or to your own ear'? Maybe they are right
  4. Just a query please re a Kloz family Viola we are restoring - a small 151/2" I don't want to fit pure gut strings, so what would the experts recommend to get close to the original sound Passione, or soft Dominants, or...?
  5. Hullo all I am aware that this is not a 'rara avis' exactly. But what I found puzzling was the way the table at the edges swoops down and then up, almost forming a lip just at the purfling. The pics don't really show it - but see last picture be glad of any comments
  6. Come back Quadiblock - all is forgiven!!
  7. reg

    No linings on ribs

    Off-set seam that is!
  8. reg

    No linings on ribs

    No comment on the off-centre button? Surely this is a negative for a good maker?
  9. I could relate to this story exactly! Only once they finally do get the point, the next tack is ' If I buy the violin case and bow (an outfit) can you throw in a shoulder rest, some rosin and a dampit'!
  10. reg

    New workshop

    Just maybe a stupid thought (you would know better than I!) - have you factored in some control for the risk of bush fires, if you are surrounded by trees?
  11. What means that? I'm not au fait with the expression
  12. Why Voghtland and not Mittenwald? Or is that dejavu!