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  1. Guido Interesting comment - how can you tell that they are fake?
  2. reg

    VSO fingerboard

    Thanks for the interesting thread But please bear in mind that these are VSO's, destined for basic class teaching and hence the cheapest option would be applicable I like Jacobs solution, but wonder how long it would be before the colour wore off?
  3. reg

    VSO fingerboard

    Thank you all I will try the suggested solutions
  4. reg

    VSO fingerboard

    Thank you Jacob
  5. reg

    VSO fingerboard

    Hello all We have a pile of new student instruments with fingerboard issues Some years ago this question was posted "Does anyone know what kind of paint they use on those VSO fingerboards? Against my better judgement, I planed out a bump on a crap cello fingerboard and now I'm looking for something I can paint it black again with. I tried dying it but that doesn't look good, I also tried some black enamel paint that I had lying around but it's too soft." Has anyone got more light on this problem and can point us to a solution please? Regards
  6. ...better quality though than the usual?
  7. reg

    Student Violins

    Hello all Have any of my US colleagues had experience of Student grade Violins labelled Angel Taylor and Hans Werner? Be glad of any feedback
  8. Amazing Michael Just shows much more careful we need to be assessing any instruments
  9. Andreas - now I never knew or suspected that fact. It is good thinking, as I had one complaint that the string broke on installation (bought from us) - when we looked up the sale it was 8 years ago!
  10. Nice summary Aston4 - for those of us in England the mystique still exists, and do what I may I still get teachers advising pupils to 'buy an old German violin' I offer the modern German/Romanian at similar prices and they are every bit comparable, or better than the old. If on the other hand the 'old German' really is in fine condition and playing above its supposed price grade - well it will then command a higher price!
  11. I recently saw one just like that - made in India The maker was squatting in the sand with the violin held between his toes, using a chisel!
  12. Yup It's fun while it lasts Come back Pahdah Hound - all is forgiven
  13. I'm with Jacob Sometimes violins are so trashed that they are not economically repairable! And the thought of a VW bus full of 'em makes me shudder Bin is best
  14. This indeed would be most useful
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