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  1. reg


    Thank you all That was my original diagnosis really - I was just a bit put off by the Italianate label Appreciate all the comments
  2. PS I am in no way connected or have an interest in the GEWA company
  3. Oh! Still for the price the Gewa air is a superb case
  4. reg


    Hello and sorry for the delay (blame in on the Stones!) - actually a Covid scare Herewith pics of the edges and internally It appears to my unpractised eye that the lining stop, and butt up against the corner block Corner blocks appear very small and concave?
  5. Jacob would not the unequal button indicate inferior workmanship?
  6. Not to prolong this, but as Mr Bean so sagely puts it - there is no case that comes near the GEWA air or GEWA Ideale. Straightforward engineering designed with Cellists in mind, lovely range of colours and good after service. Take my advice
  7. reg


    Thank you The volute goes into the pegbox to almost exactly 6 o'clock Corner blocks I can't see but will try with a camera Also a pic at 45 ' First impressions?
  8. reg


    Thank you Don! Seems to have worked The cracks on the table are stable but far from invisible There is a join to the ribs at the tailpiece button
  9. reg


    Thank you I will post pictures, but may take a day or two
  10. reg


    Hello Strad 0 Thanks for that No the neck graft is clearly genuine and not scratched on
  11. reg


    Hello all - just a returning addict! I have here an old germanic looking violin It is labelled Giuseppe Wercini (or Bercini?) Roma 1789 Has anyone come across this appellation, or could it simply be a fake Italianate name?
  12. There is no problem whatsoever shipping bows safely in the UK. See recommendations above, but also consider a purpose made bowtube with a screw on cap - very secure. There are some shops also that stock all those bows and offer a mail out service!
  13. Have you looked at BAM Newtech?
  14. reg

    Violin query

    Both actually! I am cultivating that aloof mien as affected by contemporary violin dealers who have the ability to shrivel me with a single sideways glance No, but seriously if one come up against an unknown maker I can go to the books, but what better than to get qualified opinion - which this little thread has proved
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