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    Hullo all The Voight certificate above - it also has valuation from Christopher Marlow Leamington and Hamilton Caswell Enclosed pdf are photos that were in the case 201802161147.pdf
  2. Reg

    Sorry Palousian, mea culpa! Put it down to inexperience please. Thanks Martin I'll try add better pics and one of the certificate. It also has a valuation from Hamilton Caswell.
  3. Reg

    Hello all I posted a request on 2 Feb for anyone who could help me value a very lovely violin by Giuseppe Bobbi of Milan Please has anyone ever seen one of these. There are pictures under the former post by reg
  4. Reg

    Can anyone help me with this please?
  5. Reg

    Hello Martin What do you think?
  6. Reg

    The label has an ornate border with a crest to the left and reads; G. Bobbi da Piacenza Fece 1949 12 Bobbi (Signed in script) viabotticelli 13 Milano (In small script) I'll try upload photos later today many thanks Photos below The colour is a medium golden brown which the pictures don't convey correctly
  7. Reg

    Thanks Martin I will do so on Monday!
  8. Reg

    hullo all Just a query about a really lovely Italian Violin I have acquired. It is labelled G Bobbi da Piacenza 1949 and has a certificate from Voight He valued it at £4000 then, but I suspect it is worth a lot more now. It is in splendid condition and has a true Italianate sound. Has anyone come across one of these before please Reg