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  1. Unfortunately the back was off when I got it. But since it is, I’ll clean up the old glue and get it put back on. C’est La Vie
  2. Thanks. I’ve been a lurker here for a few years now and finally just got my act together enough to register. I am really glad to be here.
  3. That’s an interesting observation Jim. I’ll go through and correct the wonky cleats and pull the top plate also and reglue both top and bottom to hopefully relieve and stress they glued into the construction and solve that little problem
  4. Look at that. I am already learning things. I should have joined this forum long ago. Interesting the path it took though life and that someone thought enough of it to have it pulled apart and have it blocked, regraduated and a new bass bar installed. By a Russian luthier no less. This russian art forum has his history or at least what I have been able to find. It would appear he was invited to Germany to make repairs to Prince Ludwigs violins and was appointed chief curator or Czar Nicholas II’s collection of violins.
  5. I don’t play yet, but when I get it to the front of the queue and back together I’ll find someone or be able to muddle my way through something. Speaking of which I really do need to get signed up for lessons.
  6. So i picked up this violin at a thrift store because i am a sucker for an old violin and even moreso when they are damaged or in pieces to get inexpensive repair practice. This one has some conundrums that have me a little perplexed. The only reference i've found to this label was one Christies Auction where a violin with the same label sold, and a reference on a Russian art forum to the luthier Lev Dobriansky. What makes this a little strange is the back looks like David Hopf is carved into it, its pretty rudimentary for a stamp. The inside of the top plate has had the bajeesus cleated out of it and the bass bar is glued in, not carved in which isn't what i would have expected for a normal german Hopf copy. Its fully lined and blocked with a one piece back. There is no neck splice either for what its worth. Anyway i'd love your opinions of this somewhat bizarre mix matched violin. And because its also kind of fun to ponder a violins history my guess is that was a violin that was in someones family, that someone decided to have repaired and set up in order learn how to play. The case had a new bow that doesn't jump out at me as being particularly expensive, though it is fully lined also but the carving isn't anything special or fine.