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  1. I use a plane mounted upside down, 90% of time is spent setting blade correctly I work it out on a sacrificial piece of wood. Once it is set it shouldn't take more than dozen strokes to finish the joint.
  2. I've always thought that part of the f-hole function is to direct the energy away from the c-bouts (where they terminate) instead to upper lower bouts. I wonder if f-holes on the back would do anything.
  3. You might want to weigh it too before you decide to put money into it
  4. I use the upside down method and it is key to have the blade set perfectly. I have a wooden plane so it has to be set every time, twenty minutes or so to set the blade to my satisfaction and maybe five to finish the joint. Also testing edge on flat glass for rocking helps, you can be chasing your tail if you aren't sure which side is at fault.
  5. T2 used to attribute some of the instruments in the auctions but I suppose they ran into issues. They ignore the labels across the board now. Like Martin said, it's speculative auction and the prices (should?) reflect that.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if he just bought the entire log and had it split. I don't think things are like today where there are warehouses with towers of stacked billets.
  7. Way too many variables. I use fresh glue swelling overnight, 4:1 and use it immediately after heating so no chance of it changing. I follow Davide's method of pouring a thick bead in the joint, not only prevents dry joint but the large amount of glue ensure the joint stays hot for a long period and minimizes evaporation.
  8. I don't know about 100 pounds but it seems pretty substantial. It's worked well enough for me so far.
  9. The false dichotomy of choices. If everything was my favorite color I would be sick of it quick. Also very likely to get in an accident at the stop-light.
  10. 220v is delivered to the house and there are sockets for it for things like a stove or dryer. But most of the wiring delivers only one leg of the circuit, so it's half the voltage. I don't know why historically this is.
  11. I found an intermediate priced bow playing through a pile of new Brazilian bows at the local dealer, taking home 3 of them for a week's trial. I am not very accomplished and the differences between the bows was quite apparent. I still love the bow I selected and it looks great.
  12. whatever Patricia Kopatchinskaja's Pressenda is
  13. Good thing he wasn't a fishmonger
  14. There are a few sellers of the lake on etsy, it might be interesting to compare. The second one is a little hard to parse exactly what it is. https://www.etsy.com/listing/907635138/fuchsia-dry-pigment-a-carmine-lake-non?ref=hp_rv-3 https://www.etsy.com/listing/650669551/carmine-red-pigment-ci-pr-571-free?ref=hp_rv-1
  15. Thanks, for sure I will just call in 'Guarneri Inspired'. The tenor is 45.0 button, 40.9 neck so it looks like ribs follow the 85% rule But arching is 21.4 front, 20.45 back so it looks like a different factor The belly thickness is really strange 3.8 in the c bouts and actually thicker in lower bout 4.2 The back is a little more what you would expect 6ish in c-bouts and 3 in the upper/lower bouts
  16. I am having same issue, I cannot click on any subforum index
  17. I am looking into possible building Andrea Guarneri viola, I don't have access to the ‘Conte Vitale’ Andrea Guarneri viola poster but there is a 48cm tenor in luthier library. The outline looks pretty much the same, but I am not sure if I can shrink the other dimensions the same amount (about 85%). Could someone supply a few dimensions for rib height, arching height and thickness? Hopefully I can extrapolate the other measurements. Thanks!
  18. I don't think it needs to be basic to be precipitated. https://patents.google.com/patent/US3909284A/en
  19. there are two of them in luthier's library
  20. I think it's interesting that there is a way now to weed out potential instruments before getting an expert involved, in this case Bruce Carlson.
  21. Being a serendipity type I would just wait for a good old stick without a frog to come along and marry the two.
  22. Making distorted arch wouldn't be the same, but perhaps distortion could be accelerated with ammonia or something similar.
  23. So bridge distortion has no effect on tone? We know that even the smallest adjustment of sound post will change the tone, and the z-axis distortion is even greater here if we had a slice where the sound post is to look at. The sound post isn't there to hold up the top, it acts like a second bridge that directs the higher frequencies to the upper bouts
  24. I would see who is certifying things recently for Tarisio auctions for similar instruments.
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