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  1. Salt is added to the wash water to reduce the 'rag' (frothy area where oil and water is mixed) and make separation easier. It's a commonly used method in the chemical industry. If the oil is dried properly with something like silica gel there will be no residual salt in the oil.
  2. A farmer violin maker wins $30 million in a lottery A reporter asks him if he's going to retire and he says "No, I'm just going to keep farming making violins until it's all gone."
  3. A German cottage violin maker that tried to 'copy' something would starve.
  4. Does it draw the hand? Something finely made will give one the impulse to touch it.
  5. I've found that cool-ish led lighting makes it easier to see the grain in the wood.
  6. The back order items on their site are shipped within a few weeks in my experience.
  7. Perhaps with the tiny button it was baroque made and then a new neck put on it instead of a graft? Disclaimer: I always get stuff wrong when guessing about old violins.
  8. Those corners are 'school of hamfist' and that button is pretty interesting.
  9. A properly set up 1500$ chinese violin is miles ahead of what you could get 30 years ago in the same category. My son was in orchestra and plenty of violins end up dropped, stepped or sat on.
  10. Making a 9YO responsible for an expensive instrument might not be a great idea
  11. Would like to hear any impressions if anyone is able to try them out, particularly the Lupot and Storioni viola.
  12. 20% or so thicker than you would with maple seems to help
  13. Is it possible to lightly go over the violin with a scraper to remove the sanding marks?
  14. The Ossman book is OK if you just want to make a violin, but not much in there transfers to actually learning how to make decent one in the future. I only bring this up since you mention working on your first violin.
  15. Just think of your hobby as being a tool collector
  16. I stopped feeding my violins meat a long time ago.
  17. Katalox might be interesting
  18. violin looks young enough it should have an origin label, i am enjoying the hang-wringing though over the providence of an American violin that should be worse than 'the usual'
  19. Has anyone tried Indian Yellow? It's a pigment that was available during Stradivarius time. Nobody makes it naturally now since it requires cows eating poisonous plants, it is made synthetically.
  20. I do the upside down method with one of these that I picked up used for not so much money.... https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/ecejointerplane.aspx
  21. If I had to buy wood domestically it would be from metmusic
  22. These things are always a gamble, you could find more problems during restoration or it might just sound or play bad. This come from experience...
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