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  1. I don't see an issue posting anonymously unless you work in the trade professionally.
  2. I had a #7 it was very average. I thought it could benefit from a good setup but didn't bother and sold it.
  3. I have the easy to get Diefenbacher violin gouge, the blade is marked Stubai so it should be of good quality. Wearing some leather gloves will help your hands a lot.
  4. I like this a lot.. i've been thinking about finding a cheap cabinet or free dryer on CL for this but I don't want something heavy/junky that takes a lot of space.
  5. Thanks Don, fortunately this should be easy to fix.
  6. avandesande


    I got mine on ebay from eastern europe you can see it applied in my bench thread seller lunaleona
  7. Thanks Jim. I am going to color coat in a week or two when it is completely dry. I think the skeleton mold is more forgiving for a beginner because mistakes in bending don't necessarily result in things getting bigger. --Aaron
  8. Starting new one from the Guadagnini poster
  9. This is my first, it was combination of a few outlines/measurements I downloaded from the internet. Having no woodworking background it was quite a struggle and parts of it were fished out of the trash at various times. It has a couple coats of clear ATM. I learned a lot though and am much more relaxed starting a new project. I call it 'The Dadivarius'
  10. cricket bats are compressed willow
  11. I have to say, this rates pretty low on the abomination scale, like pineapple on pizza.
  12. My music memory is terrible, so learning to read music was a godsend. Reading music is much more intuitive on the violin than on the guitar because of the way the 5ths are layed out.
  13. A good quality Chinese/Romanian violin of similar price will be miles ahead of what you are looking at.
  14. The similarity is they are both made of wood.