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  1. Maria Callas voice comes to mind, at least the way it breaks up
  2. I have just used US maple for a violin it is very tough and hard, it seems like you can go thinner with this wood. Do you use it for your violas? I saw one of these suppliers had testimonial from you on the site.
  3. Why do the least interesting violins generate the most discussion?
  4. Does it go all the way through? Wouldn't stringing it up and tensioning it pull the crack together?
  5. I've been scanning outlines or CAT scans in photoshop and building on top of prints. I just have office sized printer/scanner but hope to upgrade to 11x17 so I am not taping the prints together. I am really interested in building Violas so being able to scale the outlines to the desired size should be a real advantage.
  6. I've been using molds described by Adrew Carruthers, https://www.andrewcarruthers.com/skeleton/ I glue the back on before releasing the mold, which is pretty easy.
  7. Were they using pure oxygen in their 'ozone' generator? Very likely they were making nitrogen oxides which created the tanning. Ozone has a bleaching effect, although I have no direct experience using it with wood.
  8. I wonder if it is possible to stabilize the wood in behind the head? There are a lot of new developments in this area recently.
  9. Your first violin may look rough but if you spend the time on thicknessing and bass bar can be quite usable. I am glad I went with real woods for my first. The Kreissler patterns can be found online for free that is the one I went with.
  10. avandesande


    I filed them off on the last pegs I bought. Even the cheapest violins have them now they remind me of that antenna fad from a few years ago on cars.
  11. You can get this result leveling between color layers. It doesn't have to be intentional or 'antiquing'
  12. These are the layers before I erased the nut, everything aligns exactly. There are many strange things about the Guadagnini...
  13. combining neck template with the poster, including the second image to show the differences
  14. I finally got tired of fooling with the varnish and strung it up. I sounds good so far and it's easy to play.At least some closure and moving on to better things.