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  1. violin looks young enough it should have an origin label, i am enjoying the hang-wringing though over the providence of an American violin that should be worse than 'the usual'
  2. Has anyone tried Indian Yellow? It's a pigment that was available during Stradivarius time. Nobody makes it naturally now since it requires cows eating poisonous plants, it is made synthetically.
  3. I do the upside down method with one of these that I picked up used for not so much money.... https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/ecejointerplane.aspx
  4. If I had to buy wood domestically it would be from metmusic
  5. These things are always a gamble, you could find more problems during restoration or it might just sound or play bad. This come from experience...
  6. Round pegs wouldn't provide the same feedback about how much you have turned. I wouldn't be surprised if experienced violinists can adjust tuning the first try.
  7. Not sure about this poster but often the line drawing is just to illustrate where the measurement was taken and not the literal shape of the scroll.
  8. It would be nice to have a printable set of circles that could be used to compare with lines on posters or other pictures. I haven't found one on the web and creating a set that prints correctly isn't straightforward.
  9. Assuming you have a typical bending iron, one thing you can try is to bend the rib and see how it fits in the curve. If it won't fit with gentle pressure you need to clean up the curve in the corner block.
  10. From the Florian Leonhard auction? I wish I bought more, the wood was much nicer in person than their photos.
  11. Is it possible Lloyd Liu had these items on consignment at various shops and his estate decided to liquidate them? I think that something like this is more likely than someone trying to 'cash in'. (BTW I don't know anything about maker agreement with dealers)
  12. The action is different than abrasives, it tends to leave a polished/burnished finish.
  13. Hide glue is easy to use I have a 5$ thrift store crock pot and olive jars. Use 4:1 ratio by weight to start.
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