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  1. Personally I would definitely go with the more expensive bow regained less often. I have just never been as satisfied with a less expensive carbon bow. Coda is typically what I recommend.
  2. As far as books go some would argue that “ Guitarmaking tradition and technology” is comparable to Courtnall and Johnson. (not uke specific but the steps are all the same)
  3. The plan set offered by the GAL is quite good - all four body sizes in the family. luth.org
  4. Audacity seems to be the most commonly used one.
  5. Yep, and in order to know when the economy is likely to recover (and thus what stocks will go up, and thus what trades are likely to be more profitable) they have a major research department.
  6. I have used both, and while the Herdim is very good the Alberti is so excellent that, given the choice I would use the Alberti whenever possible. Smooth action, no chatter, less tear out - just a good tool. I am saving my pennies for a full set of the Albertis ASAP
  7. I’ve been working of a six string viola for a couple of years, maybe I’ll get that moving finally!
  8. We might as well, That $975 Canadian is about $10 USD right now
  9. Yep. My Uni music program is shut down for the rest of the year :/
  10. J Corry

    New Strings

    Evah Golds are excellent strings but definetly don’t fall under the OP’s afordable mention.
  11. J Corry

    New Strings

    Generally I haven’t found the lights to provide the gusto required for most instruments. In the shop where I’m working right now we either go with Helicore Heavy or Evah Prazis as the go to on our instruments depending on what the instrument seems to like and also whether it is likely to be for fiddle or classical. (Up until the last two or three years all of the serious fiddlers in the area have tended towards the Helicore Heavys) I would say that mediums (or heavies depending on your instrument) would likely solve your issue.
  12. Yep. Mine works great - and it consistently matched a dial caliper measurement on a free plate when I was testing it.
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