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  1. The maker didn’t sleep enough the night before?
  2. I know a bowmaker (non traditional mind you) who told me that bamboo is probably the future of bows, it has a higher Luchi and is entirely renewable. The only downside he had with it was the amount of labour required to process it into a suitable bow blank.
  3. Absolutely! As soon as I sell an instrument or two I'll give you a call!
  4. Thanks! yep from Alberta, I love the whole foothills and mountain area. Beautiful.
  5. I wish I needed them - just doesn't make sense for me to ship them back to Alberta. Did you harvest the tops? Jasper is only a couple hours from me - I should go take a look.
  6. I did a rehair for a friend and we counted the hairs left - 62. He is one of only two good players I know who could have managed that!
  7. I did hear from one luthier here in Canada that in their shop they reglue the top plates on all of their instruments coming from Europe or eastern Canada but that is entirely humidity related. Here in western Canada and up in the mountains we can have a humidity as low as 0-4% in the winter, their idea was to reduce the risk of damage if the owner forgot to fill the humidifier etc
  8. Correct. Brazilian Rosewood (Dalbergia Nigra) is still on Apendix 1 and has the same restrictions as it had previously.
  9. https://cites.org/eng/updates_decisions_cop18_species_proposals Near the bottom of the page you can see the Dalbergia spp. amendments.
  10. The ones that I use and several of my mentors have used I got off eBay. So far they seem to be of quite good quality. They are on a thin metal plate but still require a backer for rigidity. The best option I have seen so far is to superglue them to the alberti discs, but I made up a MDF plate with magnets that works 95% https://www.ebay.ca/itm/8-INCH-Grit-1200-Diamond-coated-Flat-Lap-wheel-Lapidary-lapping-polishing-disc/123699517605?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. I agree with the DMT diamond recommendation. I have a set of plates that I can attach to my Alberti disc sander and the quality and speed of my sharpening have gone up considerably. In addition the diamond abrasive allows me to use HSS parting tool banks to make some of my blades.
  12. When done right I have found the Realist violin pickup to provide a good amplified sound (even better if you run it though a L.R. Baggs preamp) I know it does go under the bridge but I still find it sounds good acoustically. The LR Baggs is my other favorite, and I have used it on a six-string viola with no problems either.
  13. L.A. Neck set? (No offense to anyone in beautiful California )
  14. As a side thought to James's comment above (all of which are great builders) if you are looking for something a bit cheaper I have always found the guitars made by Godin family of companies to be excellent, possibly the best bang for your buck in an under $750 CAD acoustic. They make the guitars under the names of Seagull, Art and Lutherie, Simon and Patrick Luthier and others. Some may have laminate back and sides though.
  15. J Corry

    Free Pianos

    Bruce at Orcas Island Tonewoods often has top material that I believe is piano soundboard spruce. (It might just be offcuts from the manufacturing process though - haven't checked with him) So it might be possible.