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  1. L.A. Neck set? (No offense to anyone in beautiful California )
  2. As a side thought to James's comment above (all of which are great builders) if you are looking for something a bit cheaper I have always found the guitars made by Godin family of companies to be excellent, possibly the best bang for your buck in an under $750 CAD acoustic. They make the guitars under the names of Seagull, Art and Lutherie, Simon and Patrick Luthier and others. Some may have laminate back and sides though.
  3. J Corry

    Free Pianos

    Bruce at Orcas Island Tonewoods often has top material that I believe is piano soundboard spruce. (It might just be offcuts from the manufacturing process though - haven't checked with him) So it might be possible.
  4. Whoop, it happens. However now in the case that I ever have to ship three cellos to or from Britain I'll have an idea of how much it should cost Thanks for the help James.
  5. Great prices, and good wood. But watch the shipping. I was going to order a cello back or two and it was going to be £1000-£1300 for shipping to Canada.
  6. Yes he did. Huh, interesting. I wasn't aware of that, all of the transcriptions of Django that I have done I have notated for standard tuning. I would have thought that more of the Django purists would be using the alternate if that was the case. Do you by any chance know what tuning it is?
  7. J Corry


    In 2015 the guild of American Luthiers ran an article by Jan van Cappelle on the guitars that Strad made and they included plans for one modelled after the small guitar form in the Cité de la Musique in Paris (E.901.6). In the article they built both this one and a larger one based on the "Hill" guitar in the Ashmolean. A superb article.
  8. ... you were just learning to cut a sound post and you just cut your fifth one too short. ;{
  9. I was of the impression that the reason that the grain direction in the blocks is vertical was so that a crack in a rib wouldn't travel through the block. Incorrect?
  10. I am a fiddler for most of my music, but I have also trained in classical music for most of my life. I have discussed bridges with a number of predominant fiddlers here in Canada, and the general consensus was that a standard "classical" setup is best for fiddling (in the Canadian styles) - unless, like Vasser Clements you have a good reason to change (for him flatter to facilitate triple stops) and the skills to validate the change. Yes, yes, yes. J
  11. Brilliant! Education & on point lutherie humour all in one! Fantastic.
  12. Thank you both. I'll take another look at it. J
  13. Hello all, While cleaning up in the shop that I work in today I found a Jaeger Etui case. When I asked the owner about it she said that she has had it for quite a while but hasn't had a chance to put it up for sale yet. (By quite a while she possibly means 20 years ;)) The case itself is in very good condition. It has clips for the bow screws - not spinners, the lining is mint chip green & the black leather (or vinyl?) exterior of the case is good except for the vinyl strip that covers the seam, which is loose. The cover, made of light brown canvas and leather is in good condition, minus the fact that the previous owner had a number of stickers on it, some of which are still there, and some have left shadows where they were located. I have found relatively few examples of these cases for sale on eBay, etcetera. Can anyone give me an idea on a fair value for this case? The owner has it priced a good bit above what I have seen on eBay, but that may be fair considering the good condition. Any thoughts? Is there a way to date these cases? I believe this one to be from the 70's - 80's but that is really a guess. Thanks in advance. J
  14. When I was trained in guitar work, for nut files we used both the stew mac ones and Swiss edge joint files. (Like these. http://www.ottofrei.com/Glardon-Vallorbe-Round-Edge-Needle-Files-LA2417) the rule was use a file .002-.003 larger than the string gauge (measured in thousands of an inch with callipers) (which sounds like it is the same rule as Don uses) I think a perfectly good slot can be made with a tapered needle file though. If the string broke in the wrapped part it definitely sound like a defective string.