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  1. Does anyone have any comments on the IPCI book set?
  2. Yep, you don’t *have* to treat purbambuco at all unless you are adjusting the colour.
  3. That's awesome! I have admired the Tête-bêche designs for quite a while now. I am glad to hear that it plays well.
  4. When I started bowmaking I picked up one from a Canadian retailer here - its a upgraded Chinese made model and it works well enough for all of the basic bow procedures. However, I recently had the chance to buy some tools from a retired bow maker and he had an older English made lathe (a Myford) that he had tottally outfitted for Bowmaking and the ease of use and capabilities are so much higher than the modern lathe. I have played around with a friends Taig and it seems to be a good machine, but if the opportunity presented itself I would suggest that some of the earlier lathes (especially Hardinge) offer superior quality and can be a joy to use. But perhaps I am just smitten with old tools...
  5. Oh absolutely! and if it's in tree form you just have to decide if your time is worth it. Interesting! That would create a very active cross-dipole mode. Cool!
  6. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of guys use it (for guitars). Depends on the diameter of useable wood and the density. Cris Martin told a story about felling a tree in their family yard and they found that the fertility and light of a residential situation caused the wood to be so flexible as to render it unuseable. Just some thoughts.
  7. If you wanted to stay with a five string an octave with a B on top would give some interesting improv options.
  8. I’ve only played one. It is crazy low - really the lowest two or three strings require a pickup to be at all musical. The one I played was a frankenfiddle made by a friend and had salvaged strings so I don’t really know what the strings were, but I’m pretty sure that the C was a ‘Cello G cut down to length. Also of note is that the ribs were roughly viola depth. Have fun and keep us posted.
  9. 5 (or even 6) strings are a blast to play, especially in trad/jazz situations!
  10. Absolutely. String selection will not affect tone to the degree that setup (soundpost, bridge etc) will, but can make enough of a difference that the players will notice in a blind test.
  11. Nothing more to add, but I love mine - both in the stainless and iron models.
  12. J Corry

    New workshop

    Very nice indeed! A Forstner bit should be able to drill those bench dog holes quite neatly.
  13. HI all, Time to upgrade my closing clamps, anyone looking to sell a used set of Herdim clamps? (or individual clamps) Thanks Jackson
  14. The maker didn’t sleep enough the night before?