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  1. Hello! I am trying to figure out if using a different bow would make a difference in playing the violin. I have used the same bow for 10+ years, and I have always had issues with the bow bouncing on long notes (and worse with vibrato). I have tried to fix my bowing technique, but it has always persisted. A few days ago, I rented an electric violin which came with a bow. When I was playing it, I realized that the bow did not bounce as much. Now I am trying to figure out why, and buy a violin bow that will make playing easier for me. Violin bow 1 (the shaky one) is heavier, with the balance point closer to the frog. Violin bow 2 is lighter, with the balance point closer to the tip. Bow 2's balance point is further from the frog, which means the tip is heavier. But when I actually hold the bow, it feels like bow 1 is heavier at the tip than bow 2 maybe due to the difference in weight. So now I am confused. If anyone can help me out and explain what difference a different weight or balance of a bow can make, it would be a great help!