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  1. Craigers

    Suggetion to avoid crossing hair doing bow rehair

    Regarding the length of the hair, I find it very important to look at the amount of camber there is in the stick. Generally if the stick has very little camber you have to make the hair longer than you would if the stick has a lot of camber. If the stick has a lot of camber and you leave the hair long, it will seem that you have to turn the adjuster forever to get enough tension on the hair, but a stick with little camber very quickly goes from loose to tight.
  2. Craigers

    Suggetion to avoid crossing hair doing bow rehair

    What exactly is she holding? I can't imagine having someone else helping without being in the way.
  3. Craigers

    The Bridge!

    Can we please see some pictures of your tree sculpture? Oh, and can you tell me where to buy one of these Strad equivalent carbon violins?
  4. Craigers

    Interesting Violin Bow by L H Cornell

    Is the ferule a replacement? It looks too small.
  5. Craigers

    #that-feeling when...

    is the saliva "jar" your mouth? Nasty!
  6. Craigers

    Shining the fingerboard

    You can put a bit of mineral oil on very fine steel wool and buff to a high sheen.
  7. Craigers

    Broken screw doesn't allow the frog to be removed

    Hi David, is 19 years a long time? Thanks for your reply, looks like I may have to take the brass tube route, wish me luck !
  8. I have a bow where the screw broke on the inside of the stick leaving the frog unable to be removed. In the past when I've encountered this problem I was able to wriggle the frog and get it off the stick, but in this case the frog is tight and this "technique" won't work. I took the pearl slide off to see if I could drill out the eyelet from the frog, but the eyelet does not poke through so locating the spot to drill is not easy. Does anyone have suggestions ?
  9. Craigers

    Marking bridge position into front

    I like how the line points directly to the little white dot that someone put as a bridge location device
  10. Craigers

    The "Usual" or something else?

    file this under " daily hate towards Americans"
  11. Craigers

    loss of value in bow after spline

    I do recall having to run out of Jerry's workshop once with an urgent need to puke, but it was because we had spent the previous evening consuming too many cigarets and beers discussing all things violin instead of having dinner and getting a good nights rest. Long live beer thirty !
  12. Craigers

    loss of value in bow after spline

    Wow, that got ugly quick. I realize you two have your differences but if I had to summarize Jerry's "pisshits dogma" it would be : Always strive for excellence and improvement in your work and never settle for good enough. This has served me well throughout my career and I know it has served the many others to whom Jerry has been generous enough to share his knowledge with.
  13. Craigers

    loss of value in bow after spline

    For the record, I posed the question because I had a customer who broke of their bow and the insurance company wanted to know how much value was lost with the break. I wanted to be sure to give an accurate answer so I asked.
  14. Just curious, what is the consensus on how much a bow is devalued when the head has broken off and then been repaired with a spline?
  15. Craigers

    Clamp for bow tip repair on a lathe

    If you finish the repair this way, no one will ever notice the spline.