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  1. Not quite right

    I hope I didn't violate any patent laws by posting that. I said no thank you to adjusting this instrument but if anyone else would like to have a go at it I'll send you a customer.
  2. Not quite right

    Isn't it supposed to look like this ?
  3. Off-The-Shelf Tool for Removing Top?

    These flexible blades can work great, just be careful not to slice yourself: You can dull the blade with some sand paper to prevent slicing into the top.
  4. This post has been deleted

    Sounds like an arrogant cat that can't stop talking about itself
  5. Cutting Wider Bridges

    I've done this with larger viola bridges. When you use a 50mm blank it always seems to me that the outer strings are too are too far from the edges of the bridge and if you plane away some material it looks better.
  6. This post has been deleted

    Can we all agree that if someone brings in a guitar then a swift "Piss off !" is the only option
  7. Spreader wedge for Vuillaume and other weird ferrules?

    Is that a metal comb your using? Where can I get one, nice plastic ones are hard to find. Never mind I just re-read your thread, Anyway if anyone knows of a good source for combs like this please post -Thank you
  8. Spreader wedge for Vuillaume and other weird ferrules?

    The spread wedge should be fit in the normal way but the facets on the sides of the wedge go in the opposite direction than they would for a conventionally shaped ferrule. On a normal spread wedge the part that comes in contact with the hair is wider than the side that touches the frog but with this type of ferrule the wedge should be the opposite shape, you can think of it as being upside down.
  9. violin knife steel PM-X

    Can you post a picture or link, or information on buying these knives ?
  10. A string trouble

    Maybe try an Obligato A that is a different gauge than the one you already have
  11. A string trouble

    I think this a pretty common issue on certain violins. With these instruments I usually notice that the b natural or c will require more pressure for the note to speak and so it can be quite frustrating if you need to play the note softly. While technically this may not be a wolf, I think it is certainly a related issue and like wolfs it can be difficult to get rid of.
  12. Glue on your spread wedge

    I never thought of glue as a lubricant but I can see what you mean. It seams that aliphatic resin doesn't adhere well to hair anyway so using it as a lubricant make sense since you have it on hand at that moment and you certainly wouldn't want to use a more traditional lubricant like grease or oil
  13. Glue on your spread wedge

    I'm curious what the consensus is on glueing the spread wedge. I learned to put a tiny amount on both sides of the spread wedge to hold the wedge to the frog and keep the hair in place. Later I was told that if you add glue to the hair side, the wedge was more likely to pull out because of the fluctuations in the length of the hair due to humidity changes. I've done it both ways and still can't decide which is better so I would like to know what others do.
  14. Fake or real repair?

    I was thinking Chumbawumba's I Get Knocked Down
  15. Fixing an ivory frog

    The funny thing about this frog is that the owner of the bow is a dentist