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  1. We have a rowhouse with neighbors on both sides of the walls + I have kids & wife....all of whom do not want to hear me play the same passages badly over and over. My solution was to drop $600 on the Yamaha YEV 104. It's a nice instrument and obviously very quiet so no neighbors are harmed by my playing. I can play late at night...no one cares. Be aware that they come with the bridge a bit too high (mine did at least) so you can 'adjust to your liking'. This means a few extra bucks spent bringing it down to a playable height, unless you are a do-it-yourselfer.
  2. The worlds best rock guitar players all do have very distinctive, 'million dollar' tones that are easily recognizable as their own. Slash (Les Paul), Andy Summers (Fender Telecaster), Eddie Van Halen (some sort of homemade thing held together with wires and duct tape). But their guitar is only a small piece in that puzzle.... the amplifiers, effects, etc... And of course now that 'art' is sort of becoming obsolete, as any kid can buy a computer program that can simulate any of these amps and effects within seconds...
  3. I'll take this a step further. It's not just that guitars are generally mass produced/factory made. But there is not even any real demand for anything else. Sure some high end, hand crafted instrument makers exist. But yet professional musicians often pass them over for a regular old $800 strat or $1500 les paul. Clearly a large reason for this is because of all of the signal processing that goes into guitar music, the tone of the pure instrument is less important...it doesn't have to hold it's own in a concert hall all by itself.
  4. Check the label first. Many violas are dishwasher safe.
  5. From what I can tell it appears that many instrument thefts are not professional jobs but rather crimes of opportunity. There was a case in Massachusetts recently where the thieves stole a violin hoping to get a few bucks at a pawnshop (they got $50 for a Gagliano). Luckily the pawnshop owner called the police. If you have an expensive violin, some sort of tracker would certainly help with these kids of cases, as well as with the cases where you accidently leave it in a taxi or whatever. Christopher Reuning, the owner of Reuning & Son Violins, an appraiser and dealer of violins in Boston, said it was not uncommon for stolen violins to be sold to a pawnshop at a very low price. “Stolen violins are impossible to sell,” he said. “People usually think they are a guitar.”
  6. Yeah, I have a lot of poor quality recordings of excellent performances that I'm happy to play over and over on cheap headphones. I don't get any thrill from expensive 'hi fi'. Also, you can just smell the marketing snake oil around that audiophile stuff from a mile away... 'hot press' LPs and gold tipped components... I mean, just look at this thing...$45k and you can have an amplifier (that doesn't even have a radio tuner LOL). https://almaaudio.com/products/dagostino-momentum-integrated-amplifier-1?variant=21370042305&currency=USD&utm_campaign=gs-2019-06-15&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1MuN0c3P6AIVD18NCh36sQE7EAQYASABEgKnz_D_BwE Now...that's not to say there is no marketing snake oil in the high end violin world, also....
  7. One quick point that may or may not be related: I have a YEV-104. Out of the box they 'intentionally leave the bridge heights on the high side to allow it to be adjusted to a players preference.' In other words....does the bridge feel too high to you? Mine did and I had a few mms shaved off and that helped a lot. Maybe if you lower the bridge a bit it will fit your case and play better?
  8. _Alex

    New Strings

    If you want low price strings that are like Dominants, I had good luck with the Fiddlerman strings that are meant to be Dominant copies. https://fiddlershop.com/products/fiddlerman-violin-string-set
  9. OK...what is the difference between 'Good' and 'Interesting'?
  10. Interesting, good to know, thanks.
  11. Agreed. If they want it to not be out on the 'public web', then they could just hide it for people who are not logged in. Maybe they are doing some sort of rudimentary tracking of who is interested in what lots? But it does seem like a mistake. I, for one, would have expected a soundpost crack, repaired or otherwise, to have been mentioned prominently in the description. Plus the condition report isn't even 100% clear whether the crack is repaired or not. My reading of the report suggests it is not, but the photo suggests maybe it is? The crack looks repaired, plus the instrument is set up, which would be irresponsible for a violin with an 'active' soundpost crack?
  12. I agree...but it definitely accounts for a grand or two off the estimate.
  13. Ah...I see... I didn't get that far yet. Soundpost crack will do it every time. Thanks!