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  1. Well...it's like that if the jeans in the bottom picture were copied from jeans that are 300 years old and valued at give or take $10 million
  2. Hmmm.... I kind of like it. That said, if he is agonizing so much on the look, perhaps it suggests people are not knocking his doors down for the sound. But who knows. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  3. Where are they? They are 1/2 mile from my house sitting in Hillary Hahn's basement waiting for the moment that they are allowed to be played in public again, so she can quit her temp job as Martha Stewart impersonator .
  4. I'm trying to understand what you are advocating for here. The violin is not a Vuillaume....that's been settled, no? So what then? The violin is a copy, but the label itself is somehow authentic? At the risk of overstating the obvious....no, the original label from a priceless violin did not end up in your German made copy. Violins are made with fake labels....that's how it works. I suspect there were hundreds if not thousands made with this exact label.
  5. It will also sound clearer with the rosin buildup removed from the strings, especially the G.
  6. Even more surprising given this thread was marked 'HOT!'
  7. This conversation is depressing. Here's to a better 2021 in every way!
  8. Apparently they are made in Germany. Maybe they 'fell off the truck' lol. Anyway, I got them for my camping trip violin and as far as I can tell they sound and play like Dominants.
  9. Fiddlerman sells a set of Dominant knock offs for 30 bucks that quite frankly are pretty darn good. https://fiddlershop.com/products/fiddlerman-violin-string-set
  10. I think with regard to the Violas....they seem to be pretty consistent in not making fun of viola players so much as making fun of the intense fear young violin players have of being told 'maybe you would be better as a viola player' Sometimes that line can be blurry however....
  11. A few thoughts 1. She plays it a lot better than I do. 2. is it possible to play this piece without making an absurdly pretentious 'violin face'? 3. I saw recently this Midori version which is the only time (in my limited experience) I've seen someone play every other opening chord with an up bow. Seems like she's just trying to mess with us. Like 'this piece is too easy for me, so I decided to make it even more complicated' Midori plays Bach - Chaconne, Partita No. 2
  12. First off I would not try to edit on your iPad, that seems like unnecessary self torture, unless you are really only just trying to trim off the beginning and end. Transfer your files first. If you have a windows machine there is a free editor I use sometimes called VSDC that is a bit klunky and confusing, but very powerful and very free.
  13. From Tarisio (not Bromptons): In our catalog 'good' means we find the instrument or bow shows good quality materials and workmanship. We use 'fine' to describe those with exceptional materials and/or workmanship. 'Interesting' denotes a work that invites speculation but lacks a definite attribution. If the listing says it is Italian (and not just 'probably' or 'likely' Italian), I assume that means they are willing to guarantee that claim. But you'd have to ask them for clarity on exactly what that guarantee gets you. If you can somehow prove that it is Chinese made I suspect you can return it. No idea how someone would go about making that proof...
  14. I've already got the violin I want. I just wish COVID would go away so I can get everyone out of the house long enough that I can actually play it.