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  1. Yeah, I have a lot of poor quality recordings of excellent performances that I'm happy to play over and over on cheap headphones. I don't get any thrill from expensive 'hi fi'. Also, you can just smell the marketing snake oil around that audiophile stuff from a mile away... 'hot press' LPs and gold tipped components... I mean, just look at this thing...$45k and you can have an amplifier (that doesn't even have a radio tuner LOL). https://almaaudio.com/products/dagostino-momentum-integrated-amplifier-1?variant=21370042305&currency=USD&utm_campaign=gs-2019-06-15&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1MuN0c3P6AIVD18NCh36sQE7EAQYASABEgKnz_D_BwE Now...that's not to say there is no marketing snake oil in the high end violin world, also....
  2. One quick point that may or may not be related: I have a YEV-104. Out of the box they 'intentionally leave the bridge heights on the high side to allow it to be adjusted to a players preference.' In other words....does the bridge feel too high to you? Mine did and I had a few mms shaved off and that helped a lot. Maybe if you lower the bridge a bit it will fit your case and play better?
  3. _Alex

    New Strings

    If you want low price strings that are like Dominants, I had good luck with the Fiddlerman strings that are meant to be Dominant copies. https://fiddlershop.com/products/fiddlerman-violin-string-set
  4. OK...what is the difference between 'Good' and 'Interesting'?
  5. Interesting, good to know, thanks.
  6. Agreed. If they want it to not be out on the 'public web', then they could just hide it for people who are not logged in. Maybe they are doing some sort of rudimentary tracking of who is interested in what lots? But it does seem like a mistake. I, for one, would have expected a soundpost crack, repaired or otherwise, to have been mentioned prominently in the description. Plus the condition report isn't even 100% clear whether the crack is repaired or not. My reading of the report suggests it is not, but the photo suggests maybe it is? The crack looks repaired, plus the instrument is set up, which would be irresponsible for a violin with an 'active' soundpost crack?
  7. I agree...but it definitely accounts for a grand or two off the estimate.
  8. Ah...I see... I didn't get that far yet. Soundpost crack will do it every time. Thanks!
  9. But...again reading between the lines, does that mean that if it DID have certain attribution, it would not be in the T2 auction? Or, is this level of instrument just not important enough that they don't care?
  10. I'm looking online at some of the listings at the latest T2 auction., not to buy anything, but to try to educate myself a bit more about the process. In particular I'm trying to learn the art of reading 'between the lines' for some of these listings. For example: https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199224320&cpid=3607592960&filter_key= It says 'Labeled, "Peter Baltzerson, No: 101 Boston made 1921.' and has a slightly (but not very) low estimate for a Baltzerson. Does this mean: 1: They think it maybe is made by Baltzerson, but they don't know for sure/can't prove it. or 2: They think it isn't made by Baltzerson, but are just pointing out the obvious fact that it has a label. Any thoughts are appreciated!
  11. My guess is someone could post pictures of a real Strad on here and at least a few of the old timers would say it was complete junk worth $500 at best and you should return it the Ebay seller you got it from and file a complaint.
  12. Agreed. Except if you have metal strings (probably no one on this board) I find you can do a square knot and then crimp it down with some ordinary pliers and it will last forever. Synthetic strings require more complex knotting.
  13. Did anyone go to the auction preview? Anything else good? The violin the school gave my daughter for the 5th grade orchestra recital is kind of scratchy. I thought maybe I'd get her this Vuillaume instead
  14. Anyone go to the Skinner preview today in Boston?