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  1. Thanks for this. I'm glad they were able to have the viewing. I didn't manage to get over there, but would have liked to try the Gaglianos just so I could say I did. Did you play them? Worth the price?
  2. I'm offended. The scotch tape holding the scroll on is absolutely not an American style repair. We use duct tape in cases like that.
  3. Fine String Instruments | Skinner, Inc. (skinnerinc.com) These are a little bit spicier than what they usually have had recently. Maybe I'll walk down there on my lunch break
  4. _Alex

    Smashed Cello

    Maybe it's just me but I'm not seeing the problem. Some tape should solve this just fine.
  5. Not Ebay....Reverb Vintage Geniuine Hand Made Master Violin Outfit Johan Furst of Mittenwald 1822 ( leather case) | Pleasantville Music | Reverb Just so everyone knows: 1) you click on one of the images so it is full screen 2) you right click on it and select 'copy image link' 3) you go to images.google.com 4) you select the CAMERA icon, for ''search by image" 5) you paste the image URL and click "Search by image" 6) you scroll until you see this:
  6. I spend some time in Russia and Ukraine not speaking the language, and trust me there are times when you're hungry and you just want a d**n sandwich, and the joy of stumbling upon a McDonalds (or KFC or Sbarro) where you actually sort of know what is going on is very real.
  7. OK I apologize if I have insulted anyone here based on their heating choice. I was simply stating what I thought up until today was an uncontroversial well established fact. I can walk into a house in winter and tell within 30 seconds what kind of heat they have simply by how quickly my nose dries up. Why that is? My best understanding is either because as the circulating household air is drawn into the furnace system it loses humidity, or because as it circulates through (leaky) ductwork it loses humidity to unheated spaces, or both. If you are convinced this is not the case then we are at an impasse. Naturally also some hot air heating systems work better than others, and there are as always also other factors at play. With that I must bow out.
  8. Not a myth at all. It has nothing to do with water ADDED to the air from radiators or baseboards. It is because of moisture REMOVED from the air by the forced hot air system, which is then vented outside. (A forced hot water system on the other hand only has to vent combustion gasses directly from the furnace itself.) Just because it is -20 out does not mean it is low humidity. it is only low humidity inside if your heating system is removing the moisture, which is unfortunately something that forced hot air does very well.
  9. This of course is also dependent on the heating system. For those who have a (dreaded, IMO) forced hot air system....humidity can disappear fast. Hot water systems on the other hand would hold up a lot better.
  10. Yup. I've bid on a couple of lower priced bows that then skyrocketed in price. The good news is it suggests I had a 'good eye' for bows. The bad news is I got nothing since they sold for 4x more than I was remotely willing to pay.
  11. What pubs do you play in? I'd love to check this out sometime when we are allowed to travel again.
  12. A pickup with a small battery powered earpiece might solve this problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the experimentation. But the viola-cello is gonna be a tough one.
  13. I endorse this approach. Here's how you would do it in quickbooks. How to journalize trade-in credits for a retail store in QuickBooks - Quora
  14. As someone who lives in a city where rodents are not uncommon...you guys now have me double checking my case every day.
  15. Correct. Relisted: Joannes Baptista Zanoli Violin With Case And Bow - shopgoodwill.com
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