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  1. bridge

    Free Piece of Ebony

    I found a home for this. Thanks for your interest! Nick
  2. bridge

    Free Piece of Ebony

    @Stavanger, I realized I probably should have stated that I'm in the US. LOL. I've got someone who looks like they want it, but I'll post when it's actually taken. @Jeff Jetson, yeah shopping for an upright was not easy. Even though I didn't necessarily want to play classical music with it, I very much wanted to play mostly arco. And having my cello experience, a plywood instrument was basically a non-starter. Shipping can be insane. All of that being said, I found a really nice deal. I haven't read all of the rules and I don't want to advertise, so I won't put a link. However, I got it from Krutz in, I think the Kansas City area. (I'm in Albuquerque). They have a new "outlet" store. So I was able to get very nice deal. Nick
  3. bridge

    Free Piece of Ebony

    Hi, Brand new here. I play cello and electric bass guitar, and just started double bass. I recently bought a Chinese fully carved bass. The carrying bag mysteriously had a large piece of a broken fingerboard in its outside pocket. It's the lower part, it looks to have been snapped off where it would begin to over hang the body where the neck meets it. It has also developed a longitudinal split in the center that goes about halfway up. So, like I said, I have absolutely not use for it, it's free, and I really would like it to be put to good use. I'm not sure how PM'ing works here, so my email is Nick