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  1. Thank you for your reply. as stated, I am looking for bows and fiddles made by Frank Henderson or Vernon Lear, as both were family members.
  2. Do you know of any of his stuff coming up for sale. Also, Vernon Lear is my cousin and would like a fiddle and bow made by him.
  3. I see you were a student of Vernon lears.  I am his cousin and wondered if you are still in touch with him. I would like to find a violin and bow made by him, or get him to make me a set, but cannot find him.  My dad passed away and I lost all vernons contact information.  thank you


  4. Do you still have the FV hendrson bow. If so, would you sell it. I am his nephew. I still live near the ranch he was raised on. I have 2 of his fiddles, his book and no bow. Thank you for your consideration. 406-386-2264