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  1. I've cut one for Phillip Injeian and promptly ruined it as it was the first bridge I cut my first. He got some of them and has used some on his intermediate instrument. They are beautifully cut from decent wood but my experience with bridges is limited since after that Phillip didn't want me cutting bridges in his shop.
  2. Ajm

    Worm damage repairs

    thanks for the advise. The instrument is not that valuable but it will serve as practice for me.
  3. Ajm

    Worm damage repairs

    sorry for the delay and for the the Photo quality. Phone cameras are useless.
  4. I recently acquired a 100 year old Bohemian violin and on opening it found it has worm damage to the ribs and lining on the upper left side. It also has a worm hole running along the back from the upper left corner to about 2/3 of the way along the upper left bout. the holes are +/-1 mm across and in most places leave little more than the varnish on the outside and about the same on the inside. What is the best way to repair this? I will have to replace some of the linings which were only 4 mm tall. Injecting the holes with hide glue and then filling the holes was suggested to me. What kind of filler might be acceptable? Lycopodium? Any other advise would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I just starting up a repair shop after working with a master for a while and I was am looking to buy up the odds and ends supplies for bows in particular. Can any body put me in contact with a luthier who is closing up or is anybody willing to sell me parts? I'm near Pittsburgh and would like to get in contact with some of the luthiers in the area for these supplies and advice. Ajm
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