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  1. About the question of where the violin was originally purchased . I don't care ) The main thing is that this is the 18th century and sounds very good . I have a modern violin for $ 10,000 . But it can't compare it with an old violin anyway . It's like a well-aged wine . So I took Widhalm for myself . If dear forum members can help me in determining the violin, I will be grateful .
  2. I want to return to the original question : to which family can the first violin be attributed ?
  3. My wife likes the sound of this violin and she successfully copes with it ) Replacing the violin for her is out of the question. Before this she was played on the violin from Mittenwald 18th century, but it was re-lacquered and with altered thicknesses . The sound was charming, but small and intimate . Back 352mm, one-piece upper and lower deck . 4 ribs instead of 6 . The upper block is attached to the neck throught upper rib on a metal nail .The scroll with original barock neck . It was an interesting violin.
  4. Jacob was right.This violin was purchased by the previous owner at an auction.The violin came disassembled in a small box .The photo of the blocks was taken before the violin was restored .Label inside is modern.
  5. Hello! Based on the information on the internet, I'm pretty sure it's an 18th-century Mittenwald , but I would like to determine more precisely the origin of the violin. What family of masters can it belong to ?? Inside the pegbox there is an unusual cutout on the back wall in the form of a crown .Back lenght: 358mm. Rib height: top- 27mm,bottom-29mm . There are photos of all the blocks from the previous owner of the violin. As far as I understood , the violin was completely disassembled for spare parts. Then it was "put together" for 1000 euro. Doing this work, the "luthier" put a few more cracks, breaking off a piece of purfling and sawing lower rib.The saddle was made in the Hill style, but for some reason was not put in place by the "luthier". Of course, in the future it will be necessary to redo all this terrible repair . But even in this state, the violin sounds bright and velvety. It's a gift for my violinist wife)
  6. Thank you for your answers ! I understand that the restoration will be serious. Can you tell me how much this repair might cost ?
  7. Please,help me identify this violin.Is this work of Widhalm family ? Top and bottom blocks inside are rounded and the linings are made of dark-brown wood.The scroll is not made of maple.The year is not clearly written . It looks like the label was cropped or printed in a different style . The letter W is not the same as on the original labels .Two TT letters. There is no stamp below the label .Back lenght- 351mm . Rib height - bottom 32mm , top 31mm.
  8. Hello, please tell me which country could be made this violin ? Paper label similar to the old 18th century , but such a maker was not in the history of Italy and the varnish of a violin is not similar to Italian . The top at the edges of the other pieces of spruce and the purfling drawn on them later than on the lower deck . Most likely the edges of the top were glued and revarnished later.
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