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  1. Planing back is about pressing on ends to feel the catch. Not looking for visible gap in middle. If you Press down on ends and it swivels in middle, it is wrong before you even use your eyes. See through shavings essential.
  2. I have this one. Perhaps nearer Jacob Petz?
  3. Because it has been suggested by someone with a good reputation in the violin world but not confirmed by that person. Hence the 'may'. What do you think it is then?
  4. After seeing the comment about short body stop, I am posting this violin which may be Perry Wilkinson. The body stop is 189 mm with 360 mm size back.
  5. Old violin with Stainer label. back and front appear to have different arching and purfling. Has neck graft.
  6. A Strange old violin with great arching and finishing plus lovely varnish. The back length is 35 cm. The neck appears to be tipped forward with a wedge at the heel to increase height at bridge. the scroll is small. The pine on the front seems to be folded over rather than cracked through. It does seem to have some quality and definitely feels like it would play. It does have ink written makers name Amati by ???
  7. Not sure about screw. No thread apparent , 'nail' still in there, looks like its broken off. New neck has little colour looks like dark staining.
  8. The colour is not so red as the photos. Nice brown red.
  9. It appears to have pine linings with grain apparent in the back lining. some of front linings seem plain like willow but would have to confirm later. it is dead on 14 inches. Gentle flowing arching.
  10. Badly repaired cracks yes. No back cracks, no sound-post crack and there are worse out there on expensive fiddles well hidden by good restorers.
  11. Hello, Great quality of input on this site! This old violin has some nice characteristics, the linings are butted to blocks.There was a reference to Daniel Parker in the case which is lost. Amadi
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