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  1. Ha! Well if I hear a tune in my head and I can mimic it fairly well (Takes me a few tries to get it right) than I've done my job. It's going to be tricky for me on a violin though. Not sure if I have that kind of coordination (Apparently if you can play a piano, you will suck at stringed instruments) but at least I'm sticking with it for 4 months.
  2. Just get a midi keyboard, attach it to your laptop and off you go. You can get one for less than 100 bucks. I'm kind of in a similar boat too. This year my goal is to regularly practice more music. It's good for the soul. I got a violin which I'll be learning this year. Yup!
  3. Right on! I got one online as well. Yes they are cute and I'm super excited to learn this year. I learned playing piano by ear so I hope I can pick up playing a violin fast too.