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  1. Hello, I' have this violin and need some opinions about age and origin, no label inside but there have a hand write ink iscription " Ripr. nel 1938 ...... La Porta" I'd be grateful some opinions!!!
  2. Hello, I'm froma Argentina, an whant to show you my violín for an ID and date , no label inside, the scroll is not original but the peg box it is, the lower rib is one piece ( in the picture look like two pieces), i thak you any coment , cheers!!!
  3. Thank you so much Blank !!! The octogonal part is 15cm from the end of the bow. The pearl slide of the frog it got lost Ther are no marks of any kind at all The weigth in te actual state is 48.2 g. I Hope that this extra data be useful,
  4. I need some help, please...
  5. Hello, i'm from Argentina, I have an old violin bow whit an exotic wood stick and ivory frog, and need some opinions of them to ID his origin and maybe his maker , I apreciate all the contributions, cheers!!!