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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm practicing bridge fitting. I'm looking for recommendations for what to use for chalk, pigment, etc. to use on the violin to see if the feet are fitted properly. All the articles I've read say chalk or pigment - one even says "burnt sienna" (which is a color not a material). Could you give me a link or something so I could find a particular product? What do you use? Thanks.
  2. Got it... Piece o' crap... I'm listing it for 250 on eBay. Maybe someone can use it to practice placing sound posts or something. I think the sound is decent enough for someone who wants to learn. Great info. Thanks!
  3. Hi Everyone, I purchased this old violin stamped "Hopf" just to practice sound post adjustment and general set-up. Wasn't expecting much, but I think the sound is actually quite nice. I'm curious if others with a trained/experienced eye would think of this - age, quality, etc. One specific question I had was about the fingerboard. It appears there was a think layer of some type of wood added - was that a common practice? I think I read something about this somewhere, but I can't seem to find it again in a search. When I bought it the sound post was loose inside, the bridge wasn't properly fitted, and the pegs did not turn smoothly. No cracks, seams were holding. I fitted the bridge, set the soundpost, added a wittner tailpiece and plastic chinrest, put compound on the pegs, new strings, etc... I think it sounds much better than I was expecting! Powerful, yet still warm. Bass end sounds great. I might also sell it and was wondering what a good asking price for it would be. I'm probably going to sell either this fiddle or another one and knowing a good asking price would help me decide.
  4. Quick update. I made a new nut, restrung, made some bridge/sound post adjustments. I also reamed out the pegholes and put in new pegs - the pegs kept slipping and it appears they were not tapered correctly. I might have reamed one of the holes out a little too much... The new peg works much better, but it's a little shorter than what it should be. I think it sounds excellent! Or at the very least better than my other two "trade" fiddles. Follow-up question. What's a "Markie" violin... I've done some searching and seen this term come up fairly often. Is it a nickname for a particular region, just a generic name for a "trade" violin, or something totally different?
  5. All great information - thanks. Yes! All forest green. Infeld Vision... Unfortunately - it sounded pretty bad... There was a 'rasp' or a rattle that I couldn't pinpoint. I changed out the tailpiece to a brand new Wittner. I also noticed that the rib had become separated from the back plate, so I cleaned that out and re-glued it. BobH - thank you for the observation. I'm still really new at this and did not notice the pegbox walls. Comparing it to other fiddles I have - you are totally correct. The nut was not done well, so I had taken it off with the intention of making a new one. Luckily I checked this post before doing so and will take this advice. In my sound tests, I played around with multiple bridge positions and adjusted the sound post as well. I think you might be onto something here... There's definitely something funky about this neck. At first I thought that it might be just a new fingerboard, but now I suspect the whole neck has been replaced. There's also a strange 'film' on the back of the scroll... Can anyone speculate on what might be causing that discoloration? I've tried cleaning, but whatever it is is dried on... Yes - the grain is very odd. I don't believe it's three pieces... --- I'm still going to power through and try to get it up and running - this one is probably perfect for me to hone my skills. Any further advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Can anyone tell me what you think about this old fiddle? I bought it at a goodwill for very cheap - mostly for the purposes of practicing removing and inserting a soundpost, set-up, etc. But I'm starting to think it might be worth more than I paid for it. Curious? There was a label on the inside - in fact it looks like there was a label on top of a label. Two different ages. It almost looks like someone tried to remove them (or maybe the top one and ruined the bottom in the process). Purfling is definitely real. Wood seems decent. No cracks. It looks to me like the nut (and maybe the fingerboard) was replaced at some point. The new nut doesn't seem to have been made very well... I might try to make a new nut. Bridge says Joseph Teller 1892 Germany **. It looks like someone put newer Dominant Vision strings on it. Anyway - let me know what you think. Thanks!
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