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    Crack assessment?

    They are only north of the bridge (currently). I'll try and get some better lit photos, although it's a bit hard in this hotel room at the moment, hahah... The post is currently not too far in and was not fit overly tightly so I don't think it's a result of that. I sent these photos to my luthier back home who expressed that, although difficult to really tell what's going on without seeing it up close, he also suspects it's a result of fill that has shrunken or fallen out. Unfortunately I guess I won't know for sure for another few days.
  2. Hello! I guess this post is mostly an attempt to assuage some fears as I’m currently traveling for work and won’t be able to see my luthier for at least a week. I recently noticed these “cracks” in the top of my instrument by the treble foot of the bridge, but on the right side (towards the bass side of the instrument), so not really near the sound post. They appear to be running flush along the divets in the wood grain. I had a luthier here look at it who said it just looks like splitting of grain filler due to wood shrinking, but these look like actual cracks in the table to me. Are these anything to be worried about?
  3. Thank you! I plan to trial the instrument and will take some photos if you have the time to look at them. It is in very nice shape and like you said, a really lovely, red varnish.
  4. Hello! I hope everyone is well. Im looking for some more information on Paul Jombar and perhaps a general valuation of his instruments. I’ve been reading he’s mostly known for his bow workshop where he had bows ghost-built by a number of famous French makers. I ask because I came across what’s being sold as a Paul Jombar cello at my local string shop (a reputable one that I have an existing relationship with). It sounds very beautiful and is an upgrade over my Dieudonne, but I’m uncertain about the selling price. They are asking about 50000 CDN (approx 38500 USD). I see a cello went for about 24500 at auction about ten years ago but I want to find out more about him/his workshops/his reputation as a luthier more than an archetier. Thank you! Amahl
  5. No offence taken at all! I’m just curious to learn all I can about this particular instrument, and things that can help me with my own label identification. Before I purchased the instrument I did a bit of internet scouring about Dieudonnes, and as you mentioned is your experience, I didn’t come across any labels like the one in the instrument. I think the writing below is supposed to say “A Dieudonne”, but I remember seeing a label with his signature somewhere else, and it looked different. Regardless, I very much enjoy the instrument - powerful with a really singing upper register and at this point I’m just appreciative of any additional information that people with way more experience than me can provide. Thanks for taking the time to look over and respond!
  6. Thank you for the insight! Much appreciated. If you don't mind me asking, what about the label indicates that it's a lower level of work?
  7. I did, but I just want to be sure that the angles/lighting are sufficient. They seem ok to me, but then again I'm familiar with the instrument. As far as the setup choices, it's been undergoing small changes one at a time as funds and timing allow. I just replaced the tailpiece today with a nice, ebony Bois d'Harmonie with the correct tailcord length. The geared pegs were put on last week, and the tailpiece came a week later as I was able to get a very good deal on a new one. String choice is definitely deliberate - the combination of Versum Solo A/D and Magnacore Arioso C/G seems to work very nicely on this cello. I have a fresh Rostanvo A/D and Arioso A/D to try on this cello (I've used Rostanvo on others to great success as well), but right now I'm pretty satisfied with how this combination sounds and feels.
  8. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster here... I've had this cello for the last year or so, and it was purchased through a reputable shop in my city. I'd just like to get another set of eyes on the instrument/label to get more verification. Regardless of outcome, I love the sound and feel of the instrument, so I'm happy regardless... This is my first time taking these kinds of shots of my instrument, so please let me know if you'd like any of them re-shot!
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