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  1. To do the test you have to hold the other fingers. My parents and siblings can all bend it , i can't
  2. Now At least i can eliminate the teachers who have never worked with students having naturally dependent fingers. It would have been a very bad choice to get one.
  3. Hello everyone and thank you for the replies i got in the first post. As a self-learning adult the progress i am making seems proportional to the practice time except in one thing : Switching between fingers and relieving left hand tension. After some dexterity exercises and research i found out that i am among the 20% of the population who don't have the FDS muscle which means : no matter what i do moving the pinky will always bend the ringer finger and slightly move the middle finger (The research findings were discussed in this forum but not alternative techniques) https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130204102429.htm . I don't want to give up i am ready to do more exercises but i will not do something that harms my hand. For me most of the time it's 3 or 4 painful notes then a wrong note in the next one. Something like Finger3 A Finger2 A Finger3 A Finger4 A Finger1 E Finger4 A or just playing B C D E on A seems very painful, the thumb also moves toward the body and can't remain stable. I have long arms and my hands are not big. Are there any players which such anatomy who can tell me how to overcome this issue ? Do they jump with their hand and thumb in every note to avoid the pain? Do they rotate the wrist and put a finger on the other one when switching notes? weird and slow ... Any suggestions from others? Thanks again
  4. Hello everyone, I have just bought a 4/4 mendini violin, i am trying to self-learn some basics for the moment. I tuned the violin and placed the finger tapes according to the positions on this link http://myviolinlessons.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-to-put-violin-tapes.html I am sure i measured correctly from the bottom line on the fingerboard 1. 36mm 2. 67mm 3. 79mm 4. 110 mm (what is confusing is that some sources give other measurements) The problem is when i put my finger on the tapes , bow on a string and listen on different tuners it doesn't give the right note . For example on A string bowing with finger on tape 2 (67mm) must sound C# . I get the correct C# sound at 63mm. It's very confusing because i don't think each violin has its own positions. It means a violinist has to memorize positions for each different violin ????!!! Here is a picture of the violin : (i removed tape 1 and 4) https://imgur.com/a/MTU2l Thank you anyway
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