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  1. Ahh there is a Czech stamped bow in its case.
  2. Decent sounding. A dark wood is used for the lining and the lining runs across the corner blocks. Lob is 350mm. No label. Back is shifty looking.
  3. OK thanks. I had got as far as considering the flat eye as a possible indicator of Mirecourt myself. I will add the other aspects to my reference bank.
  4. I'm not quite understanding you but I will add that I paid £35 for it. What indicates Mirecourt?
  5. What clearly indicates that this very surprisingly good crummy pile of wood is not a fine Italian fiddle that's had a very full life? Length of back 357mm. Front is one piece. It is lined and has wood covering the corners. No label. I love its knotty back and neck. Don't ask me to remove the top.
  6. His drawing skills as you put it were absolutely of the acceptable standard in relation to the work he wished to produce at the time. There never has been an accepted standard irrespective of how much you might wish it to be so.
  7. They were there and there was human input. Whether it was random or not is irrelevant at the point of discussion. I do hope they went on to discuss how the big reveal changes their perception of what they are seeing. If not then I feel that is an intellectually redundant exercise.
  8. Everyone can draw.
  9. So what is the punchline re the random paint on the apron? If the random paint had an aesthetic value then perhaps it was worth discussing. It being on an apron does not devalue it one iota. To argue otherwise would implicate oneself in a rather crass jape that doesn't work. It also suggests that he/she was an intellectually stunted professor. I also do not understand the term degenerate in relation to any form of art. All art is beautiful.
  10. So freedom of expression is fine but not at the expense of technical ability? There are no technical standards for the creative arts. Or a quality standard. It is this that makes some people uncomfortable perhaps.
  11. I get the impression classically trained musicians are uncomfortable with freedom of expression.
  12. Yep sell as is. Buyers will take into account any work required and bid accordingly.
  13. Define 'worthwhile' I dare you. Standing in a large room full of large Rothko's is always a worthwhile experience for me. It's an intense sensory experience and perhaps that's all it is meant to be.