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  1. Yep I could actually scrape all the flame off if so inclined.
  2. Doesn't look like airbrush. It's either painted with a wood stain/paint or a photographic transfer onto the wood prior to varnishing. Even close up it's difficult to tell.
  3. The effect continues on the scroll
  4. Plain inside. I did wonder if the back was a photographic transfer of some kind.
  5. There's no movement or depth. Ribs are less convincing.
  6. Picked this up for little money. I'm assuming it's 20th Century. I've never seen a more convincing faux flame.
  7. Byrdbop

    Bow wood ID

    I have a decent German bow with nice looking wood but unsure as to what it is. Please see pics.
  8. It's winding around what I assume is a break. Never seen a repair like this to a bow if it is a repair. I'll remove pic of head as adds little.
  9. to a cheap 3/4 bow or something else?
  10. Custom Shop Fender or Gibson's have hugely inflated prices as (I suspect) do many supposed 'fine' violins. Buy the best instrument you can afford has always been my motto.
  11. Yep ultimately I can't help pre-concluding that I'll just be unnecessarily making it hard on my self and fiddle. I won't be changing my current bridge with one of those old fangled baroque cuts either.
  12. Thanks for advice. Yep - love that recording!
  13. Thanks for response I've just purchased a nice old violin that has it's original neck and sounds wonderful tuned at 415Hz so considering string/set up options. Re chinrest's it just seems anachronistic and also just a bit silly. I'm not classically trained btw. Byrd as in Jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd
  14. Do you have to use gut strings or are there acceptable alternatives? Also why is it seemingly forbidden to use a chin rest?