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  1. My 3ry old son's name is William. He loves Pirates. I've just bought him his first violin as a Christmas present but this one would have been perfect!
  2. There is a Christopher Nicolson listed in the Scottish Post Office Directory for 1889 - 1890. 12 London Row. No mention of his profession. I've failed to find any info re the man who made this lovely violin and no further examples of his work listed online.
  3. The original owner had a name plate made for his case and I also have have proof of his favoured brands of gut strings.
  4. I do wonder if the front and scroll are overvarnished too. Varnish on back/ribs is lighter and thinner.
  5. Ahh the sale included the original tailpiece with gut strings attached and clearly used Baroque style bridge. I'm concluding that modern bridge was rarely used but fitted by the seller along with a Wittner tailpiece to widen it's appeal.
  6. I have no idea. Perhaps to add purchase to the shoulder when playing without a rest? Perhaps also had rougher surface originally to aide this and had worn smooth. It shall remain a mystery.
  7. Part way there. Paper unfortunately was attached directly to the varnish prior to it drying and even with very careful and gradual removal it has taken top surface away from the area it was adhered to but I'm sure I can polish to a nice gloss..
  8. Hopefully the right kind of glue and hopefully not the varnish. It is extremely flat to the surface therefore I'm fearing the latter.
  9. Thankfully it is over the varnished. Water yes. Varnish underneath will hopefully stay put however I suspect it will a different shade and thus will still look somewhat odd.
  10. Thanks. Not expensive either. : )
  11. Couldn't resist its charms. Not leather. I'm fearing it may have been applied before the varnish dried and therefore will come away with it if removed.
  12. It was made by a C Nicolson of London Row, Leith (Edinburgh)1899 according to the handwritten label. Has a number of interesting features such as a tiny button (allowing easier access to higher notes), a really nice scroll (imo) with sloping edges, very nice (dimpled?) pegs - made the same hand? Beautiful rich chocolatey varnish. I can see that it seems to have a carved bass bar which is very rounded - rather like a sausage. Unfortunately I can't photograph this. Bridge is by a know maker, A.J.Warrick who I believe was based in Leeds during the turn of the century - a similar bridge is featured here... The sound is loud, bright and focused. I'm not as yet a good enough player for this one. Note the paper/partchment patch glued flat to lower back.. Not sure if I will attempt to remove this - advice in regards to taking this off and avoiding damaging the finish would be gratefully received.
  13. Byrdbop

    Scottish violin in local auction query

    Good question. Odd.
  14. Byrdbop

    Scottish violin in local auction query

    It did feel like leather
  15. Byrdbop

    Best "Cheap" Violin Bow?

    The bottom bow looks identical to one that is included with a violin I am about to bid on in local auction on Monday. Looked well made.