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  1. It's perhaps just in very clean condition. It sounds pretty good now that it's set up.
  2. Yep nice crackling all over. We're these just fitted out in Germany?
  3. Here you go. I like the colour. Flame on on neck artfully painted on.
  4. Beginners violin. Cheap as a portion of chips. Chippy varnish. Decent tailpiece at least as it is genuine. Copy of which Strad I wonder? Look at those f-holes! Actually don't. Lining runs in front of corner 'blocks'. Oh and it's very wide. Sounds ok. Is this a very recent VSO and was it actually made in China and then shipped out to Germany to be completed?
  5. What do they indicate in regards to construction methods and perhaps origin of violin? If anything.
  6. Does it look like a poor quality violin? It's fully lined. The varnish is decent. The wood used seems to be of good quality. It's light. It could be a poor violin or it could be ok or amazing. It's a funky adventure! View my financial loss as a donation to the arts as this violin will survive to be played for a many more years.
  7. Well I was actually joking. Rescued the violin is a more accurate reason for buying as it was about to be thrown in a skip. I think it will be a nice fiddle and I'm not really concerned about the value after the repair. I'm quite happy to pay for whatever it takes to do the job properly.
  8. Some features for sure. Do these additional pics indicate BOB? I'm never quite sure what to look for.
  9. It cost me £60. I've found a reputable local luthier. Charges £65 per hour for repairs. I hope she works fast.
  10. Would anyone hazard a guess as to where and when this poor instrument may have been made?
  11. Ha! As a vain attempt to keep that area in one piece prior to removing the top.
  12. Could the lower two cracks be glued without taking top off?