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  1. What do these anomalies indicate?

    How would wood be lost/removed in that particular area when removing the neck?
  2. Marks under neck look somewhat like scorch marks and the space between edge of neck and purfling an indication that a wider neck once sat in place of the current neck?

    Back is so similar to mine : )
  4. £29.99 violin #2 To repair bow or dump it?

    Thanks. This is actually good news as I can now budget for a decent new bow and use this until that is purchased. Surprising how aged/worn the brass winding and leather has become considering it's age but I imagine that's down to quality of materials used.
  5. £29.99 violin #2 To repair bow or dump it?

    One enquiry too many?
  6. The bow that came with my budget but old violin needs a rehair but also a replacement tip. It's seems to be a decent quality bow so is it worth paying the amount required to set this up for future use? Is it old or just used a lot - leather pad has perished somewhat? What material was used for the metal the internal metal parts? Looks like gold but surely not? Happy new year to all!
  7. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Thank you for this information. I have looked at a number of Stainer copies and they do indeed share many similar attributes including in many cases the high arches. The "Tuscan" Stradivari also seems to be of very similar construction. ; )
  8. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    I shaved off the top a little at the G & E side leaving the string to dig in on top. I see no reason for the string to sink in due to vibrato being applied very differently on a violin as opposed to the guitar. I'm purely using my instincts on this. The tone seems a little less dark now but I may be kidding myself. It's certainly easier to play at the higher register. I wouldn't consider resetting the neck myself. I can work wonders on a badly set up Fender but this machine is a whole difference science. If I've ruined the bridge then I can always buy another. Once the neck is reset it obviously will need another bridge. The main criteria for me is that the easier it is to play the more I will want to play. Too many novices give up because their novice instrument is a nightmare to play. Sadly many never know this.
  9. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    The David Tecchler violin featured in link below looks very similar to mine. Certainly as pumpkin like if not more so.
  10. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Thanks. I will look into this as a possible option. Fingerboard is clearing the violin top but the neck has sunk. I'm pretty good with a sharp knife and so have lowered the E string in the bridge a little and this has much improved the action. I will look into having the neck reset professionally.
  11. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Indeed thank you. This will happen. Despite the height of the strings I am really enjoying possibilities of this instrument. Such a tactile, pleasurable thing to handle. Just love that back and yes it does help me play a little better : )
  12. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Indeed. That's why it sounds demonic. At least when I play it.
  13. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Thank you that's something I will explore. I like to know as much about the history of any instrument I buy irrespective of price or quality.
  14. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    30mm. Please be aware that the lens on my phone adds horrible distortion.
  15. £29.99 violin, my first. Is it unusually fat?

    Very happy but please do point out problems. Even if inherent in design. If improvements can be made I have budget to spare. Obviously I'm not going to go crazy in an instrument worthy of a novice like me. The action is a tad high so would that require lower bridge or a neck adjustment? Obviously the rib is warping at the neck so top will need to be removed and rib reset. I can stretch to that. It's a nice sounding instrument to my unqualified ears so the better it plays the happier I will be.