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  1. There is a thin remnant of a label remaining but alas print long gone. It is fully lined and has corner blocks or faux corner blocks. It's had an interesting life and I intend to care for it until it falls apart.
  2. Apart from adding set of new strings no further attempts at improvement will occur I promise.
  3. Ha ha! It's usable for an old folky like me. Besides I've spent over an hour sprucing it up. It really plays rather well.
  4. Anyone care to suggest a country of origin for this beauty?
  5. Ahh I see thanks.
  6. I have to say that despite appearance this is a wonderful sounding violin! Seems to have an inbuilt church reverb effect. Especially on the A string. Big sound!
  7. Are you perhaps confused by the distortion from my phone's lens? Makes the scroll appear to be very long in 5th image.
  8. Rescued this from a local charity. Bit of a state but cost pennies. Rather flat arching. I rather like what varnish remains. A unused set of Handcraft strings was included. 'The best strings in the world'.
  9. My violin played by me mimics the human voice. Unfortunately it's the voice of my 3yr old son.
  10. A simple Google Image search for the source of this certificate provides a possible clue to the original template. One simple thing to take into account here is that in the late 80's the type would more likely to have been produced with a good old fashioned typewriter and not with Word and then printed.
  11. So yes a darker varnish on top of lighter coating and a reaction causes the varnish to crackle & blister along the grain. Could be intentional as a form of antiquing? It's very similar to ageing that occurs on nitro finished acoustic guitars.
  12. UK Cancer Care charity. It was a donation to their Bristol shop.
  13. First Ebay purchase arrived and after a change of tailpiece and a few other tweaks sounds very pleasing. The 'usual' of course and I confess I bid only because I liked the scroll. It was very cheap. I wonder and hope to learn was has caused the roughening/raising/crackling of the varnish in places on the top? Is this the result of a poorly formulated varnish or just the effects of heat or just age?
  14. Byrdbop

    New violin ID

    Not tarted up by this seller as bought from a charity concern who received it as a donation. The orig owner may have done the deed. If it sounds decent I'll be a happy man at the price.