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  1. Byrdbop

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Hugh Reginald Hawel's, 'Old Violins and Violin Lore' refers to a 'favourite plank' that was kept for his best orders. This plank can be traced by a stain that runs through the grain and this crops up again and again in his best fiddles. He goes on to claim that this plank was known to his pupils who continued to use it after his death. Hawels fails to name the instruments made from this superior plank. Has this claim ever been verified?
  2. Byrdbop

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Perhaps he just knew how to construct a fine instrument with the best quality materials available. Natural materials too so hardly alchemy other than naturally occurring.
  3. Byrdbop

    Slice/cut from violins query

    As in picture and in the case of mine the edge looks has been relatively freshly sanded. This would be an attempt to clean up the chipped away area I imagine.
  4. Byrdbop

    Slice/cut from violins query

    I have a violin that has the outer edge of lower and upper bout cut out. I assumed this was an act of vandalism perpetrated by a previous owner. I've now seen a number of violins for sale on Ebay with this same cut - see an example below. It brings to mind deletion/returns cut to record sleeves. Anyone have a clue if this was some form of practice of dealers, perhaps to show that a violin was inferior or perhaps unplayable? It seems only UK Ebay sellers have violins with this. I bought my offending violin in a field in Sussex.
  5. Byrdbop

    Help identify this fine tuner

    There's a UK dealer selling these on Ebay at the moment. £19 I think.
  6. As a beginner on the violin I'm puzzled as to what can be achieved on an expensive violin (5k +) as opposed to a well set up affordable (500+) violin made from the same woods? Is it more to do simply with the quality of tone or is it actually possible to achieve technique or sounds on better quality instruments that are beyond the reach of cheaper violins? The dizzying heights of price in relation to violins puzzles me greatly in relation to say guitars. I can buy a very fine acoustic guitar for 1k and it would be suitable for professional performances and recordings. A professional violin for the same price is it seems an impossibility.
  7. Byrdbop

    Czech violin.

    Well I will pass. I actually live in Brighton but this is advertised close to my parents in the Midlands. I will check local auctions for a better deal.
  8. Do zoom in on the elegant purfling.
  9. Byrdbop

    Czech violin.

    Ahh...thanks. Also the fingerboard is painted black or possibly rosewood?
  10. Byrdbop

    Czech violin.

    Hi. I am seriously considering buying this violin as advertised locally(ish) for private sale. The price is £160. This seems very reasonable but I know nothing about Czechoslovakian violins. Are they a risk even at this price or generally considered to be a good buy for a beginner like me in comparison for example German trade violins from similar period? This looks at least to be a nice instrument. I will have to travel to purchase so rather than waste my time I'm taking the liberty of checking in with experts here who may encourage or discourage me. The seller states: 'The label says Nicolaus Amatus, fecit Cremona. Made in Czechoslovakia. It is 4/4 size. It has been restored and modified in that while apart being re-glued, the corners were filled as per high end violins, to improve tone. As standard, these handmade copies just have a piece of thin wood to brace the corners.'
  11. It actually only has a very subtle effect ie reduces sibilance and also seems to focus the high frequencies. My main violin is very loud and bright so helping to save my hearing without dulling the tonality too much.
  12. It works rather better than a rubber mute. I would apply for a patent if it wasn't already readily available in most homes.
  13. Byrdbop

    What has happened here?

    Purfling and edge on other side fine however there is a crack to the top that is in line with the area the left mounting would have sat.