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  1. Thanks for advice. Would hide glue be a better option?
  2. Nice and straight. Seems to be of decent quality. Are the crack to frog and liner/plate coming unglued major issues?
  3. No def reddish brown varnish. This is evident on underside of edges and in dings. Shame as revarnish is pretty bland.
  4. Def revarnished. A much darker varnish remains under the fingerboard. The top had a horrible glossy top coat which I've taken back with fine sandpaper.
  5. This cheap, revarnished but sweet sounding violin seems to have a table and back of very different quality. Purfling on the back looks to be by a more confident hand and rather nice. The left soundhole made by the same hand as the right but after many ales? Never seen notches quite so far apart before. I was thus pondering just how many folk would have been tasked with completing the usual? Was the process somwhat akin to a Ford Assembly Line?
  6. The feelings over facts club welcomes all. I reckon.
  7. Is the flame showing on the inside? Or painted inside also?
  8. Is it a cross grain crack on the back or two different pieces of wood?
  9. That's it! Redder due to colour cast on pics. Is this a common wood for bows? A cheap alternative to the traditional woods?
  10. See pics. For future reference I'm hoping someone could kindly identify the wood used.
  11. Does a plate have to be fitted or could some form of hardening epoxy be applied to the base to strengthen the head?
  12. Ok this makes perfect sense. Oh well I'll keep on searching.
  13. I was informed that the direction of the grain made it a very difficult bow to rehair and certainly not worth the effort. I've tried to convince myself that this must be correct ever since. I will insist that it is rehaired and hopefully it will play at least as well as it does presently.
  14. The bow that was lurking in the case of the first violin I purchased was also the first bow I ever used and always enjoyed using it. I was informed that it possibly couldn't be rehaired and I would be better off spending the money on a better student bow anyway. 12 bows later this crummy Chinese (?) tomato stick still sounds best, has perfect balance/weight, great bounce and vibrates in a way that is helpful to me when I play. No idea what the wood is. Can it be rehaired?
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