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  1. This violin produces no political overtones
  2. Not all of us want to play overpriced bright orange violins that have to be polished every day and kept in a safe at night. This violin sounds better than expected (for the small price paid) it is easy to play and it's mine. Not sure why it's existence has to be justified. It's Bohemian, great that's all that I needed to know.
  3. Yes I have a sense of irony
  4. It still sounds fine. They? I suspect you mean that you would be amazed if a fairly standard but nicely made old violin with decent woods and in excellent condition could sound 'magnificant'.
  5. Ok fair cop. Not the quite the bitter end.
  6. Ha ha! The fluting into the throat of the scroll sorry.
  7. Neck is 126 and mensur 190 so 7/8?
  8. So my first serious purchase of 2021. My now number 1 violin and it's small. 348mm LOB so 7/8 or just small 4/4? The varnish is lovely. Artfully antiqued - all of the areas of varnish loss seem to be intentional and have a covering of varnish. It's sat in an old coffin case for some time - the case was in mint condition and I'm certain the violin has rarely been taken out of it. I've added to tailpiece. Sound is seriously deep! Viola deep before it opened up and it's now revealing it's true tonal colours. Very responsive and resonant. Love it but where did it come from? Scrol
  9. Yep. Thankfully not mine.
  10. Is this actually just amatureish work?
  11. Not the usual but perhaps just unusual?
  12. I was watching this one on Ebay when it was £250 with about 5 days to go. Did you buy it for more or less?