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  1. Do they tend to be made of pernambuco as this one seems to be? It's also very neatly finished. My pics don't do it justice.
  2. Pricier nickel mounted ie over £100
  3. Pics are somewhat underexposed. Stick is lighter. I find myself using this a lot too for same reasons however hair is a tad scratchy irrespective of how much rosin is applied.
  4. It's a decent bow however quality of hair lets it down somewhat.
  5. Could you recommend a good polish? Something that will protect the wood from knocks, moisture etc? I'd be happy to leave it at that.
  6. Thanks Jacob. I have simple culinary requirements. It's difficult to show how roughly the top was treated. Varnish scraped off down to the ground. Perplexing. See added pics for remnants of original varnish.
  7. More pics that didn't upload first time. Note the nut which was fashioned in a German prison camp during WW2. True story. It works so it's staying.
  8. I have no idea when or where my violin was made. Someone has seemingly stripped it, lightly re-varnished and then puzzlingly the top has the varnish roughly scraped off leaving little or no protection. It cost me less than a 3 course meal and I would have to spend a great deal more for one of equal sound quality. I know it has no comercial value and I don't care. What is it? What is the best option for a re-varnish?
  9. Byrdbop

  10. I'm puzzled by the claim that these pictures were taken quickly with a compact camera? The photographs clearly have the resolution of a full frame SLR or medium format camera. Pro quality studio lighting too.
  11. Of course. I paid very little for it. Just very surprised by how good it sounds.