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  1. Thanks. Most helpful
  2. Not sure if ID of wood used is possible from these pics.
  3. No I couldn't but I'm not interested here in identifying violins by sound
  4. I would hear what I would assume to be a good violin well played. That assumption would be based on what I was hearing. I would also hear the tonality of the violin as pleasing to my ear. I'm not sure if it's just sound as the sound has a texture that I can sense somehow.
  5. Fair enough. I'm only referring to the quality of tone and not volume of sound + yes you will always hear the tonality of the strings but it's to what the degree the intrinsic tonality of the violin dominates. When I hear good violin such as a Strad played I hear something other than the strings vibrations being amplified. I hear the violin amplified more than the string. Can we hear wood? It's a woodiness to the sound. I'm probably crazy. I don't get to hear this with the cheap violins I've played I know that. Not a Strad but I can hear the 'woodiness' I refer to in this video.
  6. To my admittedly untrained ears a difference between a low grade violin and better violins seem (to me) to make the tonality of the strings disappear ie we hear the tonality inherent in the body of the violin more. This could be described as making the strings tone transparent. When I hear a good violin this makes sense to me but may just be fanciful/pretensions nonsense. Does this make any kind of sense?
  7. Wow! Apart from spots of varnish loss on the front and the crackling it is pretty much spotless. The nut was cut a little too high which may explain why the original owner gave up playing it.
  8. Well it will be better appreciated by me.
  9. German obviously but how old? I'm assuming 1960's or 70's. In remarkably clean condition. Light and plays nicely. Nice crackled varnish. No issues obviously and a decent student violin for a student like me.
  10. Not certain but I think it's possibly rosin.
  11. Perhaps it encourages punters to visit the auction house...not lot of use if you're unable to.
  12. Drat I was about to have it rehaired as it's a good German student bow. If rehaired I'm assuming it can still be used?
  13. They sell big money items but this is the highest estimate I've seen for a violin in one of their sales. I'll have a look at it tomorrow and add pics if they let me take a few.