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  1. Thanks so much everyone for your input, advice, and tips. The helpfulness and generosity of this online community is so encouraging. I will be incorporating many of the suggestions, once I get a chance to get back at it. Reading through all the comments, I’m sensing the overall messages are: 1) plane size alone won’t prevent me from succeeding, and my currently available plane is plenty adequate, 2) blades have to be sharp and in good shape, plane has to be set up well, 3) there are plenty of finer points and strategies to planing and preparing the joint, and good technique is a minimum requirement. And I suppose 4) it’s easy to become obsessed with planes. Lawrence
  2. Hi Frank, no I have not. Is it used to identify high spots?
  3. Hello, I’m a newcomer to this forum, currently muddling my way through building my first violin, with the Johnson & Courtnall book as my reference and guide. I’m seeking the opinion and advice of experienced members here regarding the choice of plane for making the front and back centre joints. I currently have a smaller plane available to me - a Veritas small bevel-up smooth plane. Thus far, I’ve struggled to achieve a perfect flat joint. I’ve read that many if not most people use at least a jack plane or larger for making this joint. So I am considering obtaining a larger plane. However, before I take on the additional expense, I was wondering whether the fault may simply be with my technique, or whether the small bevel-up smooth plane (9”) is just too small for this job. Does anyone have experience using a smaller size plane for making the centre joints? Can it work with the right technique? Thanks for any input. Lawrence
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