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  1. Ebony veneer

    Holfter GMBH, who is based in Germany but personally travels to the US weekly and is very fast and easy to work with. That's where I get my ebony veneers for my baroque instruments. You can get them any thickness and in any size you want.
  2. Cedar cello and bass tops- discuss

    Have you used Icho before on an instrument?
  3. Cedar cello and bass tops- discuss

    Always remember safety as well! Cedar dust and particles have a much higher ability to irritate the lungs and airways!
  4. Cedar cello and bass tops- discuss

    There are certainly old brescian viols made with cedar (of lebanon) tops. Couldn't have been so bad seeing as how it was used quite a few times.
  5. Renaissance Workshop Company....Plans and Drawings

    Once it is figured out how to do images on this website, can a man upload an image even though a man only has a couple of posts?
  6. Beautiful 1/16 Fractional

    Tis a very lovely little fiddle. It is really not so much a surprise to see a small fiddle of quality. At the shop where Don Carlos used to work there were about three or four little fiddles that were clearly made by talented makers probably in a factory setting, an old half size german and a couple very nice old french one quarter sizes! Nothing this small though Don Carlos has borne witness to little 1/16 size people absolutely killing it on little fiddles, just shredding it! A very nice treasure you have.
  7. Perry Sultana...

    It's looking great, keep it up! Been silently following the thread but the instrument is looking so nice something just had to be said!
  8. Renaissance Workshop Company....Plans and Drawings

    Hey! If you do make that viol please post pics! Once this viola Don Carlos is working on is done, a bass viol by the same maker is next up on the bench!
  9. Renaissance Workshop Company....Plans and Drawings

    RWC plans are too expensive and Don Carlos hasn't purchased any on the basis of principal. Does anyone buy their plans? I second getting some plans from a museum. Example: Can't beat that! Also, playing viol is definitely easier on the body and in Don Carlos' opinion, more fun!