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  1. DonCarlos

    The future has arrived!

    'Another benefit of the project is that 3D-printed instruments could be produced at a fraction of the cost of wooden ones.' Wow! I can't personally can't wait for the videos of folks pulling plastic pegs out of dead dolphins stomachs!
  2. DonCarlos

    Peg shapers: Alberti v Herdim

    The Alberti shapers are perfect for a new instrument as one can just whip through a set of pegs in no time, whereas the herdim shapers, because of the taper not fitting the reamer exactly, I find gives you more control when trying to fit new pegs to an old instrument using shims (in the shaper) and whatnot. They both have their benefits and drawbacks though I find that the herdim blades need to be sharpened often! The alberti ones can be tough on the hands, being so small. I have always humoured the idea of making my own but sure look, I'm not a real violin maker so I will just have settle with the perfect fit of the ol' albertis.
  3. DonCarlos

    A real P. Jombar fiddle?

    thanks guys!
  4. DonCarlos

    A real P. Jombar fiddle?

    Hiya everyone. I seen this fiddle advertised on the internet around where I live and they are asking for only a few hundred euro for it. It's labeled as a Paul Jombar. I have not seen it in person so I don't know about any internal branding. I would like to know what y'alls opinion of it being a real Jombar is from the pictures. I don't know myself, it seems fishy. Hard to tell though. The workmanship seems not on par with other Jombars and something about the nicks in the ffs also seem to not match any of his others and the scroll perhaps doesn't look original... I don't know though! I wanted MN opinions first. I want to apologise in advance as to how crappy the photos are. The one who is advertising the fiddle took them and it's a little over an hour away. Cheers!
  5. DonCarlos

    Opinions on new f-hole template

    I would not see a 'chimera' as a bad thing necessarily. As long as the design is executed thoughtfully and you are happy with it, I wouldn't put too much stock into mixing maker styles on an original design. On my past two violas I designed an ff that was a combination of primarily a Da salo ff, with the lower wing and eyes being more in line with a Guadagnini. I know that people scoff at that sort of thing but I was very happy with the outcome and so was the person who paid me for the instrument so ultimately, to me, that's what matters. In regard to your ff, I would experiment with enlarging the upper eye though I don't think it looks bad as it is. I also recommend experimenting with averaging out the tapers at each end so that the curve along the outside going into the eyes are a little more similar. I hope that makes sense. An example of my previously mentioned ff Sorry for the poor quality photo, I am no photographer.
  6. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    I personally think it's gonna look sick. Some thoughts... Making the cheeks of a pegbox like a cello on a viola or sultana in this case can be uncomfortable for players and maybe add marginally more weight beyond the nut. T.H.Lee of the Chicago School of Violin Making (as well as others but my experience is with his instruments) does a very elegant pegbox cheek style that is light and not cumbersome.
  7. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    This elicited a very strong laugh from myself. Thanks Nick
  8. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    So I found somethings that led me to see that yer man Floris van der Voort has made copies of the instrument. No pics of Jordi's on his website but a lot of other slick pics!
  9. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    E, He is speaking French. In the video he is basically explaining the differences in the violin family to the viol family. If I gather it correctly he may be saying that it's more like a pardessus and not a treble viol (that being said it is NOT a pardessus, that being a much later invention of the french.) and then briefly describes when and where the instrument is from (Italia 1500's) and then explains that the neck and the table were restored. He also talks about some paintings in which people are playing it on the shoulder or the chest. Unfortunately nothing about the instrument beyond that. A quick google image search shows the only photographs I can find of it are just ones of him playing it or cuddling it. Other than that I don't know of any other photographs of it! Sorry. I'll keep hunting though and let you know. I want some good photos of that scroll, tis slick! Full disclaimer, my wife did the translating
  10. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    From what I remember reading some time ago is that it's an anonymous Italian lira from the 16th century
  11. DonCarlos

    Attention to detail and stifled creativity?

    I think that people get way to hung up on the minute details and the notion of right and wrong. People have been doing things in different ways and achieving similar results since we as humans began shaping bones, sticks and stones into tools. I believe that there is a only a wrong way when you cannot create a functional end product. This applies not just to craft but to everything including language usage and raising children. Perhaps it is about the way people act on the internet that stifles creativity more. Everyone's so damn mean to each other. The question of how much time should you devote to details also is difficult because again, it really varies person to person. I can spend far longer on a detail to try and get it perfect when I know colleagues who can do the same thing, better, in way less time. So much like anything else, it's all just a balancing act and knowing yourself.
  12. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    Oh, very nice! I like the video too, your man makes quick work of the skinnin. Sure look, I am finishing up a gigantic baroque viola and then I'll be goin after doing the bass viol. I have had my eye on that treble viol for a while now, tis lovely.
  13. DonCarlos

    Perry Sultana...

    So beautiful! Very excited to see it put together. Correct me if I am wrong but your flaming ffs look as though you subtly softened the edge. How did you go about that?
  14. DonCarlos

    Ebony veneer

    Holfter GMBH, who is based in Germany but personally travels to the US weekly and is very fast and easy to work with. That's where I get my ebony veneers for my baroque instruments. You can get them any thickness and in any size you want.