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  1. DogukanL

    Shaky bow arm

    Thanks for the response, as I've neen practicing I've found that the shakes are more present when bowing at different angles. Not the bows angle on the violin but the violins angle on my shoulder. I get a lot less shaky if the violin is sitting at 1-2 o'clock angle.(I play left handed because I have no rhythm on my right hand, I know that from the guitar). And I get less shakes if I'm not stressed that I will shake or make a mistake. I'm kind of a perfectionist and have some anxiety issues when those two mix we could say I'm under a lot of stress. And I've also considered essential tremors because I get muscle twitches too. But I thought they might be related to my smoking plus anemia plus anxiety, nevertheless I will go get checked soon. I'm practicing and trying to get confided with my bowing because my teacher pointed out that I look very insecure when bowing. Will check out the product by the way. Thanks again!
  2. DogukanL

    Shaky bow arm

    Hello, So I recenlty picked up the violin and my bowing seems okay for a beginner ,at least that's what my teacher told me. However as I get closer to the upper end of the bow while bowing down my arm and wrist start shaking a little and it irritates the hell out of me. And I tried bowing at very slow, very fast and normal speeds, it happens all the time no matter what I do. And for some reason it happens on the E string most of the time, other strings are fine. It also happens when I try putting something(anything) down slowly like a cup or a glass. So the problem is probably my arm. Has anyone ever experienced this kind of a problem and if you have, how did you fix it? If it's something that can go away with practice that's okay by me but it feels like something else so I thought I would ask. Thanks in advance.