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  1. Thanks Don. I suppose thats the fun of it. We'll move onto the next one. And maybe find some nicer wood/ watch the thicknesses more carefully.
  2. Thanks guys. I did some fettling, thinned out the bridge a little, now 1.8g and I'm a good bit happier. I decided to try some light impact tapping to isolate some frequencies as suggested in plate tuning.org and these were the peaks for A0, B1- etc. I know its only a small parts of the story but for anyone interested..
  3. Thanks Marty, I'll chalk it down to experience and start the next one. It definitely doesnt sound horrible but I now have in my head the sound im looking for, and you never know, it might suit somebody. Thanks everyone again.
  4. Hi Marty, Medium tension dominants. yes different strings would probably help. I'll try that.
  5. Thanks Don so much for commenting, I had another go, taking in all the advice. I haven't made any changes to the fiddle, just the playing and the distance for recording. I think it looks better. There's something a little strange still but not sure what. Any way, thanks again. I'll keep experimenting.
  6. Thanks. I will try another, bowing closer to the bridge and see does that help.
  7. Just checked.. The bridge height is 32.5mm... I might try thinning it a little to see if that helps. It's currently 2.03g but it is a nice dense bridge with very straight quarter sawn grain lines. I think it can take it. Would thicker/ thinner sound post help? I started with 6.2mm diameter, and brought it back to 5.7 and I think it improved it a little bit, maybe showing a bit more of the higher frequencies but I didn't want to over do it. It's currently placed at the 'traditional' position.(if you want to call it that) at around 3mm back from the bridge and 1mm inside the foot, standing fairly horizontal. And thank you everyone for all the comments...
  8. Thanks Andreas. I think the bridge might be a little heavy alright. I have played with the soundpost a good bit already but I will take on board everything said here and try some more.
  9. Thanks Don, I'll have another go but I'm fairly sure I was playing the semi-Tone scale across the 4 strings as I've read about before but I’ll adjust the distance and try again.
  10. This is the bowed spectrum recorded for my first fiddle at around 7 inches from the bridge with an Olympus recorder plotted through Audacity and sample rate of 2040... think it has a hollow sound...which is reflected in the dip at circa 1100hz... I think... my first reaction is the plates are too thin... (or the top plate isn't high enough density) any constructive criticism? Total beginner with a thick skin....
  11. Exactly what I was asking about! many many thanks!
  12. Thanks! I will look at Woodfinishing Enterprises.
  13. Thanks very much! It was, like you listed, the specific tree rather than the place that I was curious about. I will keep reading....
  14. I'm just wondering, has there been a thread before about the various different turpentines and where they all come from? thank you to anyone.
  15. I have the manual for the Alexander 3A which I think is a copy of the Deckel. If you want me to send you a copy, let me know your email in a message or something. I find it great for my own.
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