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  1. Exactly what I was asking about! many many thanks!
  2. Thanks! I will look at Woodfinishing Enterprises.
  3. Thanks very much! It was, like you listed, the specific tree rather than the place that I was curious about. I will keep reading....
  4. I'm just wondering, has there been a thread before about the various different turpentines and where they all come from? thank you to anyone.
  5. I have the manual for the Alexander 3A which I think is a copy of the Deckel. If you want me to send you a copy, let me know your email in a message or something. I find it great for my own.
  6. Pantographs are fantastic machines capable of making very accurate parts from a solid template. I don't know if the stylus is changeable in that model but a small sleeve, maybe a few mm oversized placed over the current one, so that you can take a skim pass and then a finishing pass, you will get a very clean finish. It is very handy for making different sizes of the same part. I have an Alexander 2C and love it.
  7. Maybe this might be of some use to you.... https://lizdavismaxfield.com/products/irish-cello-book
  8. Sospiri... Any alternative books you would recommend?
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