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  1. Hello everyone, I am hoping to replace the tip plate on a carbon fibre bow - does anyone have experience with which glues are OK for this? Will hide glue be OK? Ideally something not as fast setting as superglue but I could work with that if need be. The new tip plate will be TipArmor. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hen

    Lapping types

    i see plenty of bowmakers using combinations of coloured silk? and tinsel - how common is this? i am in the process of buying some bows at auction and bringing them back to life, feels like an opportunity to put my mark on them by working on some fancy lapping patterns.
  3. Hen

    Lapping types

    never seen this before - i like it too. though a little plain. i bet it shines up nicely.
  4. Hen

    Lapping types

    Hello everyone! Just how many different types of lapping are there? I would love to have a list of every single type if possible.
  5. I recently went on a course for rehairing bows and they recommended maple for the wedges and lime or mahogany or willow for the spreader wedge. Others use woods such as Birch but I wanted to ask others what woods they use and why.
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