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  1. Resetting the neck is probably a bit above me for now, as I'm just playing bluegrass in first position.
  2. This is the H.K Schmidt model from Morey's Music shop in Southern California. I called them and they said they use hot hide glue on their violins, though thinking about it, I should have realized that they likely buy these made from China and put their label on it. I'm completely new at this. Can you tell by looking at the blob of glue under the fingerboard that it is Titebond?
  3. I will try to shorten the saddle. However, when cleaning the case, I took off the canvas to find the wood of the case splintered. At least some of the damage was caused by an accident. (I guess that much is evident from the broken neck.)
  4. This sounds like a good idea. I'd rather not try to remove the damaged top plate near the damaged neck. Would you add any other clamps to make sure the two sides of the crack stay level?
  5. I bought a student grade violin from the Goodwill for $50 and was going to experiment repairing a top crack, as I'm interested in learning how to do this as a hobby. I bought Behlen's hide glue over the internet, have watched Daniel Olsen's YouTube video on the topic, and have some spool clamps and deep throat clamps. Can I buy the wood for patches at the hardware store for this level of restoration? I called the shop where this violin was originally sold and they informed me that they use hot hide glue for gluing their violins, but the student grade varnish is possibly polyurethane. Will the polyurethane varnish make it harder to open the top? Can I sand it after repairing the crack? When purchasing the violin, I didn't notice that the neck has been broken and reglued. Under the fingerboard it looks like there is damage to the top plate (possibly caused when someone tried to remove it before?) that has been fixed with some glue that looks kind of yellow. Will this make it impossibly hard to remove the top plate without further damage? Your advice is appreciated.
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