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  1. I want only add to discuss photos of my bow F. Peccatte workshop, amourette.
  2. And please, what about instrument? Age? Quality of work? Value? Because this violin is available for sale, but I have not informations about instrument. Thank you
  3. Sound is like a viola ;-) on top is hole, right foot of bridge is sound post. And what we can see inside on back, that is something as bass bar (I can not say exactly, my english is bad) and sound post stands on this bar.
  4. Hello, I have old violin with atypical construction. Inside is handwrite in german language, I can read only "Patent", "Dr. F. Thomastik", "Jakob Buchner", "Wien". Can someone say about this violin? About Jakob Buchner? Or about relation with Dr. F. Thomastik (father of Thomastik-Infeld)? Can someone read whole text? Thank you