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  1. New Bow

    I have been stuck using the pos fiberglass bow that came with my cello and I am looking to upgrade it. My budget is <$500. I was thinking of a Codabow or other carbon fiber bows or a decent pernambuco bow. Thank you for any input!
  2. Good Cello Makers

    How much would it cost to buy it and set it up better?
  3. Good Cello Makers

    I found a good cello from Eastman strings, the VC 405 for under 5k. Is Eastman a good brand?
  4. Good Cello Makers

    Do they have instruments under 5k
  5. Good Cello Makers

    I am a intermediate high school cello player and my first cello just wont cut it anymore, it's made of plywood and a maple fingerboard. I need a full size cello and bow for under $5,000 that is decent for a intermediate to advanced player. Also I live in Fort Worth Texas and so I need to find a good store or workshop around here to get it from. Thanks for all the help!