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  1. Does anyone know about Jack Rasmussen? He is a luthier in the Fort Worth area and I was wondering if anyone on this forum has been there and how they liked it and if they recommend it. Thank you for any help, Matchu
  2. Matchu

    Cello patterns

    I am buying a new cello and was wondering what the different usual cello patterns, like Strad or Montognana, on average have on the tone of the instrument. If anyone had a link to a website explaining the differences between patterns it would be much appreciated I have looked and found no helpful links.
  3. Matchu

    "Opening Up"

    I hear the term "opening up" used to describe the wood in older instruments all the time but how long does that normally take? I know that is a very complex topic but also what does "opening up" do to an instrument's sound that is so sought after by professional musicians wanting 18th and 19th century instruments?
  4. Matchu

    Bow ID

    I hav this bow that is stamped "Dorfler" and I was wondering if anyone could help me tell if it is authentic and what I should sell it for? Thank you.
  5. Matchu


    I have heard that the color of varnish can influence the tone of the cello. Is this true and what varnishes produce what tone qualities?
  6. Matchu


    I am looking for a new cello but as there aren't many violin shops in my area I was thinking of buying on eBay. However, I am not sure if this is wise as many people probably lie about the cello's value. Is there anyway to tell if they are telling the truth and is it even a good idea to shop on eBay? Thank you for any help.
  7. Matchu


    The cracks were repaired by professionals and there are just 2. One in the table and one near the bass bar according to the owner.
  8. Matchu


    I have found a good instrument but it has cracks in it that have been repaired. Do cracks affect the sound quality of instruments? And if they do is can it be good for the sound?
  9. Does anyone know the best violin or luthier shop in Fort Worth Texas? I am looking for a reputable place to sell, buy, and set up instruments but have not found any good places yet. Please help.
  10. I am searching for a cello under 5k. As I am a intermediate player I don't have much experience on the topic. What are some good brands that have good quality instruments in my price range. Keep in mind that 5k is for cello and bow. I was looking at the Eastman range but don't know how good they are. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  11. Matchu

    New Bow

    I have been stuck using the pos fiberglass bow that came with my cello and I am looking to upgrade it. My budget is <$500. I was thinking of a Codabow or other carbon fiber bows or a decent pernambuco bow. Thank you for any input!
  12. How much would it cost to buy it and set it up better?
  13. I found a good cello from Eastman strings, the VC 405 for under 5k. Is Eastman a good brand?
  14. Do they have instruments under 5k
  15. I am a intermediate high school cello player and my first cello just wont cut it anymore, it's made of plywood and a maple fingerboard. I need a full size cello and bow for under $5,000 that is decent for a intermediate to advanced player. Also I live in Fort Worth Texas and so I need to find a good store or workshop around here to get it from. Thanks for all the help!