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  1. Help identifying violin

    Hi everyone, Thanks very much for your messages and advice! I've spent years playing violins but know very little about the instruments themselves and have found this all really interesting.. I wish I had learnt years ago! To answer some of your questions... -It's surprisingly light.. I also have a 3/4 Compagnon violin (at least I think it is.. could easily be a copy ) and it's lighter than that. -varnish is flaking off Any ideas how much you think I would manage to get on ebay for it? I paid £110 ffor it haha, yes thank-you! I didn't see it before I bought it and thought it would be full size... lesson learnt! Since it's not anything very special and I like a project, I think I'm going to try and bring it back to life myself.. if it goes horrible wrong at least I won't have ruined a lovely violin and you never know it might turn out quite nice. My niece will be old enough to play it soon so it would be a nice present for her. Thanks again for the advice... I think I will probably be back again soon asking for tips on the repairs as I go along
  2. Help identifying violin

    And the violin...
  3. Help identifying violin

    So here goes... (warped) bow and case first... I should also mention it's a 3/4 size violin.
  4. Help identifying violin

    haha, you're right.. I picked it up this morning and my rose tinted glasses have definitely mislead me. I'll take a look at the instructions for photo's now and let you all see the carnage.
  5. Help identifying violin

    Hi, On a bit of a whim, I recently bought a violin (with case and bow) at an auction and am now regretting it slightly as I think it probably wasn't worth what I paid for it. I can post better pics tomorrow after I pick it up but the label reads J.Thibouville-Lamy & Co London & Paris. I know JTL produced thousands of violins, but on my brief internet searches these all seem to be produced in France and so I'm wondering if it is a JTL copy. I've looked through the JTL catalogues and there is a very similar looking case in the 1932 catalogue but I've no idea on the violin. On a positive note, the violin seemed to be in ok condition. Grateful for any advice!