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  1. I did not leave just about the photo I asked. Much of the play is a lot of rosin (Bernandel Rosin). The instrument just played and is pre-cleaning.
  2. Do not know if you've noticed that they also have no strings? You do not have a soul on this photo.The bridge is an operational item that is exchanged (for the one that fits us or inserts a liar). The condition of the bridge does not indicate the condition of the instrument. On the attached picture you have the same violin after luthier review and after use by music
  3. I understand it and I know it. I realize that tp is not a concert violin and no concert musician will buy them (even if it is for "unusual" shape).
  4. I try to understand this discussion and I do not understand. Violins are in very good condition. The top plate repaired by luthier (probably even before World War II). No rigid cracks. Do you think these violins are dumb and do not work?
  6. My question concerns violin bow signed by H.R.Pfretzschner. Frog designation of the manufacturer. Is it an original bow or a fake? I can not find any information on whether H.R.fretzschner produced baroque bow's. What wood is it made of? I can only buy the bow I'm not sure about its value and originality. What value can have such a bow? Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. Hello, I have the opportunity to purchase a violin modeled on violin by Nicolo Gusetto. Maybe someone knows something about these violins, what is their value. Thanks for the help and any tips.