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  1. I am making my first violin and I am 66, I also took up playing only 3 years ago and can make a reasonable sound. If you want to learn dont be put off by people who say you are too old . On the violin making , get the book The art of Violin making by Chris Johnson and Adrian Lucas as it is excellent in all respects, a bit pricey at about £70 but if you keep looking you can get it sometimes for about £40. Well worth the investment
  2. Hi I also have a fiddle with the GS Mackay label dated 1895. It was in a poor state when I bought it as the neck and half the back was off and a former scroll repair was loose. Also two of the “ears” had been nibbled by furry friends. I have restored it and it has a good mellow tone but not over loud. I too would like to know what the characteristics of hand made Scottish are as I am interested in its origins. It does have a very high belly and it has been impossible to find bridge blanks with enough foot thickness to deal with the profile. I have had to resort to bridge with angle adjustable feet in order to get full foot contact but feel that the bridge compromises the quality of the instrument. Any information on scottish characteristics that you have would be appreciated