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  1. The Tzigane E string will make every other string really loud. it's great if you want a louder instrument. I don't have experience with the violino. Obligatos are the warmest string that I have experience with.
  2. Reminds me a lot of Pieter Rombouts and Heinrich Jacobs, so Dutch maybe.
  3. I am making a larger violin that will have a back length of 356 and wide upper bouts. I usually stick around 352 but I want to try it. I have heard of many successes and failures with making larger instruments but I am curious if there are suggestions from the experienced in regards to wood choice and arching when making a larger violin. Thanks.
  4. The gouges aren't sold in sweeps like most, Hans Karlsson gouges are all measured by their diameters which makes infinitely more sense. This allows you to match the radius of channels on arching profiles. It is much cheaper to buy directly from the family than through another company but there is a minimum for the order size. the steel is awesome and the inside radius swoops up so that when you hone the inside you only hit the tip which saves your slip stones and makes sharpening a breeze. I have both their scroll gouges and regular, the only major difference is the handles, I prefer the regular, they allow one handed or easier two handed operation if you put your work in a vise. I only bought a couple at 40mm, 25mm, 15mm and 8mm but they raised the minimum order limit after I purchased mine so you will need to buy more.
  5. Yes those look a little skinny. 1 Here's a link to a CT scan of the ribs structure. 2. Here is alternative geometric method that I like by Jordan Hess. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52eed7f6e4b018731083e3a2/t/53232ea3e4b08487acaee544/1394814627419/CT+Dissection+of+the+del+Gesu+Kreisler.pdf https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/8d22cb_5aa617efc1cd4c07b7d95281dad35e1e.pdf
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