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  1. It appears that Rue, "Professional Obfuscator" has succeeded.
  2. Thank you, everyone, for the time you spent to provide such thoughtful replies. I've begun to incorporate some of these practice techniques into my routine. In January I am meeting two violin teachers to see if either is a good fit for me.
  3. Thanks, Dr. S. Yes, I understand, I think, what is meant by 'always working the sound'. The amount of mental and physical stamina required is significant. My piano teacher used to tell me to listen to the finest singers and violinists to learn phrasing, and then try to copy it on the piano. Enrique Caruso is my favorite voice, and I have yet to choose a favorite violinist for expression. I've never pulled taffy but I'm going to visualize this tomorrow when I practice.
  4. Wow! Thanks, Zeissica, I like to have concrete exercises to work on. I asked for Simon Fischer's Basics" for Christmas. I didn't know he had written one on tone production but will put it on my wish- list.
  5. My bow is not consistently parallel, no. In fact it travels from parallel to Timbuktu if I'm not watching it closely. I started out 3 months ago thinking I wanted to play "happy, traditional fiddling", as I'd grown up studying classical piano which didn't prepare me to be versatile (by which I mean being able to play by ear, improvise, etc.). The day several weeks ago when I determined it was time to find a different teacher was when my teacher's playing was so bright and harsh, it was the opposite of what I consider to be beautiful. She can play vibrato, which gives a more pleasant tone than usual but again, no, I don't believe she can create the sound I'm after. My piano teacher from years ago was a master. I haven't found that yet in area violin teachers who are willing to teach adult beginners, but I'm making inquiries.
  6. Thank you, palousian, that makes sense to me. I studied classical piano for many years, and I still remember the day in my teacher's studio, when she told me to put the weight of my body into the keys to draw out the rich sound I was going after. I shifted my balance point, and put the weight of my body into the keys, and my playing has never gone back. It's as if I took command of the piano, not the other way around. From what you have said, it will be something similar with the violin.
  7. How do some violinists create that singing, sweet, sonorous sound with their violin. I started playing 3 months ago, have a lovely, responsive older violin and want so badly to express that kind of beauty....right now though, I only play loudly and out of tune.
  8. Would it be the Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker ballet?
  9. Softpaws

    Shaky bow arm

    I agree that it sounds like essential tremor. There is some indication this is caused by ammonia buildup at the cellular level due to a genetic mutation inhibiting its metabolism. I've found significant help by taking phosphatidylserine daily.