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  1. So do you recommend "L5" as neaerest to fingerboard or bridge? Because I also use numbers to represent bow speed and bow pressure to remind myself, which "S5" and "P5" are the highest and fastest. (As the number is larger)
  2. Hi. I see Dorothy Delay numbers the sounding points in the following photo, why? Should I follow the Dorothy Delay or reverse it? ("5" sounds bigger, which means more powerful and matches the numbering?) "She started on soundpoint (or lane) five: the lane closest to the fingerboard. (DeLay used these numbers in reverse, Fischer said.) She played, then he demonstrated, using her bow on the violin under her chin. He asked her to look for the swinging of the string, the amplitude, and try to make it as wide as possible. Also, listen, feel the bow in the string, and think."—Simon Fischer Thank you
  3. @vathek I think the composer / editor means the E4 (in beat 1) and the B4 (in beat 2), which forms a perfect fifth, requiring to stop both the D and A strings with the first finger
  4. From one of my printed sheet collection
  5. @vathek I don't know. But it makes sense to press both D & A strings with the first finger
  6. @Rue Me neither... T^T but I hope I can explain to people where do the symbols I use come from
  7. Hi. I'm making a chart about some less frequently used violin symbols. Here are two which I took a picture, but can't find the source: 1) use the same finger to stop multiple strings simultaneously 2) hold down the specified finger Thank you
  8. This violin used by Amelia Maszońska from Poland during 15th Wieniawski has a face!?!??!?!?!?!?!? So cool! Who, when and where was it made? I'm saving up to get a better violin, call me shallow but I was immediately fascinated by the look of this type of violins, as I also saw one with a face in a luthier's workshop. (it was an antique too, also has words carved on the side, better check the info next time I go there :P) Thank you Edit 03/06/2019: the name plate for that violin at the luthier's writes Vuillaume School Paris, c1880
  9. @Kallie Thank you. But my current violin case does not have a neck compartment for Bon Musica...
  10. Hi. Please suggest a violin case that can fit a Bon Musica. Even velcro-ed under the violin neck is fine. Not in a hurry. Thank you Edit 01/06/2019: got a Musafia! They promised that a Bon Musica fits... yeah!
  11. @NickIsWorking I'll try Mohr! Thanks
  12. @PhilipKT I will try to figure out what weight do I prefer, and what balance what indescribable traits I am looking for. Probably lighter overall, I have horrible stamina.
  13. @martin swan just realized you're the bow site's owner
  14. @crazy jane I will try to strive for a more objective perspective and not be overly swayed by the materials and appearances
  15. Thanks, I never thought about the eyelet
  16. Thanks, I'll try to clean it thoroughly
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