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  1. How Often and How Deep Do You Cut Ur Fingernails?
  2. Hi. I am currently doing my university graduation project on violin teaching, would you mind to help if you had taught/is teaching any violin students from 6-8 years old? Thank you (it takes about 5 minutes) Below is the link to the survey: Thank you again Volkner
  3. Correct Way to Tilt the Bow

    sorry :PPPPP
  4. Correct Way to Tilt the Bow

    I agree
  5. Correct Way to Tilt the Bow

    Hi. Recently I encountered a harmonics passage that requires tilting of the bow, but I don't which one of these is the smartest way (and easiest way to recover back to normal) to tilt: 1) Tilt by rotating the bow with fingers only (I tried but this causes thumb touching the bow hair, which is uncomfortable) 2) Tilt by bending the wrist only 3) Tilt by OPENING the right shoulder only 4) Tilt by RAISING the right shoulder only or it's a combination of these????? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *P.S. I will be annoying you guys with my grauduation project surveys about violin postures soon
  6. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    I've decided to name my violins with animal names!! The back plate of each violin is very different, so I named mine "Tiger" and "Salmon"
  7. Moisture Level of Hands

    Hi. I realized during Summer without a dehumidifier / in a room that is too hot, my hands are comparatively wet, which causes them to be "wet-slippery'; during Winter without a heater / in a room that is too cold, my hands are comparatively dry, which causes them to be "dry-slippery'... Of course, I seldom need to play in these environments, as I do have both dehumidifier and heater at my home, but sometimes you can't control the venue's air moisture level... Any tips on tackling our hands' "wet-slippery" and "dry-slippery" problems? Thank you
  8. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    I've just watched an anime about violin, the characters all give names to their violins!! I have a violin too but don't know how to name it...
  9. The Thumb and Positions

    Assuming there is an insane piece with changes key every single 4 bars, and I must unite all thumb positions the same within every position (e.g. the thumb does not shift when staying at the 2nd position) In 2nd position, G String Should the thumb be anchored and opposite to the index finger playing Bb or B? does that apply to other positions too, for a safe orientation? thank you
  10. Hi, I finally get my friggin' Up-Bow Staccato of Kreutzer 4 up to 80BPM, and Sautillé of Kreutzer 2 down to 70BPM, but I'm sooooooo curious about the relationship (family) between these crazy bow strokes... (even though obviously I can't work on a new bow stroke before I can control these two when playing up to tempo) Because in Chinese, Arpeggiando is " 琶音跳弓", ("跳弓"= Spiccato), yet, Ricochet is called " 拋弓"... Does it mean that Arpeggiando is a baby of the Spiccato family instead of the Ricochet family? Or it's both? (Spiccato & Ricochet have a baby together) thank you
  11. Sautillé Bowing Bow Hold Problem

    Am trying to secure the 'ring' between thumb and the middle finger more... tell you afterward
  12. Sautillé Bowing Bow Hold Problem

    Sure, I make contact with the stick between with second and third knuckles of my index finger now
  13. Sautillé Bowing Bow Hold Problem

    I see!! Lemme check my thumb when 'Sautilling"
  14. Sautillé Bowing Bow Hold Problem

    Ok I just realized I forgot the importance of ring between the thumb and the middle finger Would you mind to check if this is correct (to perform all the bow acrobatics) 1: normal hold 2: index finger 3: thumb 4: little finger 5: ring finger 6: middle finger 7 & 8: collé 9: holding the bow only with 2 fingers 10 & 11: rolling the stick
  15. Favorite Online Violin Teachers / Pedagogs?

    oh yeah I like him!!