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  1. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

  2. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    Update: modified it for a day and finally try to play with it!!! but need to test for a week as I need minor adjustments and checking, then I'll tell you guys the details
  3. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    I'm not, it's just you always will have to time you must play violin with standard height chinrests (say, you bought a new, more expensive violin), that tall chinrests are uncommon and hard to get in a few days, so I always hug my backup shoulder rests If I get a tall chinrest, I don't think I can get used to a low chinrest violin anymore... (didn't try though)
  4. What Are Your Études Study Plan?

    That's smart because they can be used as recital pieces too!!
  5. Bon Musica Shoulder rest size

    I bent the legs a little wider (by bending the parts they screw) too, but I didn't unscrew, as I don't want the middle part to be 'foamless'
  6. What Are Your Études Study Plan?

    Mine is: SKIPPED=Didn't practice any WENT THROUGH=Played important ones WORKING ON=Practiicing now FINISHED=Practiced all seriously SKIPPED: 36 Melodious and Easy Studies, Op. 84 by Charles Dancla SKIPPED: 60 Studies for the Violin, Op.45 by Franz Wohlfahrt SKIPPED: 40 Elementary Studies for the Violin,, Op.54 by Franz Wohlfahrt SKIPPED: 36 Violin Studies, Op.20 by Heinrich Ernst Kayser WENT THROUGH: [First 30] from Studies, Op.36 by Jacques Féréol Mazas WORKING ON: 42 Studies by Rodolphe Kreutzer 36 Caprices for Violin, Op.3 Federigo by Fiorillo 24 Caprices for Violin by Pierre Rode 20 Brilliant and Characteristic Etudes, Op.73 by Charles Dancla 24 Mornings by Pierre Gaviniès [First 30] from 60 Concert Studies, Op. 123 by Charles Auguste de Bériot 24 Studies or Caprices, Op.35 by Jakob Dont 10 Studies-Caprices by Henryk Wieniawski 24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op.1 by Niccolò Paganini 6 Studies by Ernst Heinrich Roth
  7. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    But wouldn't it make us hard to get used to standard chinrests when we must play on other violins? Chinrests cannot be taken on & off easily, but shoulder rests can
  8. Bonmusica Shoulder Rest?

    I'm a 21 years-old giraffe. As chinrests won't fit anyone, some people try different ones, or custom made ones that are extremely tall. I attach a soft, round puff with ribbon (for makeup) to the chinrest, plus a hair tie to stabilize it, which makes almost any chinrest comfy and fits my chin. (You cannot prevent having to play other's violin when teaching, right?) I thought it should be the end of my chinrest / shoulder rest quest but I was too naive... Recently I found my trapezius muscles getting stiff and tired quickly (I only practice 3 hours every day), I heard it is due to the over-nodding of head (due to not enough height of the shoulder rest + insecurity of left shoulder rest not hooking stable enough on the shoulder) I have read a million posts and videos about a wrong chinrest/shoulder rest combo will cause raised shoulder (shoulder pain), dropped head (back pain), etc, which I don't want to get any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I already have mild TMD problems (not due to violin, but if the chinrests/shoulder rests don't fit, it will bring more pressure to the jaw) My goals after adjusting the Bonmusica when it arrives: 1) 100% secure hold of the violin (hooking on the shoulder instead of just touching a bit like the previous ones), I do not want to afraid doing fast &/vigorous vibrato or nod tighter to fight the vibrato 2) tall enough so I don't have to over-nod, I do not want to waste more of my practicing time to adjust 3) the strings need to be parallel to the floor, without a raised shoulder, nodded head or forcefully straightening back, I do not want to tense up to compensate
  9. Violins are so cute...

    Guys who play violin are cuter
  10. Arm Vibrato Causes Tendonitis!?

    thank you
  11. Arm Vibrato Causes Tendonitis!?

    thank you, I remember my previous teacher told me to increase the speed of arm vibrato by thinking as the arm muscles contract vigorously, and after studying more and more about vibrato I know it should not be like that, should be relaxed even if fast or slow, otherwise = tension = injury
  12. Arm Vibrato Causes Tendonitis!?

    Sorry because I practice quite a lot everyday, and when I am confused of something I really want opinion from others so I can think from different aspects
  13. Arm Vibrato Causes Tendonitis!?

    I plan to play the violin for the rest of my life. I know both arm and wrist vibrato (not mastered, but know how to do them) but recently I read from Ray Chen and some posts online say arm vibrato CAUSES Tendonitis, so we should only use wrist vibrato... I am even more lost than before now!! (was spending a whole week on improving my arm vibrato
  14. Galamian Violin Hold