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  1. @vathek I think the composer / editor means the E4 (in beat 1) and the B4 (in beat 2), which forms a perfect fifth, requiring to stop both the D and A strings with the first finger
  2. @vathek I don't know. But it makes sense to press both D & A strings with the first finger
  3. @Rue Me neither... T^T but I hope I can explain to people where do the symbols I use come from
  4. Hi. I'm making a chart about some less frequently used violin symbols. Here are two which I took a picture, but can't find the source: 1) use the same finger to stop multiple strings simultaneously 2) hold down the specified finger Thank you
  5. @Rue So I can afford it one day? Price range?
  6. This violin used by Amelia Maszońska from Poland during 15th Wieniawski has a face!?!??!?!?!?!?!? So cool! Who, when and where was it made? I'm saving up to get a better violin, call me shallow but I was immediately fascinated by the look of this type of violins, as I also saw one with a face in a luthier's workshop. (it was an antique too, also has words carved on the side, better check the info next time I go there :P) Thank you Edit 03/06/2019: the name plate for that violin at the luthier's writes Vuillaume School Paris, c1880
  7. @Kallie Thank you. But my current violin case does not have a neck compartment for Bon Musica...
  8. Hi. Please suggest a violin case that can fit a Bon Musica. Even velcro-ed under the violin neck is fine. Not in a hurry. Thank you Edit 01/06/2019: got a Musafia! They promised that a Bon Musica fits... yeah!
  9. @NickIsWorking I'll try Mohr! Thanks
  10. @PhilipKT I will try to figure out what weight do I prefer, and what balance what indescribable traits I am looking for. Probably lighter overall, I have horrible stamina.