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  1. ID help, please

    Thanks. The Craigslist ad was placed in the For Sale section, but was a request for help with determining its origin and advice on what to do with it.
  2. ID help, please

    I know. With the exception of the first pic, these are what the owner sent when I suggested better pics
  3. ID help, please

    Indeed. I was in contact with the seller who wants to know more about it.
  4. ID help, please

    I'm trying to help someone learn more about their violin. Will pass on the MN wisdom.
  5. For $95 including two bows I would have gladly bought it. I even tried to talk my brother in law into going to buy it for me, but it wasn't in the cards.
  6. And like that, it appears to be sold. The photos on the ad were rather fuzzy, but it had a deep red varnish similar to this JTL, and a Georges Apparut label that I assumed wasn't real.
  7. I have my eye on a 1/4 size Mirecourt, assuming it's still available when I visit family next week
  8. Violin origin help

    My rubbish arrived! My favorite part of this is the extra string with the 15 cent Sears price tag still on it . The bow was made in Japan, has a classy black-painted hardwood frog, and needs rehairing, so I will probably give to someone who wants to practice rehairing. My bad photos suit the violin.

    I saw that one! That seller has been listing lots of bows and violins.
  10. Violin origin help

    Thanks, Nathan. I appreciate your advice. This trade violin was just bought for fun, not as my primary instrument to learn on. The 1/4 size outfit I bought was from a friend whose daughter's teacher said it was a nice beginner's instrument, and the other two I purchase will likely be from a local shop or friends. I've been to two shops so far and was disappointed with the service at one and the selection at the other. It's ok, because there are a good 5-10 other shops within 10-15 miles of me.
  11. What Kind of Back Wood?

    Maybe you're onto something with mango (photo from the page the link takes you to).
  12. Violin origin help

    Definitely a good point. Luckily this one cost so little that I could probably put it on Ebay with better pictures and a description and recoup what I paid. It's paying to have it worked on that drastically changes the equation. I'm quite excited to own a violin by the esteemed Alban O. Schmidt, known for his "often brown amber in color, average wood " violins
  13. Violin origin help

    Thank you, Jacob. I made an impulsive Ebay buy that may be resold immediately, depending upon how much work it needs once it arrives. It's a twin, or little brother of this because I realized after the fact that it's probably 3/4 size:
  14. Violin origin help

    Another question . What's the deal with the button on this violin? Perhaps a repair? It's apparently from an amateur American maker.
  15. Violin origin help

    Thanks for the replies. I bought a used 1/4 Chinese outfit for $100 that retails for$350-$400 new (Peccard is the brand). I'll have a shop check out the setup. I definitely have lots of Craigslist options where I'm at, and just from reading through threads here I've gotten much better at figuring out what's what when sellers post instruments with little to no info. I'm actually enjoying looking through all the trade violins on Ebay and seeing if I can discern French vs. German, suspiciously pristine labels, cracks and repairs, etc. I didn't notice the misaligned neck/fingerboard on that one, but now that sospiri has pointed it out, it's really obvious. Maybe someday I'll scratch my Mirecourt itch with something from a reputable dealer.