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  1. Thank you, Jacob. Or one might have a pile of trade violins cluttering the house. Same difference? A modest sum, actually, less than the cost of fixing the crack. I suppose I was just caught up in my initial dismay at the choice of packing materials and expected a little more given the description and seller's credentials. In hindsight, I would have expected to find the crack or a similar issue had it been listed as "an old fiddle from grandpa's attic."
  2. I've done my best, compared it to my Markie (built on an outside mold and only the lower corners blocked) and my 20s or 30s Czech trade violin and all the rib corners look too similar to my untrained eye for me to make any statements on that. However, the fluting does not go all the way into the throat and ends in a crude almost triangular shape (not sure of the photo captures it well). So not MIttenwald!? Not that these characteristics suggest anything about its origins, but the top is made from really wide grained spruce and the length of the back is 310 mm.
  3. Thanks for the comment, Martin. I've definitely decided buying from a dealer will be the way to go in the future. I don't know enough to determine if it's Mittenwald or not. It's just an Amati copy label in Latin with no origin named. There are no corner blocks.
  4. Here's my latest misadventure. Interesting way to pack and ship it. It's a 1/2 size trade violin the seller, a professional violinist who has been doing insurance appraisals for decades , identified as being Mittenwald and described as "great condition" and "near mint." There's a 2" long crack in the table beginning at the saddle and a loss of wood at the edge. Will be initiating the return process on this one.
  5. I found him in census records from 1910-1940 and his occupation was listed as piano tuner. His English-born father was a musician.
  6. Thanks, Jiri. All four corners are blocked and the linings are not let into the blocks. All the fittings and the fingerboard are "ebonized" hardwood, so definitely a cheapie wherever it was made (not that we couldn't tell otherwise). A relatively young luthier who looked at it yesterday, while not an expert on identifying origins, said he thinks it looks like it's at least 50-60 years old and reminds him of some Czech violins he's worked on. It needs a new saddle because the current one has a horizontal crack on the treble side, and a new soundpost; the existing one doesn't fit well and is
  7. We'll see if I get around to having it sorted anytime soon. It needs a new saddle and who knows what else once someone gives it a good looking over. I probably should've gone for the regraduated Markie I had my eye on That could be an artifact of my photography, but I think you're right. I can see what you mean.
  8. My ill-advised impulse Amati purchase made it's way across the Atlantic and I think it's a Markie, but even after months of lurking and reading threads I still don't have an eye for these things. I don't have an endoscope, am not a great photographer, and it's a hazy day with weird light, so the photos might not be up to par. It has a two piece bottom rib (I think), and the back of the scroll looks like my other Markie.
  9. Thanks. The Craigslist ad was placed in the For Sale section, but was a request for help with determining its origin and advice on what to do with it.
  10. I know. With the exception of the first pic, these are what the owner sent when I suggested better pics
  11. Indeed. I was in contact with the seller who wants to know more about it.
  12. I'm trying to help someone learn more about their violin. Will pass on the MN wisdom.
  13. For $95 including two bows I would have gladly bought it. I even tried to talk my brother in law into going to buy it for me, but it wasn't in the cards.
  14. And like that, it appears to be sold. The photos on the ad were rather fuzzy, but it had a deep red varnish similar to this JTL, and a Georges Apparut label that I assumed wasn't real.
  15. I have my eye on a 1/4 size Mirecourt, assuming it's still available when I visit family next week