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  1. I am very interested, he is selling these and if there is any way to get in touch with him.
  2. If they have online events, it would be the first time I could "attend" since 1992.
  4. If only people in the West had seen the inferno in Wuhan and drawn the right conclusions immediately... I am not blaming regular people, I know that for example in the USA news about China is pretty sketchy. But the experts should have known, and if they did, and spoke to the politicians, and the politicians did not listen, then they must be blamed. Week ten of mask wearing outside the house, teaching unemployment, orchestral cancellations, and voluntary home self-quarantine here in Hong Kong, where incautious behavior on the part of some is beginning to drive the infection rate up, and the capacity of the health care system is already stretched even in normal times...
  5. Hadelich played with us last season, and I suspect (hope) almost everyone marked "Re-Invite" on the orchestra opinion poll sheet. He was wonderful, and seemed like a very nice guy as well. I heard Szeryng play Beethoven with Minnesota Orchestra in roughly 1984-85. It was amazing. Despite his great playing I assumed he was an ancient relic of a bygone age, but I see now that he must have been only 65 or so when I heard him. Is it likely he was playing the Leduc in that concert?
  6. Can we please hear more about this? It is such an intriguing statement, yet it seems difficult (for me, at this point) to get much clarity about it.
  7. Aagh! I would love to join this expedition. Maybe next year...
  8. Ah, for rental instruments; I had missed that. Possibly the average renter of student instruments does not play 5-8 hours a day, hence does not wear out strings particularly quickly. But you say in the same service Tonicas don't last... hm, dunno. Where are you? Is this in a city by the ocean, hot, humid, with lots of air pollution? Any of those make not a great environment for strings. If it's just cello we are talking about, string breaking is pretty rare. Our principal did break one recently, but he's a big, strong guy and bends the cello to his will.
  9. Hm... this would be the exact opposite of my advice based on my experience. I liked Helicores on the viola I played from 1990-2015, but they often began breaking after as little as two weeks. And no, it was not the nut, nor the bridge, nor my fingernails. Often the D-string would break under the 3rd finger G (in 1st pos). I had to give up Helicores because my music director was so annoyed by the breaking strings. Dominants last better, but do begin to unravel. Evah Pirazzi Golds, although notorious for beginning to sound dull after a short time, are actually quite physically robust for me. I haven't had one unravel or break.
  10. There's always David Rattray himself, of course, in Kirkcaldy. I know he's happy to make new instruments!
  11. Several people in my section use a bit of nice leather attached with simple double-sided tape to the chinrest. After a few practice sessions it molds to the chinrest quite well. Strad pads absorb sweat. The problem is the extra height, distance, (pushes the instrument a tiny bit away from your neck), and the "separation" from the instrument. Meaning that the immediacy of that jaw bone-to-wood connection is lost. But I used one for many years, due to viola hickey problems. Eventually I found a chinrest shape that works for me, and threw away the Strad pad. Have you seen this website?
  12. What does freezing do, cause cracks and splits...? or is there an acoustical issue of some sort?