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  1. Thanks everyone for the sage advice. Many excellent suggestions and I will try to be disciplined enough in the future to put my cello away in its hard case, and lay it on its side, whenever I am not holding or playing it. BTW, a friend called my attention to something called the CELLOGARD which she says is supposed to hold cellos up on their sides? Does anyone know about this? Or seen or tried it? Does it work? Thanks.
  2. I just got my cello back from the shop after experiencing a bad accident at community orchestra practice a month ago. It was lying on its side, next to my chair. Pretty much out of the way, but a bass player misjudged where the neck was and knocked it over. Bad! Fortunately, no sound post crack, but it needed a new bridge and some ugly knicks and scratches to be repaired. Has anyone else experienced this kind of accident? Is there anything that I can do to prevent it from happening again? Any ideas or tips are welcome!