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  1. Thanks a lot thirteenthsteph, no, not all of them and I'm finding some things scanned in the public domain. The Schradieck "Exercises for promoting dexterity in the various positions" looks pretty rigorous! All the best.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for suggestions please for a violin method and other pieces/studies. I'm returning to play violin and wish to study, for now at least, without a teacher. Some background: I'm 52 years old and had five years of lessons up until the age of 16. Quite a long time ago. I passed, by the skin of my teeth, the grade 7 Trinity College violin exam in my final year of study and played in several youth orchestras. I also passed grade 5 Trinity college theory exam and have a reasonable memory of theory. This is actually my second return to the violin but a change of jobs distracted me from my studies. About six years ago I made some good progress working with Leopold Auer books and have books 2 to 5. Although I don't believe I made it to book 5, as I am and always was, very resistant to 2nd position (and 4th for that matter). It's something I need to work on. At present, my playing slipped a little, but I can sight read in 1st and 3rd position. My bowing is weak on extended slurred passages. While my tone is good, I believe, I've never been a particularly fast or nimble player. This is something I'd like to improve. When I studied violin as a child, my teacher used the Müller Rusch books. I don't remember liking them very much! Trinity College exam material was another focus. I plan to continue with Auer, but I wonder if people here might have other suggestions for a violin method and other pieces and studies? I suppose I'm looking for something a bit inspiring beyond the Auer books. I'm looking for more variety. Please let me know if you have any recommendations! Some other books/studies that I accumulated on my last attempt at study include: Robert Pracht "Neue Violin Etüden", De Bériot "Method for the Violin - Part 1", Kaufman "Warming up scales and arpeggios". All the best,
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