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  1. Look on the bright side - that sucker ain`t gonna come out again! Neat mortice by the way.
  2. Planes are OK on spruce to do the whole job but gouges work better on maple for me. It's interesting how the YouTube guys always shows their handiwork on spruce but rarely on maple! You can cut spruce with a sharp spoon if that floats your boat.
  3. Submit this paper for publication in a peer-reviewed microbiology journal. That way you will get the needed expert feedback to improve your work.
  4. Because I don't knit nice things.....
  5. When you work for the government in a place with airlocks and no windows, handling things that are not supposed to exist then everything you do concerns them......
  6. BCTW is certainly very innovative and their tools have a quality look and feel to them. The depth skids could be useful for thicknessing ribs and bass bars, but a little too much fuss for my taste. Anyway enjoy the new tool and let us know how it turns out.
  7. Structurally these joints make a lot of sense and they are rather fun to make. If the long grain of the butterfly insert runs perpendicular to the seam defect it will be a very strong repair. Pity we don't see them more often!
  8. Looks like Mpingo but need more photos to be sure.
  9. No worries - gotta love free stuff!
  10. Here's another one " Nothing involving cheap joinery or dodgy fish has a happy ending." Pearls of wisdom!
  11. Free download of this book available from https://lostartpress.com/collections/books/products/the-anarchists-workbench Great summary on the history and construction of work benches. Just in case you need another one!
  12. You need a binary solvent to extract curcumin from ground turmeric. Alcohol + water in a ratio of 60/40 v/v is a popular choice in pharmaceutical experiments. Once you have the extract after about 48 hours of soaking, simply filter to get rid of solids and then evaporate the solvent by either slowly heating it or exposing it to room temperature in a wide shallow tray. This will concentrate the curcumin and increase colour intensity.
  13. Ha ha you evil genius! Beat me to it....
  14. A dead one! Sorry just couldn`t resist.........
  15. Mampara

    finger pain

    Sharp tools are easier to push around. Frequent edge touch ups also breaks up the monotony of tasks and give your hands a break.
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