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  1. kohi

    Kohi's bench

    I also try to get as much information as I am able to find about the maker what I copy, but I did not find some much about P.Guarneri, just general things. To get info what kind of sources you use? Books ofcourse, some kind of archives in Italy? I will be really happy to get any more info about this maker. Good to know I can check "Tononi´s" instrument, I will. For top and back I used these gouges ( attached photo ), for scroll I also used flat chisels for pegbox and some more scroll chisels. But think its cool to try make scroll with same tools, I go for it next time :-)...
  2. kohi

    Kohi's bench

    Hello to Japan, thanks for your comment. Good to know view through the eyes of somebody other! What you wrote about warnish ( too shiny), I agree this kind of surface does not match with true true copies. But, on the other side, customer´s taste can be very diverse - if player will like dim surface, its very easy to do it. You also write P.Guarneri is typical yellow. It could be very hard and tricky try to get "right" character of colour by photos. Unfortunatelly I have no any original P. Guarneri in my action radius so I used pictures. And if you check documents and pictures about P.Guarneri from Cremona Books, it looks more orange I think. If you have any ideas for share, how to improve it for next time, I am listening very clousely. And last thing about roughness - also have to agree with you, the P.Guarneri seems to me more delicate than I did. Actually, this was first test what I can do with one gouge only, and I enjoyed it very much! ( I always can say, this style can P.Guarneri made after big and long party with Del Gesú :-). )
  3. Hi, last year I asked people here on Maestronet for informations about P.Guarneri di Venezia. I spent a long time with that ( I am not really supersonic fast maker :)) and this is a result. https://m.facebook.com/jaroslav.kohout.37/albums/10210440710328671/?ref=bookmarks I will be happy for your observations and mentions...
  4. kohi

    Pietro Guarneri di Venezia

    Reeealy thanks for great pictures and for all information. It is very valuable for me!
  5. kohi

    Pietro Guarneri di Venezia

    Hello , thanks for advice, I already read this book. I am looking more for detail photos of his instruments . I have good materials for making violin ( violin Baron Knopp 1743, Cremona Books ), but I want see more :-). For example which wood he used for purfling, lining, blocks, details of pegbox, corners... etc etc.
  6. kohi

    Pietro Guarneri di Venezia

    Hello, could anybody help me with search of any trustworthy information/literature/websites/ about P.Guarneri d Venezia? Thanks a lot!